Graduate Student Thesis Advisers

Below is a list of currently active thesis advisers, and what topic each graduate student is studying.

Faculty Adviser Grad Student Degree Sought Student Research Focus
Babson, Eric - Math
Murray, JohnMath, Ph.D.Connections between the Tropical Vertex Group, Tropical Enumerative Invariants, and Relative Gromov-Witten Invariants
Hannon, NathanMath, Ph.D.
Biello, Joseph - Math
Back, AmandaApplied, Ph.D.Asymptotic and spectral methods for fluid equations describing large-scale atmosphere dynamics
De Loera, Jesus - Math
Haddock, JamieApplied, Ph.D.Iterative Projection Methods for Convex and Combinatorial Optimization
Fannjiang, Albert - Math
Li, LuApplied, Ph.D.Imaging through atmospheric turbulence using phase screens, phase retrieval, and algorithms for inverse problems
Guy, Robert - Math
Li, ChuanbinApplied, Ph.D.Numerical studies on the swimming behavior of microorganisms
Copos, CalinaApplied, Ph.D.Computational fluid dynamics with applications to cellular biology
Joy, Ken - Computer Science
Martinez, RobertoApplied, Ph.D.
Kapovich, Michael - Math
Forehand, JamesMath, Ph.D.Geometric group theory, coarse hyperbolic geometry, and rigidity
Mayeda, DustinMath, Ph.D.Higher dimensional Kleinian groups and geometric group theory.
Koeppe, Matthias - Math
Zhou, YuanApplied, Ph.D.Infinite-dimensional relaxations of mixed-integer optimization problems
Kuperberg, Greg - Math
Hagemeyer, ColinMath, Ph.D. Quantum groups, related tensor categories called spiders, and their relationship with geometric representation theory
Ming, ShuangMath, Ph.D.Categorification of 3-Manifold Invariant and Quantum Algebra
Samperton, EricMath, Ph.D.Computational complexity and low-dimensional topology
Largier, John - Environmental Science and Policy
Trockel, DaleApplied, Ph.D.
Lewis, Timothy - Math
Chartrand, ThomasApplied, Ph.D.Mathematical neuroscience, dynamics of coupled oscillators
Liu, Fu - Math
Castillo, FedericoMath, Ph.D.Combinatorics of integer points in lattice polytopes
Nachtergaele, Bruno - Math
Cha, MatthewMath, Ph.D.
Puckett, Elbridge Gerry - Math
Sollers, KeithApplied, Ph.D.Optimal placement of trades in securities market exchanges, with an emphasis on using machine-learning techniques to minimize transaction costs
Schilling, Anne - Math
Paramonov, KirillMath, Ph.D.Combinatorics of q,t-Catalan numbers and associated representation theory
Schreiber, Sebastian - EVE
Cuello, WilliamApplied, Ph.D.
Shkoller, Steve - Math
Grimm, JosephMath, Ph.D.Extending the methods of Coutand and Shkoller to investigate the existence and uniqueness of strong solutions to free-boundary magnetohydrodynamics.
Soshnikov, Alexander - Math
Pchelin, VladimirApplied, Ph.D.Random Matrix Theory. Band matrices. Discrete and continuous random Schrödinger operators
Jana, IndrajitMath, Ph.D.Random Matrix Theory
Strohmer, Thomas - Math
Ling, ShuyangApplied, Ph.D.Self-calibration and compressive sensing, fast algorithm for inverse problems, random matrices, convex optimization
Thompson, Abigail - Math
Koenig, DaleMath, Ph.D.Knots and three manifolds, especially combinatorial techniques
Rogers, CarsonMath, Ph.D.Knots and the surfaces they bound in 3 and 4-dimensional space
Vazirani, Monica - Math
Kvinge, HenryMath, Ph.D.Representation theory of KLR-algebras and their use in the categorification of quantum groups
Shin, GicheolMath, Ph.D.
Vazquez, Mariel - Math
Witte, ShawnMath, Ph.D.DNA Topology, classification of chiral knots, Monte Carlo algorithms
Wets, Roger - Math
Deride, JulioApplied, Ph.D.Stochastic equilibrum problems