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MADDD Watch Party: Discrete Optimization Talks

Mathematics of Data & Decisions

Speaker: Laura Sanità, Elina Rönnberg
Location: Discord
Start time: Fri, Sep 23 2022, 9:30AM

Discrete Optimization Talks (DOTs, are virtual discrete optimization talks, organized by Aleksandr M. Kazachkov (U. Florida) and Elias B. Khalil (U. Toronto), currently on a once-per-month schedule.

In our very first MADDD Watch Party, run on the MADDD Discord ( channel, we'll be watching the following two live talks:

Fri Sep 23 10:00
Laura Sanità
On the Simplex method for 0/1 polytopes
Discrete Optimization Talks

Fri Sep 23 10:30
Elina Rönnberg
Integer programming column generation: Accelerating branch-and-price for set covering, packing, and partitioning problems
Discrete Optimization Talks

Our Watch Party starts at 09:30 with an informal introduction to the necessary background material.