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PDE and Applied Math SeminarS. Iyer (F/W), S. Shkoller (W/S)
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsS. Griffin, A. McDonough, A. Schilling (F)
Algebraic GeometryE. Carlsson, R. Casals, J. Li
Geometry/TopologyA. Jacob, J. Hass (F)
Mathematical BiologyC. Heggerud (F), R. Guy (W), R. Chaudhuri (S)
Mathematics of Data & DecisionsM. Koeppe, Y. Shi
Optimization(Special topics only)
ProbabilityB. Morris, A. Soshnikov
Mathematical Physics SeminarA. Waldron, M. Fraas, D. Spiegel
ColloquiumJ. Biello, A. Thompson
GGAM Colloquium
William Thurston LecturesJ. Biello, A. Thompson
Faculty Research SeminarD. Romik (S)
Graduate Success SeminarA. Wein
Student-Run Research SeminarS. Kim, I. Sullivan
Student-Run Geometry/Topology Seminar
Student-Run Combinatorics & Algebra
Student-Run Analysis & PDE
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Past Talks

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MSB 1147Special EventsOjesh Koul, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 10 2024, 10:00AMPhD Exit Seminar: Balanced asymptotic models for the earth's tropospher
MSB also on Zoom 2112Special EventsGirish Kumar, UC Davis
Wed, Jun 5 2024, 2:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: Differentially Private Synthetic Data Generation Of Data Collected Over Time
MSB 2112Special EventsXue Feng
Tue, Jun 4 2024, 4:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: Convergence Analysis of Alternating Anderson-Picard Method for Nonlinear fixed-point Problem
PSEL 1025Special EventsChengyang Wang, UC Davis
Fri, May 24 2024, 4:45PMPhD Exit Seminar: Semigroups of Polyhedral Lattice Points: Convexity, Combinatorics, and Algebra
PSEL 1025Special EventsAlex Black, UC Davis
Fri, May 24 2024, 3:30PMPhD Exit Seminar: Monotone Paths on Polytopes: Combinatorics and Optimization
MSB 2112Special EventsJeff Nichols, UC Davis
Thu, May 23 2024, 3:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: Viscoelastic Fluids: Development of a numerical method and discovery of a route to chaos
Zoom Special EventsMikhail Belkin, UCSD
Thu, May 2 2024, 4:10PMMath/Stats Colloquium: The puzzle of dimensionality and feature learning in neural networks and kernel machines
ZOOM Special EventsYukun Du
Mon, Apr 29 2024, 12:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: Poincar\'e's Algorithm for the Symmetric Space $SL(n,\mathbb{R})/SO(n)$
PSEL/QMAP 3024Special EventsMichael Ragone, UC Davis
Tue, Mar 12 2024, 4:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: SO(n) Haldane Chains as Symmetry Protected Topological Quantum Ground States
MSB 1147Special EventsMelissa Zhang, UC Davis
Fri, Feb 23 2024, 4:10PMHomological and homotopical methods in dimension 3.5
MSB 1147Special EventsSanjukta Krishnagopal, Berkeley AI Research Lab, University of California, Berkeley Department of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles
Tue, Jan 16 2024, 4:00PMThe theory and application of networks: from mathematical machine learning to simplicial complexes
MSB 1147Special EventsSiting Liu, UCLA
Fri, Jan 12 2024, 4:00PMEnhancing PDE Computations and Score-Based Generative Models through Optimization
MSB 1147Special EventsAbi Gopal, Yale University
Thu, Jan 11 2024, 4:00PMDirect solvers for variable-coefficient scattering problems
MSB 1147Special EventsPeter Chen, MIT
Wed, Jan 10 2024, 4:00PMNeural PDE: AI-enhanced Physics Simulation
MSB 2112Special EventsLu Yu, ENSAE Paris
Mon, Jan 8 2024, 4:00PMExploring Foundations of Stochastic Optimization: Insights from Statistical and Computational Perspectives
MSB 2112Special EventsVladimir Fock, Université de Strasbourg
Tue, Oct 24 2023, 10:00AMHecke algebras and TQFT
MSB 3106Special EventsChristopher Alexander, University College London
Fri, Jun 16 2023, 10:00AMCosmic Acceleration Induced by an Instability in the Flat p=0 Friedmann Spacetime
MSB 2112Special EventsLeo He, UC Davis
Wed, Jun 7 2023, 1:10PMPh.D. Exit Seminar: High-dimensional scaling limits and fluctuations of online least-squares SGD
MSB 2112Special EventsJack Wesley, UC Davis
Fri, May 26 2023, 3:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: Algebraic and Boolean Methods for Computation and Certification of Ramsey-type Numbers
MSB 2112Special EventsEdgar Jaramillo Rodriguez, UC Davis
Fri, May 26 2023, 2:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: Combinatorial Methods for Barcode Analysis
MSB 2112Special EventsJeonghoon Kim, UC Davis
Wed, May 24 2023, 2:10PMPh.D. Exit Seminar: Machine Learning Applications for Swine Industry
MSB 2112Special EventsJames Hughes, UC Davis
Mon, May 22 2023, 12:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: Legendrian loops and cluster modular groups
MSB 2112Special EventsEsha Datta, UC Davis
Mon, May 22 2023, 10:10AMPh.D. Exit Seminar: Topological Data Analysis for Precision Medicine Applications in Cardiovascular Health
ZoomSpecial EventsMichael Bronstein, Oxford University
Tue, May 16 2023, 12:10PMPhysics-inspired learning on graphs
MSB 2112Special EventsEugene Shvarts
Thu, May 4 2023, 2:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: Discrete Integral Operators on Graphs and Multiscale Transforms on Simplicial Complexes
MSB 1147Special EventsLijun Ding, University of Wisconsin and the University of Washington
Mon, Mar 20 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium (Data Science): Optimization for statistical learning with low dimensional structure: regularity and conditioning
MSB 1147Special EventsSammy Khalife, Johns Hopkins University
Fri, Mar 17 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium (Data Science): Neural networks with linear threshold activations: structure and algorithms
MSB 1147Special EventsYunpeng Shi, Princeton University
Thu, Mar 16 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium (Data Science): Mathematical and Algorithmic Problems in 3-D Reconstruction: Robustness, Computational Bottlenecks and Solutions
MSB 1147Special EventsJunxian Li, Mathematisches Institut of Universität Bonn
Fri, Jan 27 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium
MSB 1147Special Events
Thu, Jan 26 2023, 3:10PMCancelled Special Colloquium (Data Science)
MSB 1147Special EventsChao Ma, Stanford
Wed, Jan 25 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium (Data Science): Implicit bias of optimization algorithms and generalization of over-parameterized neural networks
MSB 2112Special EventsTristan Ozuch, MIT
Tue, Jan 24 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium: Einstein metrics and Ricci flow in dimension 4
MSB 2112Special EventsFrederic Koehler, Stanford
Mon, Jan 23 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium (Data Science): Towards the Statistically Principled Design of ML Algorithms
MSB 2112Special EventsMadeleine Weinstein, Stanford
Fri, Jan 20 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium (Data Science): Metric Algebraic Geometry
MSB 1147Special EventsVinicius G.B. Ramos, IAS
Thu, Jan 19 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium: The Toda lattice, billiards and symplectic geometry
MSB 1147Special EventsDori Bejleri, Harvard
Wed, Jan 18 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium: Compact moduli and degenerations
MSB 1147Special EventsSinho Chewi, MIT
Fri, Jan 13 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium (Data Science): Towards a theory of complexity of sampling, inspired by optimization
MSB 1147Special EventsEva Belmont, UCSD
Thu, Jan 12 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium: Chromatic and motivic comparison techniques for the homotopy groups of spheres
MSB 1147Special EventsSpencer Frei, UC Berkeley
Wed, Jan 11 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium (Data Science): Statistical and computational phenomena in deep learning
MSB 1147Special EventsMelissa Sherman-Bennett, MIT
Mon, Jan 9 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium: Combinatorics of total positivity and cluster algebras
MSB 1147Special EventsRachel Webb, UC Berkeley
Fri, Jan 6 2023, 3:10PMSpecial Colloquium: An approach to computing Gromov-Witten invariants
MSB 1147Special EventsJames Sharpnack, Amazon, Inc.
Fri, Dec 2 2022, 3:55PMLessons in domain adaptation and an unsupervised hunt for gravitational lenses
MSB 1147Special EventsStefan Schonsheck, UC Davis (Math)
Fri, Dec 2 2022, 3:05PMRepresentation of Non-Euclidean Domains and Analysis of Signals Thereon
MSB 1147Special EventsXueheng Shi, Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln (Stat)
Fri, Dec 2 2022, 2:05PMChangepoint Analysis in Time Series Data: Past and Present
MSB 1147Special EventsLaura Marcu, UC Davis (BME)
Fri, Dec 2 2022, 1:15PMFluorescence Lifetime Imaging in Surgical Oncology
MSB 1147Special EventsAlex Wein, UC Davis (Math)
Fri, Dec 2 2022, 11:00AMComputational Complexity of Tensor Decomposition
MSB 1147Special EventsPatrice Koehl, UC Davis (CS)
Fri, Dec 2 2022, 10:10AMA physicist's view on partial 3D shape comparison
MSB 1147Special EventsSeveral speakers from August 8th to August 12th
Mon, Aug 8 2022, 9:00AMSYNC Early Career Workshop
MSB 3106Special EventsBrittany Leathers
Thu, Jul 28 2022, 1:30PMPhD. Exit Seminar: The Immersed Boundary Double Layer Method for boundary value problems
MSB and Zoom 3106Special EventsHenry Cohn, MIT and Microsoft Research
Wed, Jul 27 2022, 3:10PMThe sphere packing problem in eight dimensions
Zoom Special EventsHaolin Chen
Tue, Jul 19 2022, 2:00PMPhd Exit Seminar: Overcomplete tensor decomposition: algorithm and application
MSB 2112Special EventsJordan Ellenberg, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Fri, Jul 8 2022, 2:10PMMath and democracy
MSB 3106Special EventsZhenyang Zhang, UC Davis
Thu, Jun 9 2022, 12:00PMPhD Exit Seminar: Combinatorial Problems Motivated by the Simplex Method
Zoom Special EventsTobias Diez, William Stein, Linden Disney-Hogg, David Ayotte, Trevor Karn, Yuan Zhou, Fredrik Johansson, Aaron Meurer, Gereon Kremer
Thu, Jun 2 2022, 7:00AMGlobal Virtual Sage Days 112.358
Zoom Special EventsJean-Philippe Labbé, Blaec Bejarano, Harald Schilly, Hal Snyder, William Stein, Steven Diamond, Julian Hall, Nina Miolane, Vincent Delecroix, Jonathan Kliem, Matthias Köppe
Wed, Jun 1 2022, 7:45AMGlobal Virtual Sage Days 112.358
MSB 1147Special EventsMartin Fraas, U.C. Davis
Tue, May 24 2022, 3:30PMQMAP Colloquium: Quantum Trajectories
ZoomSpecial EventsBrice Ménard, Johns Hopkins University
Tue, Apr 5 2022, 1:10PMData science and science with data
Special Events
Sat, Jan 1 2022, 4:10PMzoom
MSB 1147Special EventsProf. Allen Knutson, Cornell University
Tue, Nov 30 2021, 3:10PMThe Mathematics of Juggling
MSB 1147Special EventsEstelle Basor, American Institute for Mathematics
Sat, Oct 30 2021, 3:30PMSome reflections on asymptotics of determinants and their applications and the work of Craig Tracy
MSB 1147Special EventsAxel Saenz, University of Warwick
Sat, Oct 30 2021, 2:15PM​TASEP back in time
MSB 1147Special EventsAlexander Its, Indiana University-Purdue University
MSB 1147Special EventsHerbert Spohn
Sat, Oct 30 2021, 11:05AMThe hydrodynamic scale for integrable many-body systems
MSB 1147Special EventsIain Johnstone, Stanford
Sat, Oct 30 2021, 10:00AMPCA, likelihood ratios, and a transition to the Tracy-Widom law
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious, UC Davis
Tue, Oct 12 2021, 4:10PMUndergrad math research conference
Zoom Special EventsChao-Ping Lin
Sun, Sep 12 2021, 1:30PMGGAM Ph.D. Exit Seminar: Stable Algorithms for Large Sparse Eigenvalue Problems
Zoom Special EventsChang Shu
Fri, Aug 20 2021, 4:10PMGGAM Ph.D. Exit Seminar: On the Smoothed Analysis of Frank-Wolfe Methods
Special EventsEric Severson
Thu, Aug 12 2021, 3:00PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: Advances in Discrete Chemical Computation: Algorithms, Lower Bounds, and Software for Population Protocols
ZOOMSpecial EventsCarl Corcoran
Fri, Jun 18 2021, 2:10PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: Modeling Epidemics on Dynamic Network
ZOOM Special EventsDavid Haley
Mon, Jun 7 2021, 4:10PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: David Haley
Special EventsHaotian Li
Mon, Jun 7 2021, 2:10PMGGAM Exit Seminar: Natural Graph Wavelet Dictionaries: Methods and Applications
Special EventsAlex Meyer
Fri, Jun 4 2021, 2:10PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: Great Risk, Grave Uncertainty, and Making Your Own Luck: Marine Larval Dispersal in Heterogeneous Environments
Special EventsBrian Harvie, UC Davis
Fri, Jun 4 2021, 12:30PM(PhD. Exit Seminar) The Inverse Mean Curvature Flow: Singularities, Dynamical Stability, and Applications to Minimal Surfaces
Special EventsAnthony Nguyen
Wed, May 12 2021, 4:10PMGGAM Exit Seminar:
Zoom Special EventsLillian Pierce, Duke University
Tue, May 11 2021, 12:00PMMarch, April, May…March, April, May. A case study.
Special EventsDmitry Shemetov
Fri, Apr 16 2021, 2:10PMGGAM Exit Seminar:
Zoom Special Events
Sun, Apr 11 2021, 11:11PMTBA
zoom Special EventsCaroline Uhler, MIT
Tue, Apr 6 2021, 1:10PMCausal Inference in the Light of Drug Repurposing for COVID-19
Special EventsBulent Tosun, University of Alabama
Mon, Apr 5 2021, 2:30PMNorCal Symplectic Seminar: Symplectic and complex geometric aspects of 3-manifold embedding problem in 4-space
Special EventsAngela Wu, University College London
Mon, Apr 5 2021, 1:00PMNorCal Symplectic Seminar: Weinstein handlebodies for complements of smoothed toric divisors
Zoom Special EventsVarious, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 28 2021, 9:25AMDavis Math Conference
Zoom Special EventsMike Hartglass, Jesus De Loera, Nicolle Gonzalez, Isabella Novik, David Dynerman
Sat, Nov 21 2020, 10:00AMBay Area Discrete Math Day
Virtual MSB Special EventsEric Zaslow, Northwestern University
Mon, Nov 2 2020, 4:00PMBranes, Wavefunctions, Sheaves, Clusters - NCSGS II
Virtual MSB Special EventsJohn Etnyre, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mon, Nov 2 2020, 2:30PMLegendrian Cables - NCSGS I
Around the Globe Zoom/BBBSpecial EventsJianping Pan (UCD), Wencin Poh (UCD), Matthias Koeppe (UCD), and many others around the world, various affiliations
Fri, Oct 30 2020, 1:00AMGlobal Virtual Sage Days 110
Around the Globe Zoom/BBBSpecial EventsJianping Pan (UCD), Wencin Poh (UCD), Matthias Koeppe (UCD), and many others around the world, various affiliations
Thu, Oct 29 2020, 1:00AMGlobal Virtual Sage Days 110
Special EventsNing Liu
Thu, Jun 11 2020, 3:00PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: How does uncertainty propagate via transportation equilibrium?
Zoom Special EventsJi Chen
Thu, Jun 11 2020, 2:00PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: Nonconvex matrix completion: From a geometrical perspective
Special EventsBohan Zhou
Thu, Jun 4 2020, 11:00AMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: On the existence of minimizers for an isoperimetric problem with Wasserstein penalty term in unbounded domains.
Everywhere Special EventsVarious
Wed, May 27 2020, 3:00AMGlobal Virtual SageDays 109
MSB 1147Special EventsBin Yu, UC Berkeley (Statistics)
Thu, Feb 13 2020, 4:10PMVeridical Data Science
MSB 1147Special EventsDavid Rolnick, University of Pennsylvania
Mon, Feb 10 2020, 4:10PMDeep neural networks: structure and function
MSB 1147Special EventsIan Jauslin, Princeton University
Thu, Feb 6 2020, 4:10PMA simplified approach to interacting Bose gases
MSB 1147Special EventsFei Wang, University of Maryland
Mon, Feb 3 2020, 4:10PMThe inviscid limit for the Navier-Stokes equations and the boundary layers
MSB 1147Special EventsTingran Gao, U Chicago
Fri, Jan 31 2020, 4:10PMManifold Learning on Fibre Bundles
MSB 1147Special EventsGrigory Yaroslavtsev, Indiana University, Bloomington
Wed, Jan 29 2020, 4:10PMHierarchical Clustering for Everyone
MSB 1147Special EventsSui Tang, Johns Hopkins University
Mon, Jan 27 2020, 4:10PMAnalysis of dynamical data
MSB 2112Special EventsSameer Iyer, Princeton University
Thu, Jan 23 2020, 4:10PMRecent Results in Boundary Layer Theory
MSB 1147Special EventsCesar Uribe, MIT
Mon, Jan 13 2020, 4:10PMTowards Scalable Algorithms for Distributed Optimization and Learning
MSB 1147Special EventsBao Wang, UCLA
Fri, Jan 10 2020, 4:10PMPDE-Principled Trustworthy Deep Learning Meets Computational Biology
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious, UC Davis
MSB 1147Special EventsOanh Nguyen, Princeton
Wed, Jan 8 2020, 4:10PMReal roots of random functions
Special EventsMaria Trnkova, UC Davis
Sun, Jan 5 2020, 1:10PMApproximating isosurfaces by  triangular meshes with guaranteed regularity
MSB 1147Special EventsMartin Fraas, Virginia Tech
Tue, Dec 17 2019, 4:10PMQuantized Transport in Interacting Quantum Systems
Mathematical Sciences Building 2112Special EventsShawn Witte, UC Davis
Fri, Dec 13 2019, 2:10PMLink Nomenclature, Random Grid Diagrams, and Markov Chain Methods in Knot Theory.
MSB 1147Special Events
Wed, Dec 11 2019, 9:15AMInaugural CeDAR Workshop
MSB 2112Special EventsJonathan Robey
Tue, Sep 24 2019, 3:10PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: On the Design, Implementation, and Use of a Volume-of-Fluid Interface Tracking Algorithm For Modeling Convection and other Processes in the Earth's Mantle
MSB 1147Special EventsWorkshop, Day 3, UC Davis
Sun, Sep 22 2019, 9:00AMFRG Workshop on Discrete Shapes
MSB 1147Special EventsWorkshop, Day 2, UC Davis
Sat, Sep 21 2019, 9:00AMFRG Workshop on Discrete Shapes
MSB 1147Special EventsWorkshop, Day 1, UC Davis
Fri, Sep 20 2019, 9:00AMFRG Workshop on Discrete Shapes
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious
Sun, Jun 23 2019, 10:00AMFRG Conference, Day 5
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious
Sat, Jun 22 2019, 10:00AMFRG Conference, Day 4
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious
Fri, Jun 21 2019, 10:00AMFRG Conference, Day 3
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious
Thu, Jun 20 2019, 10:00AMFRG Conference, Day 2
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious
Wed, Jun 19 2019, 10:00AMFRG Conference, Day 1
Math. Science Building 3106Special EventsLily Silverstein, UC Davis
Fri, Jun 7 2019, 12:10PM(Ph.D Exit seminar): Probabilistic and statistical methods in computational commutative algebra
MSB 3106Special EventsLarry Rolen, Vanderbilt University
Mon, May 13 2019, 2:10PMNumber Theory Seminar: Jensen-Pólya Criterion for the Riemann Hypothesis and Related Problems
MSB 1147Special EventsRoman Vershynin, UC Irvine
Tue, Apr 23 2019, 4:10PMMathematics of deep learning
MSB 1147Special EventsRobert Wald, University of Chicago
Fri, Feb 8 2019, 4:10PMQMAP Colloquium: Quantum Superposition of Massive Bodies
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious, UC Davis
Fri, Jan 11 2019, 9:00AM9th Davis Math Conference
MSB 1147Special EventsAlex Mogilner, Courant Institute and the Department of Biology, New York University
Fri, Oct 26 2018, 5:15PMGeneration and functions of intracellular fluid flows
MSB 1147Special EventsMimi Koehl, UC Berkeley
Fri, Oct 26 2018, 4:15PMHairy little legs and noses: transitions in functions of appendages at low Reynolds number​
MSB 1147Special EventsSymposium in Honor of Angela Cheer
Fri, Oct 26 2018, 3:45PMRECEPTION
MSB 1147Special EventsAlexandre Chorin, U. C. Berkeley
Fri, Oct 26 2018, 2:45PMReduced order modeling, the Mori-Zwanzig formalism, data-based discrete models, and the renormalization group
MSB 1147Special EventsAnita Mayo, Department of Mathematics, City University of New York - Bernard M. Baruch College, New York City
Fri, Oct 26 2018, 2:15PMOn the Accuracy of Particle Mesh Methods
MSB 1147Special EventsDaniel Goldston, San Jose State
Fri, Oct 26 2018, 1:45PM"Prime Numbers: It has been a Good Millennium So Far"
MSB 1147Special EventsMelissa Rodd, Institute of Education, University College London
Fri, Oct 26 2018, 1:15PM"Mathematics, Art and Education"
MSB 1147Special EventsElbridge Gerry Puckett, U.C. Davis Department of Mathematics
Fri, Oct 26 2018, 1:01PMOpening Remarks ...
MSB 1147Special EventsMimi Koehl, Alexandre Chorin, Melissa Rodd, Daniel Goldson, Anita Mayo, and Alex Mogilner
MSB 1147Special EventsAlexander Postnikov, MIT
Thu, Jun 14 2018, 4:00PMPositive Grassmannian III
MSB 1147Special EventsAlexander Postnikov, MIT
Thu, Jun 14 2018, 1:30PMPositive Grassmannian II
MSB 1147Special EventsAlexander Postnikov, MIT
Thu, Jun 14 2018, 11:30AMPositive Grassmannian I
MSB 1147Special EventsClaude Duhr, Leuven
Thu, Jun 14 2018, 10:30AMIntegrals and symbols III
MSB 1147Special EventsClaude Duhr, Leuven
Wed, Jun 13 2018, 2:30PMIntegrals and symbols II
MSB 1147Special EventsClaude Duhr, Leuven
Wed, Jun 13 2018, 9:00AMIntegrals and Symbols I
MSB 1147Special EventsEric D'Hoker, UCLA
Tue, Jun 12 2018, 2:30PMString amplitudes III
MSB 1147Special EventsEric D'Hoker, UCLA
Tue, Jun 12 2018, 10:30AMString amplitudes II
MSB 1147Special EventsEric D'Hoker, UCLA
Mon, Jun 11 2018, 2:30PMString amplitudes I
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious speakers
Mon, Jun 11 2018, 9:30AMAmplitudes Summer School
MSB 3106Special EventsMichael Stobb, UC Merced
Fri, May 25 2018, 12:10PMExploring Tools of Uncertainty Quantification Motivated by Analyzing Mathematical Models of Complex Biological Systems
MSB 1147Special EventsJamie Haddock, UC Davis
Thu, May 17 2018, 12:10PMExit Seminar: The Minimum Euclidean-Norm Point on a Convex Polytope: Wolfe's Combinatorial Algorithm is Exponential
MSB 1147Special EventsHenry Segerman, Oklahoma State University
Mon, May 14 2018, 5:10PM3D Shadows: Casting light on the fourth dimension
MSB 1147Special EventsRachel Ward, University of Texas, Austin
Tue, May 8 2018, 4:10PMLearning the learning rate in gradient descent
MSB 1147Special EventsRoberto Emparan, Barcelona
Wed, Apr 11 2018, 3:10PMBlack hole fusion made easy
MSB 3106Special EventsWinfried Bruns, Universität Osnabrück
Thu, Mar 22 2018, 1:40AMAn algorithm for volumes of polytopes with applications to social choice
Recital Hall, Pitzer Center/MSB 1147 Special EventsVarious, UC Davis, Music & Math
Thu, Jan 25 2018, 12:00PMAn Afternoon of Math and Music
MSB 1147Special EventsYevgeny Liokumovich, MIT
Wed, Jan 24 2018, 4:10PMRecent progress in Min-Max Theory
MSB 1147Special EventsDr. Laura Starkston, Stanford
Tue, Jan 23 2018, 4:10PMThe symplectic isotopy problem and Lagrangian skeleta
MSB 1147Special EventsCraig Tracy, UC Davis, Mathematics
Wed, Jan 17 2018, 5:30PMBeyond the Bell-Shaped Curve: A New Universal Law
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious, UC Davis
MSB 1147Special EventsNicolai Reshetikhin, UC Berkeley
Tue, Nov 21 2017, 11:00AMQMAP Colloquium: Superintegrable systems
MSB 1147Special EventsMaxim Kontsevich, IHES
Tue, Oct 24 2017, 10:30AMQMAP Colloquium: Quaternionic D-branes
MSB 1147Special EventsNima Arkani-Hamed, IAS Princeton
Tue, Oct 17 2017, 10:30AMSpacetime, Quantum Mechanics and Positive Geometry
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious
Thu, Oct 5 2017, 1:00PMSIAM Club Internship Roundtable
MSB 3106Special EventsShuyang Ling
Wed, May 31 2017, 4:10PMPhD Exit Seminar: Bilinear Inverse Problems: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications in Imaging Science and Signal Processing
MSB 2112Special EventsAlyssa Gottshall, National Security Agency
Wed, May 31 2017, 11:00AMThe Secret Lives of Mathematicians
MSB 2112Special EventsRena Zieve, UC Davis Physics
Wed, May 17 2017, 9:00AMNSF REU Programs: What, Why, and How
MSB 1147Special EventsR.Bamler, M.Lindsey, G.Martins, S.Dey, G. Kuperberg
Sat, Apr 15 2017, 10:00AMBay Area Differential Geometry Seminar
MSB 1147Special EventsMatt Meisner, Farmers Business Network
Fri, Apr 14 2017, 10:00AMSIAM Mathematics in Industry Colloquium
MSB 1147Special EventsRavi Kannan, Microsoft Research, India
Fri, Apr 7 2017, 4:10PMRandomized algorithms in linear algebra
MSB 2112Special EventsCosmin Petra, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Thu, Mar 9 2017, 3:10PMOptimization and Design of Complex Engineering Systems using High Performance Computing
MSB 2112Special EventsIan Anderson, Utah State
Thu, Mar 9 2017, 1:10PMIntroduction to the DifferentialGeometry Software Package
Math. Science Building 2112Special EventsProf. Gitta Kutyniok, Technische Universität Berlin
Wed, Feb 8 2017, 3:10PM"A Mathematical Framework for Feature Selection in Real-World Data"
MSB 1147Special EventsAnnie Raymond, University of Washington
Fri, Feb 3 2017, 4:10PMSymmetric Sums of Squares
Mathematical Sciences Building (MSB) 2112Special EventsSlobodan Žumer, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana & Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Fri, Feb 3 2017, 3:10PMKnotted nematic disclinations in liquid crystals stabilized by chirality and confinement
MSB 2112Special EventsMichael Lesnick, Princeton University
Wed, Feb 1 2017, 5:10PMInterleavings and Multiparameter Persistent Homology
MSB 2112Special EventsShiqian Ma, The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Mon, Jan 30 2017, 5:10PMStochastic Algorithms for Large-Scale Machine Learning Problems
MSB 1147Special EventsAlex Cloninger, Yale University
Fri, Jan 27 2017, 4:10PMIncorporation of Geometry into Learning Algorithms and Medicine
MSB 2112Special EventsColleen Clancy, UC Davis Pharmacology
Fri, Jan 27 2017, 12:10PMPOSTPONED
MSB 2112Special EventsXiuyuan Cheng, Yale University
Wed, Jan 25 2017, 5:10PMHaar Scattering Transforms & Data on Graphs: From Images to Histograms
MSB 1147Special EventsHaizhao Yang, Duke University
Mon, Jan 23 2017, 5:10PMData-driven mathematical analysis and scientific computing for oscillatory data
MSB 1147Special EventsDave Doty, Luis Rademacher, ...
Thu, Dec 1 2016, 2:10PMGGAM Annual Meeting
MSB 1147Special EventsWinfried Bruns, Universität Osnabrück
Mon, Nov 28 2016, 12:10PMConvex hull computation in Normaliz
MSB 2112Special EventsVarious, Various
Thu, Nov 10 2016, 10:00AMConference on singularities and motivic integration
MSB 2112Special EventsVarious, Various
Wed, Nov 9 2016, 1:10PMConference on singularities and motivic integration
MSB 2112Special EventsVarious, Various
Tue, Nov 8 2016, 10:00AMConference on singularities and motivic integration
MSB 3106Special EventsVarious, Various
Mon, Nov 7 2016, 1:10PMConference on singularities and motivic integration
MSB 2112Special EventsEugene Gorsky, UC Davis
Fri, Nov 4 2016, 2:10PMIntroduction to topology of singularities
MSB 2118Special EventsDima Pasechnik (Oxford), Anne Schilling, Eugene Gorsky, Chris O'Neill, Matthias Köppe
Wed, Oct 26 2016, 1:10PMSage Day
Mathematical Sciences Building 1147Special EventsJean-Paul Watson, Sandia National Laboratories
Tue, Oct 25 2016, 2:10PMSIAM Mathematics in Industry Colloquium
Geidt 1003Special EventsVarious, Various
Sat, Oct 1 2016, 10:00PMBAD Math Day 33
MSB 1147Special EventsTrina Ray, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Fri, May 13 2016, 3:10PMCassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn
UC Berkeley Calvin LabSpecial Eventsvarious
Fri, Apr 29 2016, 12:00AMBay Area Optimization Meeting
MSB 1147Special EventsLek-Heng Lim, University of Chicago
Thu, Apr 28 2016, 4:10PMCohomology and Data
MSB 2112Special Events
Sun, Apr 24 2016, 1:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Special EventsJoseph Grcar, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Thu, Apr 7 2016, 12:10PMEpisodic History of Calculations for Exterior Ballistics
Giedt Hall 1001Special EventsDiaconis, Flapan, Gravner, Thomas, Sturmfels, various
Sat, Feb 27 2016, 8:00AMAnnual Math. Association of America Golden Meeting
Math Science Building + 66 Roessler 1147Special EventsHolroyd, Sturmfels and Diaconis
Fri, Feb 26 2016, 2:29PMUC Davis Festival of Mathematics (pre-MAA)
MSB 1147Special EventsGregory Ihrie
Fri, Feb 26 2016, 11:00AMU.S. Department of Defense
1147Special EventsBob Guy, Ying He, James Sharpnack, Andrew Sornborger, Mimi Tsuruga, Qinglan Xia, UC Davis
Sat, Feb 20 2016, 9:30AMGGAM Miniconference
MSB 1147Special EventsMartin Luu, University of Illinois
Fri, Feb 19 2016, 3:10PMDualities: From quantum field theory to arithmetic and back
MSB 2112Special EventsTamara Kolda, Sandia National Labs, Livermore, CA
Thu, Feb 4 2016, 11:00AMOptimization Challenges in Tensor Factorization
MSB 1147Special EventsLuis Rademacher, Ohio State University
Mon, Jan 25 2016, 3:10PMAvoiding the curse of dimensionality: Computational efficiency in high dimensional inference
MSB 1147Special EventsMilivoje Lukic, University of Toronto
Wed, Jan 20 2016, 3:10PMKdV equation with almost periodic initial data
MSB 1147Special EventsElena Fuchs, University of Illinois
Fri, Jan 15 2016, 3:10PMThin groups: a new frontier in number theory
MSB 1147Special EventsErik Carlsson, Harvard
Wed, Jan 13 2016, 1:10PMCharacter formulas from switching limits
MSB 1147Special EventsPhilip Isett, MIT
Mon, Jan 11 2016, 3:10PMRegularity in time along the coarse scale flow for the incompressible Euler equations
MSB 1147Special EventsSubhro Ghosh, Princeton University
Fri, Jan 8 2016, 3:10PMRigidity phenomena in random point sets
MSB 1147Special EventsMboyo Esole, Harvard
Wed, Jan 6 2016, 1:10PMString Geometry and elliptic fibrations
MSB 1147Special EventsTye Lidman, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton
Mon, Jan 4 2016, 1:10PMLeft-orderability and three-manifolds
MSB 1147Special EventsGunnar Carlsson, Stanford
Thu, Apr 30 2015, 4:10PMThe Shape of Data
MSB 2112Special EventsMadhusudan Manjunath, UC Berkeley
Thu, Apr 23 2015, 2:10PMSmoothing of Limit Linear Series of Rank One on Metrized Complex of Algebraic Curves
Physics 432Special EventsAndreas Karch, University of Washington
Thu, Mar 19 2015, 1:10PMHolographic Transport
MSB 1147Special Events
Tue, Mar 17 2015, 9:30PMSage Days 64
Physics 432Special EventsLeonardo Rastelli, Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook
Tue, Mar 17 2015, 1:10PMCharting the Space of Superconformal Field Theories -- The Power of Quantum Consistency
Roessler 66Special EventsEdward Witten, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Mon, Mar 16 2015, 4:10PMKnots and Quantum Theory
Physics 432Special EventsDaniel Harlow, Princeton Center for Theoretical Science
Thu, Mar 12 2015, 1:10PMSpacetime Locality from Quantum Information
Physics 432Special EventsJonathan Heckman, UNC Chapel Hill
Mon, Mar 9 2015, 1:10PMEffective Field Theories From String Compactification
Physics 432Special EventsVeronika Hubeny, Durham University
Thu, Mar 5 2015, 1:10PMBlack holes, holography, and entanglement
Physics 432Special EventsJaroslav Trnka, Caltech
Mon, Mar 2 2015, 1:10PMPositive Geometry of Scattering Amplitudes
Physics 432Special EventsMukund Rangamani, Durham University
Thu, Feb 26 2015, 1:10PMGravity & Hydrodynamics
Physics 432Special EventsAndreas Karch, University of Washington
Mon, Feb 23 2015, 1:10PMMoved to 03/19
Physics 432Special EventsChristopher Beem, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Thu, Feb 19 2015, 1:10PMStudying challenging theories with the superconformal bootstrap
Physics 432Special EventsLiam A Fitzpatrick, Stanford University
Thu, Feb 12 2015, 1:10PMTBA
Physics 432Special EventsSergei Dubovsky, New York University and ICTP, Trieste
Mon, Feb 9 2015, 1:10PMOn the hierarchy problem
Physics 432Special EventsChristopher Herzog, Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook
Thu, Feb 5 2015, 1:10PMThe Structures of Entanglement
MSB 1147Special EventsAndrew Neitzke, University of Texas at Austin
Tue, Feb 3 2015, 4:10PMThe many uses of BPS particles
Physics 432Special EventsDavid Simmons-Duffin, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Thu, Jan 29 2015, 1:10PMBootstrapping Conformal Field Theories
MSB 1147Special EventsAbhijit Gadde, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Mon, Jan 26 2015, 3:10PMExact Solutions of 2d Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
MSB 1147Special EventsTudor Dimofte, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Fri, Jan 23 2015, 4:10PMA three-dimensional bridge between physics and mathematics
MSB 1147Special EventsChi Li, Stony Brook University
Fri, Jan 9 2015, 4:10PMOn Kahler-Einstein metrics and K-stability
MSB 1147Special EventsYao Yao, University of Wisconsin Madison
Thu, Jan 8 2015, 3:10PMSingularity and mixing in incompressible fluid equations
MSB 1147Special EventsSubhro Ghosh, Princeton University
Thu, Jan 8 2015, 3:10PMRigidity phenomena in random point sets
MSB 1147Special Events
Wed, Jan 7 2015, 4:10PMTBA
MSB 1147Special EventsMelody Chan, Harvard University
Mon, Jan 5 2015, 4:10PMCombinatorics and degenerations in algebraic geometry
MSB 1147Special EventsDustin G. Mixon, Air Force Institute of Technology
Thu, Dec 18 2014, 4:10PMPhase retrieval: Approaching the theoretical limits in practice
MSB 1147Special EventsAdam J. Jacob, Harvard University
Wed, Dec 17 2014, 4:10PMA dimension reduction of the Hermitian-Yang-Mills equations on non-compact curves
MSB 1147Special EventsLuca Fabrizio Di Cerbo, Notre Dame University
Mon, Dec 15 2014, 4:10PMOn the geometry of smooth compactifications of complex hyperbolic manifolds
MSB 1147Special EventsIgor A. Rapinchuk, Harvard University
Thu, Dec 11 2014, 4:10PMAbstract homomorphisms of algebraic groups
Roessler 55Special EventsSergei Dubovsky
Mon, Dec 8 2014, 4:10PMA Scaleful Theory
Roessler 55Special EventsSergei Dubovsky, New York University
Mon, Dec 8 2014, 4:10PMA Scaleful Theory
MSB 3106Special EventsRufus Willett, University of Hawaii
Mon, Nov 10 2014, 4:10PMMiniworkshop "Noncommutative geometry and harmonic analysis": Part 2: "Limit spaces and limit operators"
MSB 3106Special EventsJohn Roe, Penn State
Mon, Nov 10 2014, 3:10PMMiniworkshop "Noncommutative geometry and harmonic analysis": Part 1. "Metric spaces as a domain for harmonic analysis"
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious speakers, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 16 2014, 9:30AM5th Annual Davis Math Conference
MSB 2112Special EventsJoergen Andersen, Director, Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces, Aarhus University, Denmark
Mon, Oct 6 2014, 4:10PMModuli spaces and folding of RNA and protein molecules
Giedt 1002Special EventsJohn H. Schwarz, Caltech
Sat, May 24 2014, 6:00PMString Theory: Past, Present and Future
Buehler Alumni Center 0Special Events
Fri, May 23 2014, 9:00AMThe Mathematics of Quantum Theory
MSB 1147Special EventsJim Colliander, University of Toronto
Wed, May 14 2014, 10:00AMCrowdmark: Online Collaborative Grading at Davis?
MSB 1147Special EventsLaurent El Ghaoui, UC Berkeley
Thu, May 8 2014, 4:10PMRobust Sketching for Large-Scale Optimization (Joint Math/Stat Colloquium)
MSB 2112Special EventsJune Huh, University of Michigan
Mon, Apr 28 2014, 4:10PMHomology classes in algebraic varieties: nef, effective, and prime
MSB 1147Special EventsJavier Arsuaga , San Francisco State University
Fri, Apr 18 2014, 4:10PMSpecial Seminar: Using knot theory to understand the three dimensional organization of genomes
MSB 1147Special EventsMariel Vazquez , San Francisco State University
Wed, Mar 19 2014, 4:10PMModeling DNA unlinking by site-specific recombination
MSB 1147Special EventsEvgeny Gorskiy , Columbia University
Tue, Mar 18 2014, 4:10PMTorus knots and Cherednik algebras
MSB 2112Special EventsJason Starr, Stonybrook
Fri, Mar 14 2014, 4:10PMSolving polynomials, finding fixed points, splitting fibrations
MSB 2112Special EventsAlan Hammond, University of Oxford
Thu, Mar 13 2014, 10:10AMSelf-avoiding walks, phase separation and KPZ universality
MSB 3106Special EventsDespina Stasi, Illinois Institute of Technology
Mon, Feb 24 2014, 3:10PMCombinatorial problems arising from Horn formulas
MSB 1147Special EventsDr. Karl Schwede, Pennsylvania State University
Mon, Jan 27 2014, 4:10PMSpecial Seminar: Singularities of polynomials in characteristic 0 and characteristic p
MSB 1147Special EventsDr. Greta Panova , University of California, Los Angeles
Fri, Jan 24 2014, 4:10PMSpecial Seminar: Combinatorics and complexity of Kronecker coefficients
MSB 1147Special EventsDr. Michael Friedlander, University of British Columbia
Wed, Jan 22 2014, 4:10PMSpecial Seminar: Gauges, Sparsity, and Bundles
MSB 1147Special EventsDr. Yaniv Plan, University of Michigan
Mon, Jan 13 2014, 4:10PMSpecial Seminar: Low-dimensionality in mathematical signal processing
MSB 1147Special EventsDr. Noah Giansiracusa, University of California, Berkeley
Fri, Jan 10 2014, 4:10PMSpecial Seminar: Sections of line bundles on the moduli space of pointed rational curves
MSB 2112Special EventsMike Zabrocki, York University
Tue, Nov 5 2013, 5:00PMIntroduction to Sage
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious
Sat, Oct 26 2013, 9:00AMWest Coast Operator Algebra Seminar
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious speakers, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 10 2013, 9:00AM4th Annual Davis Math Conference
MSB 1147Special EventsProf. Gil Kalai, Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem & Yale Univ.
Tue, Oct 8 2013, 10:00AMWhy quantum computers cannot work
MSB 3240Special EventsProf. Jonathan Barmak, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Wed, Jul 31 2013, 11:00AMMinicourse in ``Topological Combinatorics of Partially Ordered Sets'' II and III
MSB 3240Special EventsDr. Jonathan Barmak, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Mon, Jul 29 2013, 11:00AMMinicourse on ``topological combinatorics of partially ordered sets'' I
MSB 1147Special EventsAmit Singer, Princeton University
Tue, May 21 2013, 4:10PMThree-dimensional structure determination of molecules without crystallization (Joint Math/Stat Colloquium)
MSB 1147Special EventsShing-Tung Yau, William Caspar Graustein Professor , Harvard University
Fri, May 3 2013, 4:10PMThe Shape of Inner Space: String Theory and Geometry of the Universe's Hidden Dimension
MSB 1147Special EventsFrank Sottile, Texas A&M University
Wed, Apr 17 2013, 5:30PMThe Shape of Space
MSB 3106Special EventsDr. David H. Bailey, Lawrence Berkeley Lab and U.C. Davis
Tue, Apr 16 2013, 11:30AMPSLQ: An algorithm to discover mathematical identities
MSB 1147Special EventsVincent Leclère and Pierre Carpentier, ENSTA, Paris Tech
Tue, Jan 15 2013, 3:00PMQualification conditions for the different constraints encountered in stochastic optimization
MSB 1147Special EventsJean-Paul Watson, Sandia National Laboratories
Tue, Jan 15 2013, 2:00PMStochastic SCUC for high renewables penetration (SCUC = Security Constrained Unit Commitment)
MSB 1147Special EventsDavid Woodruff, University of California, Davis
Tue, Jan 15 2013, 1:00PMStochastic Process modeling for electricity generation with high renewables penetration
MSB 1147Special EventsJohannes Royset, Naval Postgraduate School, visiting UCD
Tue, Jan 15 2013, 11:00AMTechnology and theory behind epi‐spline density estimation
MSB 1147Special EventsRoussos Dimitrakopoulos, McGill University
Tue, Jan 15 2013, 10:00AMMine Planning Optimization with Uncertainty: A Review of Concepts and Applications form Single Mines to Mining Complexes
MSB 1147Special EventsMichel De Lara, École des Ponts ParisTech Université Paris-Est
Tue, Jan 15 2013, 9:00AMControl Theory and Viability Methods for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
MSB 2212Special EventsWinfried Bruns, University of Osnabrück
Wed, Dec 12 2012, 1:10PMNew developments in Normaliz
MSB 1147Special EventsPeter Pickl, LMU Munich
Thu, Sep 6 2012, 2:10PMNon-locality of nature
MSB 3106Special EventsJohn Butcher, Keele University
Thu, Jul 5 2012, 12:10PMReservoir Computing with high non-­linear separation and long-­ term memory for time-­series data analysis
MSB 1147Special EventsProf. James Carey, UC Davis, Dept. of Entomology
Tue, Jun 12 2012, 1:10PM Going virtual at the Academy: Online courses, video enrichment, and seminar capture.
MSB 1147Special EventsValentin Zagrebnov, Universite Aix-Marseille and Centre de Physique Theorique Luminy, France
Wed, Jun 6 2012, 1:40PMConventional Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC): Ideal Bose-gas
MSB 2112Special EventsBenjamin Braun, University of Kentucky
Mon, May 14 2012, 11:00AMThe Cohen-Macaulay condition and local cohomology, Part 1
MSB 1147Special EventsDr. Aaron Fogelson, University of Utah
Fri, May 11 2012, 5:15PMA Mathematician's Look at Blood Clotting: Platelets, Coagulation, and Flow
MSB 1147Special EventsDr. James Feng, University of British Columbia
Fri, May 11 2012, 4:00PMDrop Dynamics in Complex Fluids: Partial Coalescence and Self-Assembly
MSB 1147Special EventsMario Maican, Instute of Mathematics, Romania
Thu, May 10 2012, 3:00PMThe classification of semi-stable plane sheaves supported on quartic, quintic or sextic curves
MSB 1147Special EventsMichael I. Jordan, University of California, Berkeley
Wed, Apr 4 2012, 4:10PMStatistics and Computation in the Age of Massive Data
MSB 1147Special EventsRoger Wets, University of California, Davis
Thu, Mar 22 2012, 10:30AMStochastic Variational Analysis -- Lecture 6
UC Berkeley 0Special EventsBay Area Discrete Math Day
Sat, Mar 17 2012, 9:00AMVarious speakers in discrete math
MSB 2112Special EventsRick Miranda, Colorado State University
Thu, Mar 15 2012, 4:10PMA real-based theory for the Riemann-Roch problem on the dimensions of linear systems on edge-weighted graphs
MSB 1147Special EventsRoger Wets, University of California, Davis
Thu, Mar 15 2012, 10:30AMSix Lectures on Stochastic Variational Analysis
MSB 2112Special EventsJeremy Martin, University of Kansas
Wed, Mar 7 2012, 11:00AMSimplicial Spanning Tree Story Part II
MSB 1147Special EventsJeremy Martin, University of Kansas
Tue, Mar 6 2012, 3:10PMSimplicial Spanning Tree Story Part I
MSB 1147Special EventsRoger Wets, University of California, Davis
Thu, Mar 1 2012, 10:30AMSix Lectures on Stochastic Variational Analysis
MSB 1147Special EventsRobert Seiringer, McGill University
Wed, Feb 22 2012, 4:10PMHow much energy does it cost to make a hole in the Fermi sea?
MSB 2240Special EventsRoger Wets, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 16 2012, 10:30AMSix Lectures on Stochastic Variational Analysis
0Special EventsAnne Schilling, UC Davis
Sat, Feb 4 2012, 10:15AMLie Theory Workshop on Quantum Groups at Stanford, Feb 4-5
MSB 2112Special EventsAlejandro Morales, SFSU
Wed, Jan 25 2012, 11:00AM Flow polytopes and the Kostant partition function for signed graphs
MSB 1147Special EventsRichard P. Stanley, Applied Mathematics MIT
Tue, Jan 17 2012, 3:10PMA survey of reduced decompositions of permutations
MSB 1147Special EventsBay Area Discrete Math Day
Sat, Oct 15 2011, 10:00AMVarious speakers
Wellman 7Special EventsDr. Robert Lang
Wed, Jul 13 2011, 3:00PMIn Depth Study: The Mathematics of Origami
ARC Ballroom 0Special EventsDr. Robert J. Lang
Wed, Jul 13 2011, 1:00PMMath Fest: The Modern Science of Origami
MSB 1147Special Events
Tue, Mar 15 2011, 11:00AMRFG on Matroids, Special Seminar
MSB 3106Special EventsRohit Thomas
Fri, Feb 18 2011, 2:10PMWeBwork: An Introduction
MSB 2112Special EventsJason Starr, Stony Brook University.
Fri, Jan 14 2011, 3:00PMHow many linear varieties are contained in a projective variety?
MSB 3106Special EventsBenjamin Matschke, TU Berlin
Mon, Aug 9 2010, 2:00PMOptimal bounds for the colored Tverberg problem and a transversal generalization
MSB 3106Special EventsJason Starr, Stony Brook University
Thu, Jul 15 2010, 3:10PMApproximating power series solutions by polynomials
MSB 3106Special EventsBertrand Eynard, Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA-Saclay, France
Fri, Apr 30 2010, 4:10PMIntroduction to the topological recursion and its application
MSB 1147Special EventsRenzo Cavalieri, Colorado State University
Thu, Mar 11 2010, 1:10PMDouble Hurwitz numbers
MSB 1147Special EventsRenzo Cavalieri, Colorado State University
Tue, Mar 9 2010, 1:10PMSimple and double Hurwitz numbers
MSB 1147Special EventsMichael C. Ferris, U Wisconsin-Madison
Fri, Jan 15 2010, 9:00AMAn Extended Mathematical Programming Framework
MSB 1147Special EventsWorkshop, Day 3, UC Davis
Tue, Sep 22 2009, 4:35PMFRG Workshop on Discrete Shapes
Chem 194Special EventsDr. David Perry, NSA
Wed, Jul 29 2009, 6:00PMMath Fest - The Coming of Enigma
MSB 2112Special EventsDr. David Perry, NSA
Wed, Jul 29 2009, 12:00PMAdvanced talk on the Enigma code
MSB 2112Special EventsPablo A. Parrilo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thu, Jun 4 2009, 5:10PMLow-Rank Matrices and Nuclear Norm Minimization
MSB 1147Special EventsEmmanuel J. Candes, California Institute of Technology
Wed, May 20 2009, 4:10PM Exact Matrix Completion via Convex Optimization: Theory and Algorithms
MSB 2112Special EventsAlexander Coward, UC Davis
Fri, Oct 24 2008, 12:10PMNormal Surfaces and their Applications I
MSB 2112Special EventsDmitri Fuchs, UC Davis
Fri, Oct 17 2008, 12:10PMKnots in Contact Topology III
MSB 1147Special EventsVarious, UC Davis
Fri, Oct 10 2008, 1:05PMWetsFest Minisymposium: Optimization, Variational Analysis, and Modeling
MSB 2112Special EventsDmitri Fuchs, UC Davis
Fri, Oct 10 2008, 12:10PMKnots in Contact Topology II
MSB 2112Special EventsDmitri Fuchs, UC Davis
Fri, Oct 3 2008, 12:10PMKnots in contact geometry
MSB 2112Special EventsArthur T. Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College
Wed, Jul 23 2008, 12:10PMCombinatorial Trigonometry (and a method to DIE for)
MSB 1147Special EventsSergey Bravyi, IBM Watson Research Center
Thu, Jun 5 2008, 10:00AMEfficient algorithms for simulation of quantum spin Hamiltonians
MSB 2112Special EventsRob Kirby, UC Berkeley
Fri, Feb 15 2008, 12:10PMTopological Manifolds
MSB 2112Special EventsRobion Kirby, UC Berkeley
Fri, Feb 1 2008, 12:10PMTopological Manifolds
MSB 2112Special EventsSergey Gavrilets, University of Tennesse
Fri, Nov 30 2007, 5:00PMDynamics of Coalition Formation and the Egalitarian Revolution
MSB 1147Special EventsRobion Kirby, UC Berkeley
Fri, Oct 5 2007, 12:10PMPL and smooth structures on topological manifolds
Kemper 1065Special EventsLoren Shure, MathWorks
Tue, Sep 18 2007, 10:30AMAdvanced Programming Techniques in MATLAB
MSB 3106Special EventsKarl Hallowell, UC Davis
Wed, May 30 2007, 11:00AMThe volume conjecture
MSB 3106Special EventsBen Webster, UC Berkeley
Mon, May 14 2007, 11:00AMComputation in Khovanov-Rozansky homology
MSB 3106Special EventsDan Rutherford, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 30 2007, 11:00AMHeegard-Floer homology part 1: The philosophy of Floer theory
MSB 3106Special EventsGreg Kuperberg, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 23 2007, 11:00AMDenseness of Jones representations at a fifth root of unity
MSB 2112Special EventsQuals Prep Workshop, UC Davis
Tue, Mar 6 2007, 11:00AMQuals Prep Workshop
MSB 2112Special EventsAndreas Alpers, Cornell University
Thu, Feb 15 2007, 4:10PMReconstructing Grain Maps from Diffraction Data
MSB 3106Special EventsGerald Beer, California State University of Los Angeles
Wed, Feb 14 2007, 3:00PMBetween Compactness and Completeness
MSB 1147Special EventsJames Bremer, Yale University
Mon, Feb 12 2007, 4:10PMBest Matrix Decompositions
MSB 1147Special EventsPlamen Koev, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wed, Feb 7 2007, 4:10PMComputation of Accurate Eigenvalues and its Applications - from Electrical Impedance Tomography to 3D Target Recognition
MSB 2112Special EventsLin He, Johan Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics
Thu, Feb 1 2007, 4:10PMInverse Problems related with Computation Tomography and Image Segmentation
MSB 1147Special EventsGeng Deng, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tue, Jan 30 2007, 4:10PMOptimization of Noisy Functions: Application to Simulations
MSB 3106Special EventsYon-Seo Kim, University of Chicago
Tue, Dec 12 2006, 4:10PMA new proof of the Witten-Kontsevich theorem via localization
MSB 2112Special EventsScott Carnahan, UC Berkeley
Mon, Dec 4 2006, 12:10PMMonstrous Lie algebras and generalized moonshine
MSB 2112Special EventsQualifying Exam Preparation Seminar
Mon, Nov 20 2006, 2:00PMQualifying Exam Preparation Seminar
MSB 1147Special EventsLudmil Katzarkov, University California Irvine, U of M
Mon, Feb 13 2006, 4:10PMHomological Mirror Symmetry and Birational Geometry
MSB 1147Special EventsEugene Tevelev, University of Texas at Austin
Tue, Feb 7 2006, 4:10PMModular, log canonical, and tropical compactifications
MSB 1147Special EventsEric Babson, University of Washington
Mon, Feb 6 2006, 4:10PMGraph Homomorphisms
MSB 2112Special EventsHarry Tamvakis, Brandeis University
Thu, Feb 2 2006, 4:10PMArithmetic Schubert calculus and applications
MSB 2112Special EventsMathieu Dutour Sikiric, Institut Rudjer Boskovic
Wed, Feb 1 2006, 4:10PML-types and the covering density problem.
MSB 1147Special EventsRobert Guy, University of Utah
Mon, Jan 30 2006, 4:10PMModeling the mechanics of blood clotting
MSB 1147Special EventsVladimir Markovic, University of Warwick
Mon, Jan 30 2006, 2:00PMGeometric realizations of mapping class groups and circle groups
MSB 1147Special EventsJanet Best, Ohio State University
Mon, Jan 23 2006, 4:10PMA minimal neuronal model that separates frequencies
MSB 2112Special EventsDavid Mobley, UC San Francisco
Thu, Jan 19 2006, 4:10PMImproving Computational Drug Design with a Top-Down Approach to Ligand Binding
MSB 1147Special EventsOleg Igoshin, UC Davis
Tue, Jan 17 2006, 4:10PMPatterns and Signaling Networks in Bacterial development: Insights from Mathematical Modeling
MSB 2112Special EventsBenjamin Schlein, Harvard University
Thu, Jan 12 2006, 4:10PMDerivation of the cubic nonlinear Schroedinger equation from many-body quantum dynamics.
MSB 1147Special EventsJeffrey Schenker, Institute for Advanced Study
Mon, Jan 9 2006, 4:10PMTransport in 2D disordered magnetic systems
MSB 2112Special EventsMisha Kapovich, UC Davis Mathematics
Thu, Dec 8 2005, 12:00PMCritical exponent and homological dimension
MSB 2112Special EventsMotohico Mulase, UC Davis Mathematics
Thu, Dec 1 2005, 4:20PMA new result in geometry of KdV equations: works of Maryam Mirzakhani (2005) and Brad Safnuk (2005)
Kerr 693Special EventsRon Douglas, Texas A&M
Tue, Nov 15 2005, 11:00AMLocally Determined Operators and Complex Geometry
Kerr 693Special EventsNeil J. A. Sloane, AT&T Shannon Labs
Mon, Sep 26 2005, 2:00PMRecent Acquisitions in the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Kerr 693Special EventsRobert Ghrist, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Tue, Apr 26 2005, 4:00PMBay Area Topology Seminar Talk 2: Braids, Morse Theory and Parabolic PDEs
Kerr 693Special EventsDaryl Cooper, UC Santa Barbara
Tue, Apr 26 2005, 2:30PMBay Area Topology Seminar Talk 1: Pseudo-conformal geometry and 3-manifolds
Kerr 693Special EventsJohn Maddocks, EPFL, Lausanne Switzerland
Tue, Mar 22 2005, 4:10PMDNA Minicircles: A Multi-scale Hamiltonian Bifurcation Problem with Symmetry-Breaking
Kerr 693Special EventsErik Winfree, Caltech
Mon, Mar 14 2005, 3:10PMMolecular computation and construction
Kerr 693Special EventsDmitry Panchenko, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wed, Feb 9 2005, 4:10PMThe Generalized Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model
Kerr 693Special EventsChristian Hainzl, University of Copenhagen
Mon, Feb 7 2005, 4:10PMA non-linear model for relativistic electrons interacting with Dirac's vacuum
Kerr 693Special EventsJustin Sawon, Stony Brook University
Thu, Feb 3 2005, 4:10PMDerived Equivalence of Algebraic Varieties
Kerr 693Special EventsMarcus Spradlin, University of California Santa Barbara
Tue, Feb 1 2005, 4:10PMYang-Mills Amplitudes from Twistor String Theory
Kerr 693Special EventsEric Gimon, University of California, Berkeley
Mon, Jan 31 2005, 4:10PMCounting Black Hole Microstates
Kerr 693Special EventsBenjamin Morris, Indiana University
Wed, Jan 26 2005, 4:10PMThe Mixing Time of the Thorp Shuffle
Kerr 693Special EventsNoam Berger, Caltech
Tue, Jan 25 2005, 4:10PMSystems with Long-Range Interactions
Kerr 693Special EventsValeriy Slastikov, Carnegie Mellon University
Thu, Jan 20 2005, 11:00AMGeometrically constrained walls
Kerr 693Special EventsRafail Abramov, New York University
Wed, Jan 19 2005, 11:00AMPredictability of ensemble simulations
Kerr 693Special EventsMonica Torres, Northwestern University
Tue, Jan 18 2005, 4:00PMDivergence-Measure Fields and Conservation Laws
Kerr 693Special EventsInwon Kim, MIT
Thu, Jan 13 2005, 11:00AMThe Regularity and Speed of the Hele-Shaw Flow
Kerr 693Special EventsMarta Lewicka, University of Chicago
Wed, Jan 12 2005, 11:00AMStability of Wave Patterns in Systems of Conservation Laws
Kerr 693Special EventsEduard Kirr, University of Chicago
Tue, Jan 11 2005, 4:00PMResonance Phenomena in Nonlinear Dispersive Partial Differential Equations
Kerr 693Special EventsSelim Esedoglu, U.C.L.A.
Mon, Jan 10 2005, 11:00AMThreshold dynamics for the piecewise constant Mumford-Shah functional of image segmentation
Kerr 693Special EventsJoseph Biello, New York University
Fri, Jan 7 2005, 11:00AMAsymptotics and PDEs for the Tropical Atmosphere
Kerr 693Special EventsXiaofeng Sun, Harvard University
Thu, Jan 6 2005, 11:00AMAnalytic and Geometric Aspects of Moduli Space of Riemann Surfaces
Kerr 693Special EventsMason Porter, Georgia Institute of Technology
Tue, Jan 4 2005, 11:00AMBose-Einstein Condensates in Lattice and Superlattice Potentials: A Dynamical Systems Approach
Kerr 693Special EventsQinglan Xia, University of Texas at Austin
Mon, Jan 3 2005, 11:00AMRamified phenomena in optimal transportation
Kerr 693Special EventsMohammad Reza Pakzad, University of British Columbia
Mon, Dec 13 2004, 11:00AMSingularities of mappings in function spaces and applications to calculus of variations
0Special EventsVaries, Varies
Thu, May 13 2004, 9:30AMUC Davis Conference on Mathematical Physics
EPS 3001Special EventsJulia Kempe, CNRS-researcher at the LRI-Orsay
Thu, May 6 2004, 4:10PMQuantum Walks - An approach to quantum computing
Olson Hall 206Special EventsProf. Janos Pach, Courant Institute, New York University
Fri, Mar 5 2004, 2:10PMDistinguished Math Club Lecture 2004: Directions on Discrete Geometry
Kerr 693Special EventsAntal Jarai, CWI, Amsterdam
Thu, Feb 26 2004, 4:10PMSelf-organized criticality in two models
Kerr 693Special EventsVladislav Panferov, University of Victoria
Wed, Feb 25 2004, 4:10PMComparison principles and pointwise estimates for solutions of Boltzmann-type equations
Kerr 693Special EventsE. Burak Erdogan, UC Berkeley
Thu, Feb 19 2004, 4:10PMDistance set problem and weighted Fourier extension estimates
Kerr 693Special EventsDorit Aharonov, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Wed, Feb 18 2004, 4:10PMTitle: Some Fundamental Issues and challenges in Quantum Computation
Kerr 693Special EventsMark Haskins, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques
Tue, Feb 17 2004, 4:10PMIsolated conical singularities of special Langrangian varieties
Kerr 693Special EventsDaniel Spirn, Brown University
Thu, Feb 12 2004, 4:10PMMotion of concentrations in Ginzburg-Landau theory
Kerr 693Special EventsMartin Zerner, Stanford University
Wed, Feb 11 2004, 4:10PMSome self-interacting random walks with bias
Kerr 693Special EventsAndrew Comech, Duke University
Mon, Feb 9 2004, 4:10PMFinite Type Conditions in Harmonic Analysis
Kerr 693Special EventsMarek Biskup, UCLA
Thu, Feb 5 2004, 4:10PMGraph distance in long-range percolation models
Kerr 693Special EventsFengbo Hang, Princeton University
Wed, Feb 4 2004, 4:10PMTopology of Sobolev Mappings
Kerr 693Special EventsJared Tanner, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 2 2004, 4:10PMMethods for the high order manipulation of piecewise smooth data
Kerr 593Special EventsAlbert Schwarz, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 29 2004, 3:10PMGeometry of WDVV equations.
Kerr 693Special EventsTimothy Lewis, New York University
Tue, Jan 27 2004, 4:10PMThe Effects of Nonexcitable Regions on Signal Propagation in Excitable Media
Kerr 693Special EventsGilad Lerman, Courant Institute, New York University
Mon, Jan 26 2004, 4:10PMIdentifying Differentially Expressed Genes via Multiscale Geometric Analysis
Kerr 693Special EventsPeter Thomas, Salk Institute
Thu, Jan 22 2004, 4:10PMInside the Mind of the Amoeba:Simulation and Analysis of Biochemical Signal Transduction Channels
Kerr 593Special EventsMotohico Mulase, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 22 2004, 3:10PMFrobenius manifolds and integrable equations of KdV-type.
Kerr 693Special EventsChrysoula Tsogka, Stanford University
Wed, Jan 21 2004, 4:10PMResolution estimation for time reversal and imaging in random media
Kerr 693Special EventsRichard Stanley, MIT
Wed, Jan 21 2004, 12:10PMRecent progress in algebraic combinatorics
Kerr 693Special EventsDorothy Buck, Brown University
Thu, Jan 15 2004, 4:10PMThe Topology of DNA-Protein Interactions
Kerr 593Special EventsAlbert Schwarz, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 15 2004, 3:10PMWDVV equations and the theory of singularities.
Kerr 693Special EventsFrederic Gibou, Stanford University
Wed, Jan 14 2004, 4:10PMDiscretization of Parabolic PDE's for Stefan Problems and Image Segmentation
Kerr 693Special EventsRami Tzafriri, MIT
Mon, Jan 12 2004, 4:10PMRational Design of Drug Delivery Systems: insights from mathematical modeling
Kerr 693Special EventsGovind Menon, University of Wisconsin
Thu, Jan 8 2004, 4:00PMDynamic scaling in models of coalescence
Kerr 693Special EventsLeonid Rubchinsky, UC Davis, Center for Neuroscience
Wed, Jan 7 2004, 4:00PMMathematical biology of neural networks: dynamics and synchronization of human basal ganglia networks in health and disease
Kerr 593Special EventsAlbert Schwarz, UC Davis
Thu, Dec 4 2003, 12:15PMOn two-dimensional topological quantum field theories
Kerr 693Special EventsMichael Joswig, Universitat Magdeburg/ TU Berlin, Germany
Wed, Dec 3 2003, 4:10PMColorings of simplicial complexes
Kerr 593Special EventsMisha Kapovich, UC Davis
Thu, Nov 20 2003, 12:15PMModuli spaces of Riemann surfaces
Kerr 693Special EventsDr. Roland Freund, Bell Laboratories
Thu, Nov 6 2003, 4:00PMStructure-Preserving Reduced Order Modeling via Krylov-Subspace Methods
Kerr 693Special EventsDr. John Bell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Tue, Nov 4 2003, 4:00PMAdaptive Numerical Simulation of Low-Mach Number Combustion
Kerr 593Special EventsMotohico Mulase, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 30 2003, 12:15PMTopological Quantum Field Theory and Gromov-Witten Invariants
Kerr 593Special EventsSteve Carlip, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 9 2003, 12:15PMIntroduction to Black Holes
Haring 2205Special EventsProfessor Hendrik Lenstra, Jr., University of California, Berkeley and Universiteit Leiden
Mon, May 19 2003, 2:10PMEscher and the Droste effect
Kerr Hall 693Special EventsErnest Croot, UC Berkeley
Thu, Mar 6 2003, 3:10PMTBA
Kerr 693Special EventsErnest Croot, UC Berkeley
Thu, Mar 6 2003, 1:10PMOn a coloring conjecture about unit fractions
Kerr 693Special EventsJanko Gravner, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 27 2003, 3:10PMRandom growth models
Kerr 693Special EventsCraig Tracy, UC Davis Mathematics
Thu, Feb 13 2003, 1:10PM"From Patience Sorting to Random Matrices with a Detour Through Symmetric Functions"
Kerr 593Special EventsMichael Sullivan, University of Michigan
Thu, Jan 30 2003, 1:40PMPricing models: stochastic volatility
Kerr 693Special EventsLeonid Rubchinsky, UC Davis, Center for Neuroscience
Tue, Jan 7 2003, 12:00AMMathematical biology of neural networks: dynamics and synchronization of human basal ganglia networks in heath and disease
Kerr 693Special EventsLeonid Rubchinsky, UC Davis, Center for Neuroscience
Tue, Jan 7 2003, 12:00AMMathematical biology of neural networks: dynamics and synchronization of human basal ganglia networks in health and disease
Kerr 693Special EventsProf. Greg Kuperberg, UC Davis
Fri, Nov 22 2002, 1:10PMModern bounds on sphere packing density
Kerr 693Special EventsProf. Greg Kuperberg, UC Davis
Fri, Nov 15 2002, 1:10PMModern bounds on sphere packing density
LeConte, UCB 2Special EventsRoger Penrose, Oxford
Wed, Oct 9 2002, 4:00PMBowen Lectures: Curved Twistor Space and General Relativity
Evans, UCB 10Special EventsRoger Penrose, Oxford
Tue, Oct 8 2002, 4:00PMBowen Lectures: Twistor Cohomology and Physical Fields
LeConte, UCB 2Special EventsRoger Penrose, Oxford
Mon, Oct 7 2002, 4:00PMBowen Lectures: Twistor Geometry and Cosmological Spacetime
Kerr 693Special EventsYair Minsky, SUNY Stonybrook
Tue, May 14 2002, 4:15PMOn Thurston's ending lamination conjecture
Kerr 693Special EventsNathan Dunfield, Harvard University
Tue, May 14 2002, 2:30PMLaminations and groups of homeomorphisms of the circle
Wellman HALL 7Special EventsMINIWORKSHOP, Plenary Speakers: Diaconis, Fienberg, Sturmfels.
Fri, Feb 15 2002, 3:20PMMULTIDIMENSIONAL TABLES: Statistics, Combinatorial Optimization, and Groebner bases.
Kerr 0Special EventsNone
Tue, Jan 1 2002, 12:00AM
Kerr 693Special EventsProfessor Michael Overton, Courant Institute, New York University
Thu, Mar 29 2001, 3:10AMOptimizing Matrix Stability
Kerr 693Special EventsAdi Ditkowski, Brown University
Thu, Feb 8 2001, 4:10PMConvergent Cartesian Grid Methods for Maxwells Equations in Complex Geometries
Kerr 693Special EventsOlof C. Runborg, Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University
Tue, Feb 6 2001, 4:10PMMultiphase Computations in Geometrical Optics
Kerr 693Special EventsEunok Jung, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Wed, Jan 24 2001, 4:10PM"Simulations of valveless pumping using the Immersed Boundary Method: Parameter studies."
Kerr 693Special EventsOlof C. Runborg, Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University
Sat, Jan 6 2001, 4:10PMMultiphase Computations in Geometrical Optics
Kerr 693Special EventsKath-Ann Gerhardt, Associate Director of SISS
Thu, Oct 19 2000, 4:10PMThe new US policy on visas for foreign nationals and the UC Davis guidelines and regulations on visa issues
Kerr 693Special EventsMiguel Azaola, Univ. Cantabria Spain
Fri, Sep 29 2000, 3:10PMTriangulations, Duality, and the Baues problem
Kerr 693Special EventsFrank Lutz, ZIB/ Technische Univ. Berlin
Fri, Sep 29 2000, 2:10PMTriangulated Manifolds with Few Vertices (a computational approach)
MSB 2112Special Events
Mon, Apr 24 2000, 1:10PMTBA
Bainer Hall 2130Special EventsAndrzej Banaszuk, United Technologies Research Center
Thu, Aug 19 1999, 2:00PMNonlinear Analysis of Controlled Combustion Processes
Olson Hall 21Special EventsDmitri Fuchs, Mathematics, UC Davis
Tue, Jun 8 1999, 4:30PMQuadratic Dynamics: Periodic Orbits, Attracting Sets, etc.
EU II 1065Special EventsDr. Chun-Hua Guo, Computer Science, UC Davis
Wed, Jun 2 1999, 11:00AMOn the Iterative Solution of a Class of Nonsymmetric Algebraic Riccati Equations
EU II 1065Special EventsDr. Hongguo Xu, TU-Chemnitz
Wed, Jun 2 1999, 10:00AMA Numerically Stable Structure Preserving Method for the Eigenvalue problem of Hamiltonian Matrices and the Solutions of Algebraic Riccati Equations.
Kerr 693Special EventsGreg Kuperberg, Mathematics, UC Davis
Fri, Apr 23 1999, 4:40PMQuantum topology
Kerr 693Special EventsAlbert Fannjiang, Mathematics, UC Davis
Fri, Apr 23 1999, 4:10PMFracture mechanics in functionally graded materials
Kerr 693Special EventsThomas Strohmer, Mathematics, UC Davis
Fri, Apr 23 1999, 3:10PMHarmonic analysis and digital communication.
Kerr 693Special EventsNaoki Saito, Mathematics, UC Davis
Fri, Apr 23 1999, 2:40PMModeling and simulation of high-dimensional data via local basis library
Kerr 693Special EventsAlexander Mogilner, Mathematics, UC Davis
Fri, Apr 23 1999, 2:10PMMathematical model of cell crawling.
Kerr 693Special EventsMini Symposium, Mathematics, UC Davis
Fri, Apr 23 1999, 2:00PMMini Symposium