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PDE and Applied Math SeminarS. Shkoller (F), K. Luli (S)
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsA. Schilling (F), R. Krone (W), E. Gorskiy (S)
Algebraic GeometryE. Carlsson (F), E. Gorskiy (W), J. Simental Rodriguez (S)
Geometry/TopologyL. Starkston (F), J. Howie (W), M. Trnkova (S)
Mathematical BiologyM. Vazquez (F), R. Guy (W), R. Chaudhuri (S)
Mathematical Physics & Probability(. Temple (F), C. Tracy (W), M. Gebert (S)
Mathematics of Data & DecisionsS. Ma (F), N. Saito (W), J. De Loera (S)
Optimization(Special topics only)
QMAP SeminarM. Mulase (F), R. Casals (W), T. Dimofte (S)
ColloquiumJ. De Loera, G. Kuperberg
GGAM Colloquium
Distinguished Lecture SeriesJ. De Loera, G. Kuperberg
Faculty Research SeminarM. Mulase (W), J. Schultens (S), J. Nichols, R. Moreno-Vasquez
Student-Run Research SeminarA. Moon, B. Harvie
Student-Run Geometry/Topology SeminarY. Chan, N. Neel, A. Alameda
Student-Run Analysis & PDER. Ramani, R. Moreno-Vasquez
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ZOOMMathematics of Data & DecisionsPrem Devanbu
Tue, May 26 2020, 4:00PM"Basic concepts and Live Tutorial on Docker Containers for Novice Users"
zoomMathematics of Data & Decisions​Paul Atzberger, UC Santa Barbara
Tue, May 19 2020, 4:10PMGeometric Approaches for Machine Learning in the Sciences and Engineering
zoomMathematics of Data & DecisionsVenkat Chandrasekaran, Caltech
Tue, May 12 2020, 4:00PM​Fitting Convex Sets to Data
ZOOMMathematics of Data & DecisionsRoummel Marcia, UC Merced
Tue, May 5 2020, 4:00PMOptimization Methods for Machine Learning
ZOOMMathematics of Data & DecisionsYian Ma, UC San Diego
Tue, Apr 28 2020, 4:00PMBriding MCMC and Optimization
ZoomMathematics of Data & DecisionsWotao Yin, UCLA and Alibaba
Tue, Apr 21 2020, 4:00PMPlug-and-Play Method: a Deep-Learning/Optimization Hybrid Approach for Image Processing
ZoomMathematics of Data & DecisionsSam Hopkins, UC Berkeley
Tue, Apr 14 2020, 4:00PMFrom Proofs to Algorithms for High-Dimensional Statistics
ZoomMathematics of Data & DecisionsSam Hopkins, UC Berkeley
Tue, Apr 14 2020, 4:00PMFrom Proofs to Algorithms for High-Dimensional Statistics
ZOOMMathematics of Data & DecisionsStefano Marchesini,, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Tue, Apr 7 2020, 4:10PMHigh Throughput Phase Retrieval
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & Decisions
Tue, Mar 17 2020, 4:10PMNo seminar
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsWill Leeb, University of Minnesota
Tue, Mar 10 2020, 4:10PMMatrix Denoising with Weighted Loss
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsDavid Gamarnik, MIT Sloan School of Management
Tue, Mar 3 2020, 4:10PMAlgorithmic Challenges in High-Dimensional Inference Models: Insights from the Statistical Physics
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsGuy Wolf, Université de Montréal
Tue, Feb 25 2020, 4:10PMGeometry-based Data Exploration
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsWotao Yin, UCLA
Tue, Feb 18 2020, 4:10PMCanceled
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsRichard Levenson, UC Davis, Medical School/Pathology
Tue, Feb 11 2020, 4:10PMPath ↔ Math: Opportunities for cross-disciplinary adventure
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsRandall O'Reilly, UC Davis, Psychology/Computer Science
Tue, Feb 4 2020, 4:10PMPredictive Error-driven Learning in the Brain
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsGal Mishne, UC San Diego
Tue, Jan 28 2020, 4:10PMMultiway Tensor Analysis with Neuroscience Applications
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsNhat Ho, UC Berkeley
Tue, Dec 3 2019, 4:10PMStatistical and computational perspective of mixture and hierarchical models
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJavad Lavaei, UC Berkeley
Tue, Nov 26 2019, 4:10PMComputational Techniques for Nonlinear Optimization and Learning Problems
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJames Sharpnack, UC Davis, Statistics Department
Tue, Nov 19 2019, 4:10PMWeak consistency of the 1-nearest neighbor measure with applications to missing data
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsRishidev Chaudhuri, UC Davis, Math and NPB
Tue, Nov 12 2019, 4:10PMFinding and using sparse networks in neural computation
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsErika Roldan Roa, Ohio State University
Tue, Nov 5 2019, 4:10PMEvolution of the homology and related geometric properties of the Eden Growth Model
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsYu Zhang, UC Santa Cruz
Tue, Oct 29 2019, 4:10PMImproving Power Grid Reliability and Efficiency via Advanced Signal Processing and Machine Learning
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsYuwei Fan, Stanford University
Tue, Oct 22 2019, 4:10PMDeep Neural Networks for PDEs
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsMeisam Razaviyayn, USC
Tue, Oct 15 2019, 4:10PMLearning via Non-Convex Min-Max Games
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsXin Liu, UC Davis, CS department
Thu, Oct 10 2019, 2:10PMMachine Learning Meets Cellular Networks
MSB 2112Mathematics of Data & DecisionsFacundo Memoli, Ohio State University
Tue, Oct 8 2019, 3:10PMGromov-Wasserstein distances and distributional invariants of datasets
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsYong Jae Lee, UC Davis, CS department
Tue, Oct 1 2019, 4:10PMLearning to Understand Visual Data with Minimal Human Supervision
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsAlexander Cloninger, UCSD
Tue, Jun 11 2019, 4:10PMLow Frequency Kernel Eigenfunctions in Statistical Distances, Function Sampling, and Data Generation
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsMichael Mahoney, UC Berkeley
Tue, Jun 4 2019, 4:10PMWhy Deep Learning Works: Traditional and Heavy-Tailed Implicit Self-Regularization in Deep Neural Networks
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsLin Xiao, Microsoft Research
Tue, May 28 2019, 4:10PMAccelerated Bregman Proximal Gradient Method for Relatively Smooth Convex Optimization
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJohn Carlsson, USC
Tue, May 21 2019, 4:10PMThe continuous approximation paradigm for logistical optimization problems
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsShuyang Ling
Tue, May 7 2019, 4:10PMSolving Inverse Problems on Networks: Graph Cuts, Optimization Landscape, Synchronization
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJuan Pablo Vielma, MIT
Tue, Apr 30 2019, 4:10PMModeling Power of Mixed Integer Convex Optimization Problems And Their Effective Solution with Julia and JuMP
MSB 2112Mathematics of Data & DecisionsAnna Seigal, UC Berkeley
Tue, Apr 16 2019, 4:10PMLearning Paths from Signature Tensors
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsLevent Tunçel, U Waterloo
Tue, Apr 9 2019, 4:10PMTotal Dual Integrality for Convex, Semidefinite and Extended Formulations
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsMichał Dereziński, UC Berkeley
Tue, Apr 2 2019, 4:10PMUnbiased estimates for linear regression via volume sampling
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsSuvrajeet Sen, USC
Tue, Mar 19 2019, 4:10PMStochastic Decomposition: A Revival
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsDorit Hochbaum, UC Berkeley
Tue, Mar 12 2019, 4:10PMMachine Learning and Data Mining with Combinatorial Optimization
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsThomas Rothvoss, U Washington
Tue, Mar 5 2019, 4:10PMAlgorithms for Discrepancy Minimization
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsDmitriy Drusvyatskiy, U Washington
Tue, Feb 19 2019, 4:10PMStochastic methods for nonsmooth nonconvex optimization
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsSean Kafer, U Waterloo
Tue, Feb 12 2019, 4:10PMThe circuits of combinatorial polytopes: diameter bounds and hardness of computation
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJelena Diakonikolas, UC Berkeley
Tue, Feb 5 2019, 4:10PMInvariance in First-Order Convex Optimization
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsIlan Adler, UC Berkeley
Tue, Jan 29 2019, 4:10PMA simple reduction of wide range of optimization, engineering and economics problems to Bimatrix Games.
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsKrishnakumar Balasubramanian, UC Davis
Tue, Jan 22 2019, 4:10PMApplications of Stein's Identity to Non-Convex Optimization and Sampling
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsGennadiy Averkov, University of Magdeburg
Tue, Jan 8 2019, 4:10PMImproving cuts by means of lifting
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsPaul Grigas, UC Berkeley
Mon, Dec 10 2018, 4:10PMCondition Number Analysis of Logistic Regression, and its Implications for Standard First-Order Solution Methods
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsAnna Ma, UC San Diego
Mon, Dec 3 2018, 4:10PMVariants of the Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithms and its Applications
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsBoaz Nadler, Weizmann Institute of Science
Mon, Nov 26 2018, 4:10PMCANCELLED
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJelena Diakonikolas, UC Berkeley
Mon, Nov 19 2018, 4:10PMCANCELLED
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsMadeleine Udell, Cornell University
Mon, Nov 5 2018, 4:10PMBig Data is Low Rank
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsSayan Mukherjee, Duke University
Mon, Oct 29 2018, 4:10PMHow Many Directions Determine a Shape
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsLihong Li, Google Inc.
Mon, Oct 22 2018, 4:10PMReinforcement Learning as Saddle-Point Optimization
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsAaron Sidford, Stanford University
Mon, Oct 15 2018, 4:10PMPerron-Frobenius Theory in Nearly Linear Time
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsEry Arias-Castro, UC San Diego
Mon, Oct 8 2018, 4:10PMOn using graph distances to estimate Euclidean and related distances
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJoel Tropp, Caltech
Mon, Oct 1 2018, 4:30PMApplied random matrix theory
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsAndrea Montanari, Stanford University
Mon, Oct 1 2018, 3:00PMA Mean Field View of the Landscape of Two-Layers Neural Networks
MSB 1147Mathematics of Data & DecisionsJorge Nocedal, Northwestern University
Mon, Oct 1 2018, 2:00PMNonlinear Optimization Methods for Machine Learning