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Motion on Networks

Mathematical Biology

Speaker: Guram Mikaberidze, UC Davis
Location: MSB 2112
Start time: Wed, Apr 3 2024, 3:10PM

The first part of the talk discusses the movement and interactions of diverse individuals through a network of varied physical and virtual locations. Interactions and internal dynamics are left unspecified and can be tailored to applications. We derive effective dynamical equations in the case of weak interactions, which can be used to study various system-level properties. 

The second part of the talk is motivated by flows of static packets through networks, such as power grids, human transportation, mailed packages, supply chains, and internet packets. While these phenomena are paradigmatically the same, they have conceptual differences in their symmetries and conservation laws: Human transportation is a conserved flow, while internet packets are constantly deleted, and electrons in a power grid are indistinguishable, unlike mailed packages. We'll discuss field theoretic analysis of such network flows.

Note location / time change from usual math bio seminar (for this week only)