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GGAM PhD Exit Seminar: Modeling Epidemics on Dynamic Network

Special Events

Speaker: Carl Corcoran
Location: ZOOM
Start time: Fri, Jun 18 2021, 2:10PM

In the past two decades, network-based models of epidemic spread have become an increasingly popular theoretical paradigm. Representing individuals as nodes and their contacts with others as edges, networks are able to capture social structure in ways that ordinary compartmental models cannot. While many models consider a static network, further realism is added by considering an adaptive (or dynamic) network where edges change over time. In this talk, I will discuss two recent adaptive network modeling projects. In the first project, I present an SEIR model on an adaptive network and develop two mechanisms for social distancing policies, analyzing their effects for a COVID-19-like disease. In the second project, I introduce a new process for network dynamics that models time-evolving individual mobility on a bipartite network, and I consider the interactions between seasonal changes in disease transmission and seasonal changes in social behavior

Zoom Link: Passcode: networks