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The tutors listed below are not necessarily associated with the Department of Mathematics. The information provided by the individual was pre-screened or verified by the Department. Tutors are current or recently graduated UC Davis students.

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Name Status GPA Phone Email Rates
Aaron, JoshuaGrad4.00916 539 2002chase527527@gmail.com$60-80/hr
Offered:Mat 12 16ABC 17ABC 21ABCD 22AB 167 Sta 13 100 101 103 Chem 2ABC 8AB 118AB 107AB 118ABC 124AB BIS 2ABC PHY 7ABC 9ABC
Courses taken:Mat 16ABC 17ABC 21ABCD 22AB 167 Sta 13 100 101 103 Chem 2ABC 8AB 118ABC 107AB 118ABC 124AB BIS 2ABC PHY 7ABC 9ABC
Experience:I have been a private tutor for over ten years and have extensive experience working with individuals with learning disabilities, I am very patient and dependable.
Additional:I am willing to tutor elementary, junior and high school students as well as college students from other campuses.
Akbari, AliGrad4.007178141614alakbari@ucdavis.edu30$/hr
Offered:MAT 21 ABCD, MAT 22 AB
Courses taken:MAT 21ABCD, 22AB
Experience:I have tutored calculus for 4 years.
Additional:Willing to tutor for all high school math material.
Chen, VincentJunior3.705307616268xych@ucdavis.edu$25/hour
Offered:MAT21ABC, 22AB, and high school algebra
Available:Spring quarter 2019 or 6.15-6.30.2019 or 2019-2020 Academic Year or Ongoing
Courses taken:MAT21 ABCD, 22AB, 25, 108, 125AB, 135AB, 150A, 167, 168
Experience:I have tutored MAT17A as a learning assistant to help TA's teaching, and I also have several tutor experiences with my classmates. Since I always learn mathematics by myself, I know what a student could struggle when learning mathematics.
Additional:My schedule is busy this quarter. Prefer contact by email.
Everest, David3.90805-441-1124David@EndYourMathStress.comVariable, see website given below
Offered:MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 16ABC
Courses taken:All relevant courses.
Experience:I am a former UCD instructor, always receiving top ratings. I have been tutoring math as a full time profession for 28 years. I have helped countless students turn even the most difficult academic situations into success stories, and I will do that for you too.
Additional:GUARANTEED RESULTS. Please see ... www.EndYourMathStress.com ... to find out all about me. My website explains my unique teaching method, the incredibly strong guarantee I offer, my pricing structure, and it contains impressive references.
Hazeghazam, JoshuaJunior9168787052jhazeghazam@ucdavis.edu$20-30/hr
Offered:MAT 16B and below
Courses taken:MAT21ABCD, 22AB
Experience:I have tutored Calculus and precalculus since high school.
Additional:Willing to teach students all the way from middle school to college. I prefer contact by phone off by my email.
Leathers, BrittanyGrad2035083199brittany.leathers@gmail.com$35-50/hr
Offered:Calculus, differential equations, statistics,linear algebra, pre-calc/trig
Courses taken:Calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, analysis, and grad-level courses, including analysis, applied math, and numerical solutions of pdes
Experience:I graduated Yale University in 2010 and then tutored full-time until entering the PhD program at Davis. I have also been the instructor for several math courses at UC Davis.
Additional:Prefer contact by email.
Li, YeSoph.4.005109905413kyeli@ucdavis.edu
Offered:High school algebra
Available:Fall 2016
Courses taken:MAT17A,B
Experience:I have tutored Chinese for a year, and tutored math in Chinese high school for a year. Also tutored American high school student for a quarter in my community.
Additional:Willing to tutor in acknowledge in MAT 16A and B, cause I had both A+ for grades. I'm good in this area.
Niu, WenjunGrad4.005307605698wjniu@ucdavis.edu40-50
Offered:MAT 21 BCD, high school algebra and geometry.
Courses taken:Analysis, Algebra, Differential geometry, Differential Equations, Hamiltonian Mechanics.
Experience:I have tutored high school geometry for 4 months in total, and used to tutor for calculus in my collage for 1 year.
Additional:Willing to tutor for high school student. Prefer contact by email. Davis student only.
Rubin, ShanonGrad4.009546350396srubin@ucdavis.edu$30-$60
Offered:All college math and physics (mostly MAT 16, MAT 17, MAT 21, PHY 9, PHY 7), and middle/high school math and physics at all levels.
Courses taken:MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 67, 127ABC, 150ABC, 145, 147, 115A
Experience:I am a PhD student in the mathematics department, holding a masters degree in physics and bachelors degrees in physics and music. Math is a frustrating experience when none of the material seems to fit together, so I want to help you find the forest through the trees. My philosophy is to approach your tutoring sessions by filling in background knowledge, identifying current misconceptions, and then creating a lesson style that resonates with how you learn. For many students, this means leading you on a path through which you can discover WHY the math you're doing makes sense, making you prepared to tackle problems like those we practice and even others that seem alien at first.
Additional:I tutor any college math or physics (including all calculus, linear algebra, and intro physics), and I also have a lot of experience tutoring middle and high school students. Discounts available for new students and upper division classes. Email, call, or text!
Tang, WangboJunior3.855306018261twbtang@ucdavis.edu20/hr
Offered:Mat 21ABC, 22AB, 108, 145, 135
Courses taken:MAT 21 ABCD, 22AB, 108, 127ABC, 145, 135
Additional:Not only I can teach you how to study math, but also I can help you make a plan for what you are studying. I can help you to get an A for you math class. Please contact me by email.