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June 2022
Köppe and Scrimshaw Awarded 2015–2021 SageMath Prize
Professor Matthias Köppe and Travis Scrimshaw are among the 10 awardees of this new prize, created to acknowledge and encourage contributions to the Sage codebase and third party ecosystem, along with spreading the use of Sage via workshops and other mechanisms, maintenance of infrastructure, and organization and funding of Sage development. From 2022 onward, at least two prizes will be awarded each year.

Professor Matthias Köppe's award is for "incredible and consistent contributions to the core Sage library, especially the modularization effort, which has the potential to massively extend the sustainability and broad impact of the Sage Python codebase."

Travis Scrimshaw received his Ph.D. from UC Davis Mathematics in 2015 under the direction of Prof. Anne Schilling. His award is for "major contributions to the core library, his excellent review of trac tickets, and his major long-term contributions to Sage's participation in Google Summer of Code." Scrimshaw is currently faculty at Osaka Metropolitan University.

SageMath is an open-source mathematics software system developed since 2005.