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Modeling the Spread of COVID-19 on College Campuses and COVID-19 Misinformation on Twitter

Mathematical Biology

Speaker: Erica Rutter, UC Merced
Location: MSB 2112
Start time: Mon, Apr 10 2023, 3:10PM

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, college campuses nationwide switched to online and hybrid courses. At the same time, public health measures were implemented such as social distancing and encouraging mask use in public. Here we introduce the use of mathematical models to investigate the effectiveness of various non-pharmaceutical interventions on controlling COVID-19 spread on campus. We use sensitivity analysis to discuss the impact of masks, online courses, and vaccination.

At the same time as the public health pandemic, there was an equally insidious spread of misinformation on social media platforms. We investigate the similarities and differences in network structure of re-tweets of misinformation on Twitter to understand whether there are differences between the spread conspiratorial versus non-conspiratorial misinformation.