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Counting hyperbolic multi-geodesics with respect to the lengths of individual components


Speaker: Francisco Arana Herrera, Stanford
Location: Zoom
Start time: Tue, May 19 2020, 1:40PM

In her thesis, Mirzakhani showed that on any closed hyperbolic surface of genus g, the number of simple closed geodesics of length at most L is asymptotic to a polynomial in L of degree 6g-6. Wolpert conjectured that analogous results should hold for more general countings of multi-geodesics that keep track of the lengths of individual components. In this talk we will present a proof of this conjecture which combines techniques and results of Mirzakhani as well as ideas introduced by Margulis in his thesis.

Zoom meeting ID: 120-952-219. There will be an informal "teatime" before the talk starting at 1:15pm. You are welcome to join us. The password is the same for all seminars. Email if you need it.