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‚ÄčTASEP back in time

Special Events

Speaker: Axel Saenz, University of Warwick
Location: 1147 MSB
Start time: Sat, Oct 30 2021, 2:15PM

The (totally) asymmetric simple exclusion process, the (T)ASEP, is an interacting particle system on the integer line that is exactly solvable. In the late 2000s, C. Tracy and H. Widom discovered the Tracy-Widom distribution in the fluctuations of a particle in the bulk for the ASEP with the so-called step initial conditions. This was a groundbreaking result, which has fostered much research activity.

In this talk, I will introduce a Markov process that maps the TASEP back in time for the step initial conditions. I motivate this Markov process by considering the action of the Yang-Baxter equations on the TASEP. This result is based on a collaboration with L. Petrov (U VA).

Part of Craig Tracy workshop