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Undergrad math research conference

Special Events

Speaker: Various, UC Davis
Location: 1147 MSB
Start time: Tue, Oct 12 2021, 4:10PM

4:10pm - Joseph Biello and Greg Kuperberg: Introduction and advice on doing research
4:30pm - Chen Liang and Yutong Liang, "One-dimensional range-restricted $C^2$ interpolation algorithm"
5:00pm - Trevor Oliveira-Smith, "The development of a physical theory of braids"
5:30pm - Yuan Chang, "Ramsey theory and automatic theorem proving"
6:00pm - Sameerah Helal, "Recovering individual based model outcomes on spatiotemporally coarsened data"
6:30pm - Tejes Srivastava, "Approximating K-means using an ADMM approach"

Pizza and drinks will be served