Graduate Student Thesis Advisers

Below is a list of currently active thesis advisers, and what topic each graduate student is studying.

Faculty Adviser Grad Student Degree Sought Student Research Focus
Babson, Eric - Math
Hannon, NathanMath, Ph.D.
Murray, JohnMath, Ph.D.Connections between the Tropical Vertex Group, Tropical Enumerative Invariants, and Relative Gromov-Witten Invariants
Mou, LangMath, Ph.D.Moduli of quiver representations and mirror symmetry
Bai, Zhaojun - Math
Zhou, YunshenApplied, Ph.D.Fitting distance matrices by nonlinear eigenvalue problems
Wright, WilliamMath, Ph.D.Continuous convex optimization and eigenvalue optimization with applications in phase retrieval and image processing
D'Souza, Raissa
Snyder, JordanApplied, Ph.D.Dynamical systems and self-organization
De Loera, Jesus - Math
Haddock, JamieApplied, Ph.D.Iterative Projection Methods for Convex and Combinatorial Optimization
Silverstein, LilyMath, Ph.D.Computational commutative algebra
Fannjiang, Albert - Math
Zhang, ZheqingApplied, Ph.D.Solving phase retrieval by Douglas Rachford/ADMM method
Li, LuApplied, Ph.D.Imaging through atmospheric turbulence using phase screens, phase retrieval, and algorithms for inverse problems
Goldman, Mark - NPB
Dong, StellaApplied, Ph.D.balaneced (excitation and inhibition) rate-based and spike-based models for oculomotor integrator
Gorskiy, Evgeny - Math
Kivinen, OscarMath, Ph.D.Geometric representation theory
Gravner, Janko - Math
Liu, XiaochenMath, Ph.D.robust periodic solutions in multi-state cellular automata
Hass, Joel - Math
Luo, YanwenApplied, Ph.D.Computational geometry
Hunter, John - Math
Shu, JingyangMath, Ph.D.Sharp front of SQG equation
Joy, Ken - Computer Science
Martinez, RobertoApplied, Ph.D.
Kapovich, Michael - Math
Dey, SubhadipMath, Ph.D.Spherical metric with conical singularities
Liu, BeibeiMath, Ph.D.Geometrically finite Kleinian group
Koeppe, Matthias - Math
Wang, JiaweiMath, Ph.D.Integer optimization
Kuperberg, Greg - Math
Gallup, NathanielMath, Ph.D.Double complexes of complex and smooth manifolds
Samperton, EricMath, Ph.D.Computational complexity and low-dimensional topology
Hagemeyer, ColinMath, Ph.D. Quantum groups, related tensor categories called spiders, and their relationship with geometric representation theory
Ming, ShuangMath, Ph.D.Categorification of 3-Manifold Invariant and Quantum Algebra
Lewis, Timothy - Math
Chartrand, ThomasApplied, Ph.D.Mathematical neuroscience, dynamics of coupled oscillators
Docken, SteffenApplied, Ph.D.Dynamics of cardiac electrophysiology, mathematical pharmacology
Liu, Fu - Math
Lee, YonggyuMath, Ph.D.polyhedra theory
Nachtergaele, Bruno - Math
Moon, AlvinMath, Ph.D.Quantum many-body problems, operator algebras
Osserman, Brian - Math
He, XiangMath, Ph.D.Lifting properties of (compactified) tropical intersections
Challenor, JohnMath, Ph.D.Linear Series in Positive Characteristic
Liu, WenMath, Ph.D.Generalization of Linked Grassmannian
Puckett, Elbridge Gerry - Math
Sollers, KeithApplied, Ph.D.Optimal placement of trades in securities market exchanges, with an emphasis on using machine-learning techniques to minimize transaction costs
Saito, Naoki - Math
Weber, DavidApplied, Ph.D.Scattering transform, applications to sonar classification, and theory of CNNs
Berrian, AlexanderApplied, Ph.D.Synchrosqueezing transform and adaptive time-frequency representations, with applications to data sonificatioTime-frequency analysis; audio signal processing
Shvarts, EugeneApplied, Ph.D.Theory and structure of social networks
Schilling, Anne - Math
Paramonov, KirillMath, Ph.D.Combinatorics of q,t-Catalan numbers and associated representation theory
Hawkes, GrahamMath, Ph.D.Crystal Bases
Schreiber, Sebastian - EVE
Cuello, WilliamApplied, Ph.D.Mathematical Ecology, Stochastic Models, and Multispecies Coexistence
Soshnikov, Alexander - Math
Xu, YuanyuanApplied, Ph.D.Spectral properties of large random matrices
Thompson, Abigail - Math
Lamb, KevinMath, Ph.D.Knot theory, 3-manifolds, Morse theory, and their associated combinatorial techniques
Weed, PatrickMath, Ph.D.Three-manifolds, knot theory, and combinatorial techniques
Vazirani, Monica - Math
Shin, GicheolMath, Ph.D.Combinatorial representation theory of rational Cherednik algebras and double affine Hecke algebras
Zhao, YueMath, Ph.D.tableaux on periodic skew diagrams and the representations of double affined Hecke algebra
Vazquez, Mariel - Math
Witte, ShawnMath, Ph.D.DNA Topology, classification of chiral knots, Monte Carlo algorithms
Wets, Roger - Math
Bassett, RobertMath, Ph.D.Stochastic and convex optimization in statistical estimation, variational analysis, convex duality and applications.
Xia, Qinglan - Math
Schiffman, BenjaminMath, Ph.D.Landscape Functions in ramified optimal transport systems from Eulerian and Lagrangian perspectives
Lazarus, TynanMath, Ph.D.Fractal Geometry and Optimal Transportation with Adjustable Iterated Function Systems