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December 2023
Elena Fuchs on Apollonian Circle Packings

An excerpt from the 2023 Department Newsletter research article...

Seventeen years ago, at a birthday conference for Dorian Goldfeld in New York City, Jeff Lagarias approached Peter Sarnak after a talk he gave on the arithmetic of so-called thin groups. He told him that he had recently written a paper on the number theory of Apollonian circle packings together with Graham, Mallows, Wilks, and Yan, and that the group governing the symmetries of these packings (the Apollonian group) was a thin group and so, perhaps he might find it interesting. I was just starting as Sarnak’s Ph.D. student back then, and that conversation undoubtedly shaped the course of my career and served as a springboard to many deep and interesting works over more than a decade to come. When I met with him the following week, he told me he had just the project for me, and handed me the paper of Lagarias et. al., which came with a laundry list of open problems at the end. One of those open problems had to do with a potential local to global conjecture for Apollonian packings, and within a couple years of studying Apollonian packings I formulated and provided convincing data for a precise conjecture of this form together with my co-author Katherine Sanden, who was an undergraduate at the time. Everyone believed it, and several people, including myself, dreamed of proving it one day. Fast forward to this summer, when a paper of Haag, Kertzer, Rickards, and Stange showed that, in fact, the conjecture is false. The story is not over yet: while the conjecture is false as previously stated, there is still a version of it that is probably true and is still as hard to prove. It is riveting enough, in my opinion, to grace the pages of this newsletter.

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