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May 2008

This picture arises in the representation theory of the affine sl3 and of the affine symmetric group S3. Each triangular tile represents an element of affine S3. The colored tiles depict the difference or quotient of the affine symmetric group by the finite one. The dotted lines show a project ...read more.

February 2008

A non-standard double bubble. Two regions are enclosed by surfaces of constant mean curvature meeting at 120 degree angles. This surface satisfies the laws for the formation of soap bubbles discovered by Joseph Plateau in the 1800s.

Joel Hass and Roger Schlafly

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January 2008

Algebraic Combinatorics: An example of a crystal basis, an object arising in the representation theory of quantum groups. Crystal bases have been used to prove formulas for the statistical behavior of systems of particles. Graphed using CrystalView.

Anne Schilling and Philip Sternber ...read more.

January 2008
This "snowfake" was produced by a three-dimensional algorithm for snow crystal growth. ...read more.