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Black holes, holography, and entanglement

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Speaker: Veronika Hubeny, Durham University
Location: 432 Physics
Start time: Thu, Mar 5 2015, 1:10PM

Black holes are fascinating objects whose importance in physics has been steadily mounting over the last century. Starting as peculiar solutions to general relativity, they later became understood as astronomical objects, then mathematically elegant constructs underpinning the holographic AdS/CFT duality, through which they revealed themselves as ubiquitously connected to familiar non-gravitational systems such as fluids. But the best is yet to come, for black holes may also hold a key to quantum gravity, and we're already starting to see intriguing hints of profound connections to quantum information theory. I will describe some of the highlights of these developments, focusing on the role of black holes in AdS/CFT and on holographic entanglement entropy.