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An Afternoon of Math and Music

Special Events

Speaker: Various, UC Davis, Music & Math
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Location: Recital Hall, Pitzer Center/MSB 1147
Start time: Thu, Jan 25 2018, 12:00PM

Can we find new connections between the two worlds? We will look into:

  • mathematical ideas used in contemporary composition
  • use of complex dynamics to generate sounds


12:05–1pm: Noon Concert - Recital Hall, Ann E. Pitzer Center
Stacey Pelinka, flute, and Leighton Fong, cello

3:30–4: Food and refreshments - 1147 MSB

Talks in 1147 Mathematical Sciences Building
4–4:40: Mika Pelo, Spectralism
4:50–5:30: Kyle Johnson, Coupled Map Lattices as Musical Instruments
5:40–6:20: Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Acoustic Debris

6:20: Wine and cheese reception.