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PDE and Applied Math SeminarS. Iyer, B. Temple, S. Shkoller
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsE. Gorskiy, A. Chandler, S. Griffin
Algebraic GeometryE. Carlsson, D. Weng, E. Gorskiy
Geometry/TopologyM. Kapovich, A. Jacob, A. Thompson (F)
Mathematical BiologyK. Link, S. Dodson, R. Chaudhuri
Mathematical Physics & ProbabilityB. Morris, D. Blanquicett
Mathematics of Data & DecisionsM. Koeppe, L. Rademacher
Optimization(Special topics only)
QMAP SeminarA. Waldron, B. Nachtergaele
ColloquiumS. Shkoller, J. Teran
GGAM Colloquium
Distinguished Lecture SeriesS. Shkoller, J. Teran
Faculty Research SeminarM. Kapovich, E. Carlsson
Student-Run Research Seminar
Student-Run Geometry/Topology Seminar
Student-Run Analysis & PDE
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Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEAdam Morgan, University of Toronto
Thu, Jun 3 2021, 1:10PMA Toy Model of Blood Pulses in Arterial Networks
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEKexin Jin, Princeton University
Thu, May 13 2021, 6:00PMLong time dynamics of the NLS
Zoom (Online)Student-Run Analysis & PDEK.R. Chickering, UC Davis
Thu, Apr 29 2021, 1:10PMCome for the Burger's, Stay for a New Shock(ing) Result
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDERichard Zhang, MIT
Thu, Apr 22 2021, 12:10PMAnalytic Solutions to the Laplace, Poisson, and Biharmonic Equations with Internal Boundaries: Theory and Application to Microfluidic Dynamics
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDESanchit Chaturvedi, Stanford University
Thu, Apr 15 2021, 1:10PMThe Vlasov--Poisson--Landau system in the weakly collisional regime
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEMarjorie K. Drake, University of Texas, Austin
Thu, Apr 8 2021, 1:10PMApproximate Extension in Sobolev Space
Student-Run Analysis & PDE
Wed, Mar 17 2021, 11:12AMn/a
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEMarjorie K. Drake, University of Texas, Austin
Thu, Mar 11 2021, 1:10PMPostponed
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDERaj Beekie, Courant, NYU
Thu, Mar 4 2021, 1:10PMLong-time behavior of scalar conservation laws with critical dissipation
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEJoesph Miller, University of Texas, Austin
Thu, Feb 25 2021, 1:10PMDeriving effective equations from many particle systems
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEJauma de Dios Pont, University of California, Los Angeles
Thu, Feb 11 2021, 1:10PMUniform boundedness in operators parametrized by polynomial curves
ZoomStudent-Run Analysis & PDECalum Rickard, University of Southern California
Thu, Feb 4 2021, 1:10PMStability analysis of nonlinear fluid models around affine motions
Paused Student-Run Analysis & PDEN/A
Thu, Jan 28 2021, 1:10PMPaused for Davis Math Conference
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEJiajie Chen, Caltech
Thu, Jan 21 2021, 1:10PMOn the generalized Constantin-Lax-Majda Model for the 3D Euler equations
ZoomStudent-Run Analysis & PDEShukun Wu, University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne
Thu, Jan 14 2021, 1:10PMAn improved Bochner-Riesz estimate using polynomial partitioning
Zoom Student-Run Analysis & PDEMarjorie K. Drake, University of Texas, Austin
Wed, Apr 8 2020, 1:10PMApproximate Extension in Sobolev Space
MSB 2112Student-Run Analysis & PDEBrian Harvie, UC Davis
Thu, Mar 5 2020, 1:10PMIntroduction to the Parabolic Method of Moving Planes
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDEAnnalaura Stingo, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 27 2020, 1:10PMSemiclassical Pseudo-differential Calculus: properties and applications
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDEBlack Jiang, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 13 2020, 1:10PMA gentle introduction to pseudodifferential calculus
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDEKyle Chickering, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 6 2020, 1:10PMLong Time Existence via Modified Energy Method
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDERyan Chris Moreno-Vasquez, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 30 2020, 1:10PMIntroduction to the vector field method
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDEJingyang Shu, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 23 2020, 1:10PMIntroduction to the method of space-time resonances
MSB 1147Student-Run Analysis & PDERaaghav Ramani, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 16 2020, 1:10PMIntroduction to the method of normal forms