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Towards Uniformization of Anosov representations


Speaker: Andy Sanders, Heidelberg University
Location: Zoom
Start time: Tue, May 12 2020, 1:40PM

Given a convex co-compact subgroup of Mobius transformations acting on the complex projective line, the simultaneous uniformization theorem asserts that this subgroup is uniquely determined by a finite collection of compact Riemann surfaces, obtained as the quotient of the domain of discontinuity by this subgroup. Anosov subgroups are higher rank generalizations of convex co-compact subgroups, and the existence of domains of discontinuity in various flag varieties is now well understood due to the work of Guichard-Wienhard and Kapovich-Leeb-Porti. In this talk, we will discuss a potential route to proving a generalization of the simultaneous uniformization theorem in the Anosov setting, and present some partial results towards this aim. All the ideas we will discuss are joint work with David Dumas.

Zoom meeting ID: 120-952-219 Everybody is welcome to join the teatime with the speaker starting at 1:25 pm.