UC Davis Mathematics

People in the Department of Mathematics

Our Department has a number of different types of teaching staff, researchers and postdocs which enrich our academic environment.


Krener Assistant Professors

Photo of Akhmejanov
Tair Akhmejanov
Office: MSB 2214
Email: tair@math.ucdavis.edu
Photo of Arias
Cesar Arias
Office: MSB 3149
Email: carias@math.ucdavis.edu
Photo of Blanquicett
Daniel Blanquicett
Probability and Combinatorics
Office: MSB 2133
Email: drbt@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: MAT 21B
Office Hours: T 8:00-9:50a

Photo of Chavez
Anastasia Chavez
Office: MSB 2143
Email: anachavez@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: MAT 21C
Office Hours: TBD

Photo of Dodson
Stephanie Dodson
Office: MSB 2145
Email: sdodson@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: MAT 108
Office Hours: W 4:30 - 5:30pm, R 2-3pm

Photo of Gebert
Martin Gebert
Office: MSB 3151
Email: mgebert@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: MAT 127B
Office Hours: TR 10-11

Joshua Howie
Knot Theory, Topology
Phone: MSB 2226
Email: jhowie@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: MAT 150A
Office Hours: M 4:10pm C01-C02, M 5:10pm B01

Photo of Link
Kathryn Link
Office: MSB 2145
Email: klink@math.ucdavis.edu
Photo of Marsico
David Marsico
Office: MSB 3149
Email: dmarsico@math.ucdavis.edu
Photo of Martin
Daniel Martin
Office: MSB 2151
Email: dmartin@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: MAT 21A
Office Hours: M 4-5pm, T 9-10am

Didac Martinez-Granado
Office: MSB 3113
Email: dmartinezgranado@math.ucdavi...
Photo of O'Neill
Kevin O'Neill
Harmonic analysis
Office: MSB 3111
Email: oneill@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: MAT 118A, MAT 127A
Office Hours: W 9-10a , F 2-3p (118A), TF 3-4p (127A)

Stefan Schonsheck
Office: MSB 3133
Email: sschonsheck@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: MAT 119A
Office Hours: M11am-12pm, W3-4p

Photo of Simental Rodriguez
Jose Simental Rodriguez
Office: MSB 2147
Phone: 530-754-0337
Email: josesr@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: MAT 17C
Office Hours: MWF 8:30-9:30am

Photo of Stingo
Annalaura Stingo
Office: MSB 2224
Email: astingo@math.ucdavis.edu

Courses: 16B
Office Hours: W 6:10-7p


Name E-mail Office Phone ClassOffice Hours


Name E-mail Office Phone ClassOffice Hours
Jerome Kaminkerkaminker@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 3208