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Vazquez elected Fellow of AAAS

Jacob and co-authors win 2024 Frontiers of Science Award

Arsuaga's research featured in L&S Magazine

Shkoller and Fraas to speak at ICMP 2024

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Craig Tracy Research Prize

To honor Professor Emeritus Craig A. Tracy, the Department of Mathematics of the University of California, Davis announces the creation of the Craig A. Tracy Research Prize to be awarded annually for research by one of its postdoctoral researchers or Krener Assistant Professors.

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Upcoming Seminars

Tue, May 28, 11:00AM - MSB 2112
Disc. Math : Jan de Gier, University of Melbourne
The asymmetric exclusion process on the half line with general open boundaries

Tue, May 28, 12:10PM - MSB 2112
Fac. Research : Junxian Li, UC Davis
Value distribution of L-functions

Tue, May 28, 2:10PM - MSB 2112
Geometry : Longzhi Lin, UC Santa Cruz
Modified mean curvature flow and CMC foliation conjecture in almost Fuchsian manifolds

Tue, May 28, 3:10PM - PSEL 1025
Data & Dec. : Erik Carlsson, UC Davis
alpha shapes in kernel density estimation

Wed, May 29, 12:10PM -
Student Research : Jake Quinn, UC Davis

Wed, May 29, 3:10PM - MSB 2112
Alg. Geometry : Hannah Larson
The Chow ring of the universal Picard stack over the hyperelliptic locus

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Principles of Community

The Mathematics Department is committed to the Principles of Community.