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April 2024
Jacob and co-authors win 2024 Frontiers of Science Award
Adam Jacob, as one of the co-authors of a paper entitled "(1,1) forms with specified Lagrangian phase : a priori estimates and algebraic obstructions," CJM vol. 8 (2020) no. 2 article 4 by Tristan C. Collins, Adam Jacob, Shing-Tung Yau, has been selected by the International Congress of Basic Science (ICBS), as a recipient of the 2024 Frontiers of Science Award (FSA) in Mathematics.

The FSA was inaugurated in 2023 during the first ICBS. As an FSA award recipient, Jacob is invited to the ICBS to accept the award in person in July 2024, in the Great Hall of People of China in Beijing. The award includes $25,000 divided among the authors of a winning paper. Inaugurated in 2023, the first round of FSAs was conferred on one hundred thirty-two awards in three subjects: Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, and Theoretical Computer and Information Sciences.

In addition, a paper by Jaroslav Trnka entitled "The Amplitudohedron," Journal of High Energy Physics, volume 2014, article 30 (2014), has been selected as the FSA recipient in Theoretical Physics. Trnka is part of QMAP, associated with many Department members.

We applaud our colleagues for this recognition of their research.