UC Davis Mathematics

People in the Department of Mathematics

Our Department has a number of different types of teaching staff, researchers and postdocs which enrich our academic environment.


Name E-mail Office Phone ClassOffice Hours


Name E-mail Office Phone ClassOffice Hours
Anastasia Chavez anachavez@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 2143
Jerome Kaminkerkaminker@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 2107530-754-0304
Peter Koroteevpkoroteev@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 3208
Carolina Medinacmedina@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 2107
Harold Williamshwilliams@math.ucdavis.eduMSB 2143
Philsang Yoophilsang@math.ucdavis.edu