People in the Department of Mathematics

Our Department has a number of different types of teaching staff, researchers and postdocs which enrich our academic environment.

Lawrence J Marx

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Degree: Ph.D., 1979, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

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Name E-mail Office Phone ClassOffice Hours
John Sullivanjsullivan@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 2143
Hideo Takiokatakioka@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 3208
Hitoshi Yamanakahyamanaka@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 2107


Name E-mail Office Phone ClassOffice Hours
Nickolas Castroncastro@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 2107601-4444 x2011
Ying Heyinghe@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 2145601-4444 x2006
Jerome Kaminkerkaminker@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 2107
Pieter Naaijkenspnaaijkens@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 3141601-4444 x2003
Ke Weikewei@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 3141MAT 16AM 11:00-12:30p, W 2:00-3:30p or by appointment