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Alexander Soshnikov

Probability and mathematical physics
Ph.D., 1997, Princeton University

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Office: MSB 3140
Current Courses: MAT 021C B01-B06
Office Hours: T 1:10 am -02:50 pm (Canvas Conference) plus by appointment
Phone: 530-754-0475


Professor Alexander Soshnikov works in the area of Random Matrix Theory with connections to Probability, Mathematical Physics, and Combinatorics.

Selected Publications

  1. Pizzo, A., Renfrew, D., and A. Soshnikov. "On finite rank deformations of Wigner matrices," to appear in Annales de l'Institut henri Poincare (B) Probabilites et Statistiques, (2012), Full Text.

  2. O'Rourke, S., and A. Soshnikov. "Products on independent non-Hermitian random matrices" Electronic Journal of Probability, 16:2219-2245,(2011), Full Text.

  3. A. Soshnikov. "Determinantal random point fields," Russian Mathematical Surveys, 55(5):923-975, (2000).

  4. A. Soshnikov. "Universality at the edge of the spectrum in Wigner random matrices," Communications in Mathematical Physics, 207(3):697-733, (1999), Full Text.

  5. A. Soshnikov. "Level spacings distribution for large random matrices: Gaussian fluctuations," Annals of Mathematics(2), 148(2):573-617, (1998), Full Text.

Honors and Awards

  • Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, 2002.
  • The Young Mathematicians Prize of the Moscow Mathematical Society, 1998.

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