Mathematics Colloquia and Seminars

PDE and Applied Math SeminarS. Shkoller (F, S), S. Iyer (F, W)
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsE. Gorskiy, A. McDonough (F)
Algebraic GeometryE. Gorskiy, E. Carlsson (S)
Geometry/TopologyL. Starkston (F), M. Kapovich (W), D. Martinez-Granado (S)
Mathematical BiologyR. Guy (F), C. Heggerud (W), M. Vazquez (S)
Mathematics of Data & DecisionsM. Koeppe (F), S. Schonsheck (W), T. Strohmer (S)
Optimization(Special topics only)
ProbabilityA. Wein (F, S), B. Morris (W)
QMAP SeminarA. Waldron (F), B. Nachtergaele (S)
ColloquiumJ. Hass, D. Romik
GGAM Colloquium
Distinguished Lecture SeriesJ. Hass, D. Romik
Faculty Research Seminar
Student-Run Research SeminarI. Sullivan, W. Niu
Student-Run Geometry/Topology Seminar
Student-Run Combinatorics & AlgebraM. Bechtloff Weising, J. Pappe
Student-Run Analysis & PDER. Moreno-Vasquez, R. Ramani
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Past Talks

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(Online) ZoomStudent-Run Analysis & PDEVarious, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 3 2022, 12:10PMShock Formation for PDE
(Online) ZoomStudent-Run Analysis & PDEVarious, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 27 2022, 12:10PMGlobal Existence in PDE
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEAdam Morgan, University of Toronto
Thu, Jun 3 2021, 1:10PMA Toy Model of Blood Pulses in Arterial Networks
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEKexin Jin, Princeton University
Thu, May 13 2021, 6:00PMLong time dynamics of the NLS
Zoom (Online)Student-Run Analysis & PDEK.R. Chickering, UC Davis
Thu, Apr 29 2021, 1:10PMCome for the Burger's, Stay for a New Shock(ing) Result
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDERichard Zhang, MIT
Thu, Apr 22 2021, 12:10PMAnalytic Solutions to the Laplace, Poisson, and Biharmonic Equations with Internal Boundaries: Theory and Application to Microfluidic Dynamics
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDESanchit Chaturvedi, Stanford University
Thu, Apr 15 2021, 1:10PMThe Vlasov--Poisson--Landau system in the weakly collisional regime
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEMarjorie K. Drake, University of Texas, Austin
Thu, Apr 8 2021, 1:10PMApproximate Extension in Sobolev Space
Student-Run Analysis & PDE
Wed, Mar 17 2021, 11:12AMn/a
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEMarjorie K. Drake, University of Texas, Austin
Thu, Mar 11 2021, 1:10PMPostponed
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDERaj Beekie, Courant, NYU
Thu, Mar 4 2021, 1:10PMLong-time behavior of scalar conservation laws with critical dissipation
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEJoesph Miller, University of Texas, Austin
Thu, Feb 25 2021, 1:10PMDeriving effective equations from many particle systems
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEJauma de Dios Pont, University of California, Los Angeles
Thu, Feb 11 2021, 1:10PMUniform boundedness in operators parametrized by polynomial curves
ZoomStudent-Run Analysis & PDECalum Rickard, University of Southern California
Thu, Feb 4 2021, 1:10PMStability analysis of nonlinear fluid models around affine motions
Paused Student-Run Analysis & PDEN/A
Thu, Jan 28 2021, 1:10PMPaused for Davis Math Conference
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEJiajie Chen, Caltech
Thu, Jan 21 2021, 1:10PMOn the generalized Constantin-Lax-Majda Model for the 3D Euler equations
ZoomStudent-Run Analysis & PDEShukun Wu, University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne
Thu, Jan 14 2021, 1:10PMAn improved Bochner-Riesz estimate using polynomial partitioning
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEMarjorie K. Drake, University of Texas, Austin
Wed, Apr 8 2020, 1:10PMApproximate Extension in Sobolev Space
MSB 2112Student-Run Analysis & PDEBrian Harvie, UC Davis
Thu, Mar 5 2020, 1:10PMIntroduction to the Parabolic Method of Moving Planes
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDEAnnalaura Stingo, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 27 2020, 1:10PMSemiclassical Pseudo-differential Calculus: properties and applications
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDEBlack Jiang, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 13 2020, 1:10PMA gentle introduction to pseudodifferential calculus
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDEKyle Chickering, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 6 2020, 1:10PMLong Time Existence via Modified Energy Method
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDERyan Chris Moreno-Vasquez, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 30 2020, 1:10PMIntroduction to the vector field method
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDEJingyang Shu, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 23 2020, 1:10PMIntroduction to the method of space-time resonances
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDERaaghav Ramani, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 16 2020, 1:10PMIntroduction to the method of normal forms