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Some mathematical and fluid dynamical problems in tropical cyclone dynamics


Speaker: Michael T. Montgomery, Naval Postgraduate School
Location: 1147 MSB
Start time: Wed, May 22 2024, 4:10PM

The formation and intensification of a tropical cyclone vortex often poses a formidable threat to coastal population centers in the tropics and extra tropics, as well as the US Navy fleet.  Despite decades of research, basic questions remain open about extant theory for tropical cyclones. My talk will begin by noting some open questions on the mathematics of tropical cyclones that have heretofore eluded explanation.  In preparation to answering these questions, the talk will present next an overarching conceptual and mathematical framework for the formation and intensification of a tropical cyclone in a favorable environment. This framework will be used to answer the questions posed and argued to be a useful tool kit for a range of related cyclone problems moving forward.