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October 2023
New Books By Our Faculty
Two books authored by our faculty were recently published. In 2021, Roger J-B Wets and his co-author Johannes O. Royset published "An Optimization Primer" as part of the Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. The book is described as a richly illustrated book that introduces the subject of optimization to a broad audience with a balanced treatment of theory, models and algorithms and as an accessible onramp to variational analysis with many interesting and timely worked examples. Roger's book is freely available as an ebook through California Digital Library.

More recently, Dan Romik published his "Topics in Complex Analysis." This book, hot off the press, reveals a panoramic vision showing how complex analysis underlies and illuminates phenomena in algebra, number theory, and geometry. The final chapter provides a detailed account of the solution to the sphere packing problem in dimension 8, for which Maryna Viazovska was awarded the Fields Medal in 2022. One notable feature of Dan’s book is that the ebook version is fully open access (provided by the publisher, De Gruyter, and paid for by University funds).

We appreciate these contributions highlighting the beauty of mathematics!