News for 2024

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April 2024
Jacob and co-authors win 2024 Frontiers of Science Award
Adam Jacob, as one of the co-authors of a paper entitled "(1,1) forms with specified Lagrangian phase : a priori estimates and algebraic obstructions," CJM vol. 8 (2020) no. 2 article 4 by Tristan C. Collins, Adam Jacob, Shing-Tung Yau, has been selected by the International Congress of Basic Science (ICBS), as a recipient of the 2024 Frontiers of Science Award (FSA) in Mathematics.

The FSA was inaugurated in 2023 during the first ICBS. As an FSA award recipient, Jacob is invited to the ICBS to accept the award in person in July 2024, in the Great Hall of People of China in Beijing. The award includes $25,000 divided among the authors of a winning paper. Inaugurated in 2023, the first round of FSAs was conferred on one hundred thirty-two awards in three subjects: Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, and Theoretical Computer and Information Sciences.

April 2024
Arsuaga's research featured in L&S Magazine
The UC Davis College of Letters and Science regularly publishes an online magazine to showcase the lives, contributions, and achievements of UC Davis College of Letters and Science faculty. A recent edition of L&S Magazine features an in-depth look at the work of our very own Javier Arsuaga entitled "Math All the Way Down," describing the intersection of mathematics and molecular biology and how that's driven his research. Take a look and be inspired!
February 2024
Shkoller and Fraas to speak at ICMP 2024
The XXI International Congress of Mathematical Physics, scheduled for July 1-6, will be taking place in the beautiful city of Strasbourg, France, and speakers have been announced. We are delighted to see that Steve Shkoller will be a plenary speaker and that Martin Fraas will be an invited speaker in the session on Many-body Quantum Systems & Condensed Matter Physics. According to the official ICMP2024 website: "The International Congress on Mathematical Physics, on its three year cycle, is the most important conference of the International Association of Mathematical Physics, currently presided over by Kasia Rejzner. It will be a major event, where new results and future challenges will be discussed, illustrating the richness and vitality of Mathematical Physics. We highly encourage/appreciate your attendance and contribution to ensure the success of this meeting." Strasbourg is easily reachable by train (about 2 and half hours from CDG airport) in addition to having its own minor international airport (SXB), so you might just be able to fit this into your travel plans!
January 2024
Alex Wein wins NSF CAREER award
Alex Wein has won a prestigious NSF CAREER award. He explains: "I'm very grateful to receive this funding, which will support two lines of research that I'm excited about. The first involves understanding fundamental tradeoffs between statistical resources (e.g. quantity of data) and computational resources (e.g. runtime) in large-scale statistical inference problems. The second involves finding optimal algorithms for various inference problems on tensor-valued data (e.g. an n-by-n-by-n array), including the 3-dimensional reconstruction problem that arises in cryo-electron microscopy."