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Blake Temple

Distinguished Professor
General relativity and shock waves
Ph.D., 1980, University of Michigan

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Office: MSB 3208

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Blake Temple’s research focuses on shock waves and general relativity. View more of his recent research and publications on his web page

Recent Research

  • Expanding wave solutions of the Einstein equations that induce an anomalous acceleration into the Standard Model of Cosmology, PNAS, Vol.106, no.34, 2009, pp. 14218-14218. View the PDF.
  • Answers to Questions Posed by Reporters Prepared for reporters, August 19, 2009. View the PDF.
  • Simulation of general relativistic shock waves by a locally inertial Godunov method featuring dynamic time dilation featuring dynamic time dilation, (thesis work of Zeke Vogler), Preprint. View the PDF.
  • Points of general relativistic shock wave interaction are "regularity singularities" where spacetime is not locally flat,(thesis work of Moritz Rientjes), Preprint. View the PDF.
  • Periodic Solutions of the Euler Equations: A paradigm for time-periodic sound wave propagation in the compressible Euler equations, Meth. Appl. of Anal. Vol. 16, No.3 pp. 341-364, September 2009. View the PDF.

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