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Joint math/CS talk: The Busy Beaver frontier

Algebra & Discrete Mathematics

Speaker: Scott Aaronson, UT Austin
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Location: Zoom lecture
Start time: Thu, Oct 15 2020, 10:00AM

The Busy Beaver function, with its incomprehensibly rapid growth, has captivated generations of computer scientists, mathematicians, and hobbyists. In this talk I'll offer a personal view of Busy Beavers 58 years after their introduction, emphasizing lesser-known insights, recent progress, and especially favorite open problems.

All meetings this quarter will be by Zoom. Please see announcements or contact organizers for the passcode. Slides for the talk are also available.

Stay afterwards for a brief, informal reception. Refreshments will be self-provided.

This talk is listed jointly as an ADM seminar in the math department, and as a CS department colloquium.