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An Inverse Problem for Renormalized Area/Entanglement Entropy

Mathematical Physics Seminar

Speaker: Jared Marx-Kuo, Stanford
Related Webpage: TBA
Location: 3204 QMAP
Start time: Mon, Dec 11 2023, 3:10PM

Renormalized Area arises in string theory when computing the expectation of the Wilson Loop functional, and it is conjectured that the renormalized area of a minimal surface records the entanglement entropy of the region bounded by the boundary of the surface. In this talk, we will push the mathematical limits of renormalized area and show that knowledge of renormalized area on all minimal surfaces determines the conformal infinity of the metric, and with minor restrictions, the asymptotic expansion of an Asymptotically Hyperbolic metric near the boundary. In particular, the renormalized area functional determines the non-local term in the expansion of a Poincare-Einstein metric.