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The tutors listed below are not necessarily associated with the Department of Mathematics. The information provided by the individual was pre-screened or verified by the Department. Tutors are current or recently graduated UC Davis students.

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Name Status GPA Phone Email Rates
Aaron, JoshuaGrad4.00916 539 2002chase527527@gmail.com$50-60/hr
Offered:MAT 16 ABC, 17 ABC, 21 ABCD, 22 AB, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, AP Calculus(AB/BC) STAT 13, 100, 101, 103, 32, 130 AB CHEM 2 ABC, 8 AB, 118 ABC BIS 2 ABC, 101, 103 PHY 7 ABC, 9 ABC
Courses taken:MAT 21 ABCD, 22 AB, STAT 13, 100 CHEM 2 ABC, 8 AB, 118 ABC BIS 2 ABC, 101, 103 PHY 7 ABC
Experience:I have been a mathematics and science tutor for over 6 years and have extensive experience working with individuals with learning disabilities like ADD and ADHD. I am very patient and flexible.
Additional:I am able to tutor elementary, junior high and high school students as well.
Akbari, AliGrad4.007178141614alakbari@ucdavis.edu30$/hr
Offered:MAT 21 ABCD, MAT 22 AB
Courses taken:MAT 21ABCD, 22AB
Experience:I have tutored calculus for 4 years.
Additional:Willing to tutor for all high school math material.
Cai, JingyiJuniorjyicai@ucdavis.edu$20/hr
Offered:high school algebra and calculus courses(21A)
Courses taken:MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 25, 108, 125AB, 128B, 135A, 145, 167
Experience:I tutored throughout high school and have been LA of MAT 17A for two quarters.
Additional:Willing to tutor MAT 17ABC, 21ABC, and 108. Willing to tutor jr. high and high school students.
Chen, LucyJunior3.96lucchen@ucdavis.edu$20-25
Offered:MAT16 series, MAT17 series, MAT21 series, high school algebra, geometry, and calculus
Courses taken:MAT21CD, MAT22AB, MAT25, MAT108, MAT125AB, MAT145
Experience:I have tutored in various math courses, including algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics, for three years.
Additional:Willing to tutor high school and college students. Prefer contact by email.
Everest, David805-441-1124David@EndYourMathStress.comVariable, see website given below
Offered:MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 16ABC, most other undergraduate courses
Experience:I am a former UCD instructor, always receiving top ratings. I have been tutoring math as a full time profession for 28 years. I have helped countless students turn even the most difficult academic situations into success stories, and I will do that for you too.
Additional:GUARANTEED RESULTS. Please see ... www.EndYourMathStress.com ... to find out all about me. My website explains my unique teaching method, the incredibly strong guarantee that I offer, my pricing structure, and it contains impressive references.
Hazeghazam, JoshuaJunior9168787052jhazeghazam@ucdavis.edu$20-30/hr
Offered:MAT 16B and below
Courses taken:MAT21ABCD, 22AB
Experience:I have tutored Calculus and precalculus since high school.
Additional:Willing to teach students all the way from middle school to college. I prefer contact by phone off by my email.
Lazarus, TynanGradtlazarus@math.ucdavis.edu$30-40/hr
Offered:MAT 16ABC, 17ABC, 21ABC, 22B, AP Calc, high school topics
Available:Ongoing (all terms including summer)
Courses taken:MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 25, 108, 118A, 119AB, 125AB, 135A, 147, 150AB, 185A
Experience:I have been tutor since high school. In undergrad I worked in two tutoring centers servicing community college and university students in classes from pre-algebra up through real analysis and modern algebra. I was a TA for six sections of calculus as a senior (equivalent to 21AB). Since coming to Davis I have been the TA for various classes in the 16, 17 and 21 series. I taught 16B both over the summer and in the fall of 2015. I make worksheets for students to use as study purposes (free on my website).
Additional:I am open to tutoring anything that I have taken or know (elementary school through upper division). Some mathematicians are research focused, however I am teaching focused and spend way too much time thinking about the best way to present math. For more information about me, check out my website: https://www.math.ucdavis.edu/~tlazarus
Leathers, BrittanyGrad2035083199brittany.leathers@gmail.com35-50
Offered:calculus, probability, statistics, linear algebra, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus
Courses taken:calculus, multivariable calculus, probability, statistics, analysis, differential equations, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, plus graduate level courses
Experience:I have been tutoring since 2005. I tutored full-time from 2011 to 2015 and tutored part-time through the rest of the years. I have also taught calculus at UC Davis.
Additional:Bachelor's from Yale University in Mathematics and Economics; Current Applied Mathematics Ph.D. student at UC Davis. Contact by email.
Li, YeSoph.4.005109905413kyeli@ucdavis.edu
Offered:High school algebra
Available:Fall 2016
Courses taken:MAT17A,B
Experience:I have tutored Chinese for a year, and tutored math in Chinese high school for a year. Also tutored American high school student for a quarter in my community.
Additional:Willing to tutor in acknowledge in MAT 16A and B, cause I had both A+ for grades. I'm good in this area.
Nguyen, AnthonyGradantngu@ucdavis.edu$25-30
Courses taken:MAT 21ABCD, 22A, 67, 108, etc.
Experience:Tutored Calculus for 2+ years
Additional:I prefer to tutor college level students.
Parker, JoshuaGradjparker291@gmail.com$30-$40
Offered:algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, multivariable calculus, linear algebra, differential equatins
Courses taken:calculus, multivariable calculus, probability, statistics, analysis, differential equations, linear algebra
Experience:I have been tutoring on and off since 2011 and have experience teaching college-level courses.
Additional:High school students are welcome. Please contact by email.
Parkhurst, JakeSenior3.74510-283-1751jparkhurst@ucdavis.edi25$/hour, first hour free, 30$+ for off campus locations
Offered:High School Math and Physics MAT: 21 ABCD, 22 AB PHY: 9 ABCD ECS: 10 ENG: 6, 35, 104 Various upper division math and engineering courses on a case by case basis. Additionally, I can teach 3D modeling and Arduino micro controller programming.
Courses taken:MAT: 21 CD, 22 AB, 25, 108, 115 AB, 125 AB, 129, 135, 145, 150 ABC PHY: 09H ABCDE ENG: 6, 35, 45, 100, 102, 103, 104, 105, 111 EME: 4, 106, 109, 115, 150 AB, 152, 163, 165, 172, 185 AB
Experience:I have been tutoring professionally for 2 years, but I have been helping teach fellow classmates math and physics concepts since middle school. I also have over 3 years of experience as a camp counselor, which has given me plenty of practice both in working with kids and young adults as well as in reading signs for when a break is needed or if there is misunderstanding. My teaching philosophy is centered around the Socratic method of asking guiding questions to help the student figure the answer out on their own. Understanding which questions to ask when solving a problem is key to correctly applying the right formulas and techniques. In addition to teach problem solving skills, I do my best to share my passion for math. Sure, math is an extremely useful tool in many aspects of life, but it is also very beautiful by itself. I point out that beauty whenever I can in order to engage curiosity because it is much easier to learn about something that is both useful and interesting.
Additional:I tutor middle school through college lever math. My preferred method of contact is email, but if you are trying to set up a last minute meeting, you can text me. My preferred contact is
Parmar, KrishenGrad4.00(916) 582-1728kjparmar@ucdavis.edu$30/hr
Courses taken:MAT21ABCD,22AB,118A,119AB,145,167,218AB,226BC
Experience:I have tutored math for 7 years, beginning in high school and have also been a math TA the last 3 quarters. I have always received positive feedback for my tutoring.
Additional:Prefer to tutor college students and prefer contact by email. My GPA shown is for the math 21 and 22 series, which is more relevant than my overall math GPA.
Rubin, ShanonGrad4.009546350396srubin@ucdavis.edu$25-$45
Offered:All college math and physics (mostly MAT 16, MAT 17, MAT 21, PHY 9, PHY 7), and middle/high school math and physics at all levels.
Courses taken:MAT 21ABCD, 67, 22AB, 147, 25/125AB, 150A, 145, 115A
Experience:I am a PhD student in the Physics department, holding a masters degree in physics and bachelors degrees in physics and music. Math is a frustrating experience when none of the material seems to fit together, so I want to help you find the forest through the trees. My philosophy is to approach your tutoring sessions by filling in background knowledge, identifying current misconceptions, and then creating a lesson style that resonates with how you learn. For many students, this means leading you on a path through which you can discover WHY the math you're doing makes sense, making you prepared to tackle problems like those we practice and even others that seem alien at first.
Additional:I tutor any college math or physics (including all calculus, linear algebra, and intro physics), and I also have a lot of experience tutoring middle and high school students. Email, call, or text!
Zhao, LeiGrad3.705303046963opzhao@ucdavis.edu$20/hr
Offered:high school algebra, CHEM 02A
Available:Spring 2018 through Summer
Courses taken:MATH 21A, 21B, 21C, 21D
Experience:I have been TA in chemistry department.
Additional:Willing to tutor jr.high and high school students. Prefer contact by email.