MATH 21C Spring 2024: Calculus

Lectures: in Ravinder and Kamaljeet Khaira Lecture Hall room 123 from 8:00 to 8:50 on MWF.
Sections A01-A11: Thursdays between 3 and 8 pm: check time and location with the registrar.
Teaching Staff:Eric Babson (lecture):
Matthew Cowen (sec 03, 04):
Aidan Epperly (sec 08, 09):
Can Gormez (sec 07):
Avishai Halev (sec 02):
Shouwei Hui (sec 06):
Lisa Johnston (sec 10):
Timothy Paczynski (sec 01, 05):
Shanon Rubin (lead):
Stephanie Tilneac (sec 11):
Office Hours: Babson 5:00 to 6:00 pm on Mon via zoom 7150588313.
Text: Any calculus text, such as Thomas' Calculus: Early Transcendentals (13th+ edition) by Weir, Hass, Giordano.
Exams: There will be 400 pts from 3 midterms and a final. One midterm will be dropped. The final will be half or a third of the grade - whichever is higher [more explicitly: The midterms will each have 100 points and the final will have 200 points. Your score will be the larger of (Ma+Mb+F) or (2/3)(2Ma+2Mb+F) where Ma and Mb are your two highest midterm scores.] Practice exams and content descriptions developed by Dr Kouba are linked below. Which material appears on which midterm varies by term due to scheduling.
Grading: 0 < F < 133 < D- < 150 < D < 183 < D+ < 200 < C- < 217 < C < 250 < C+ < 267 < B- < 283 < B < 317 < B+ < 333 < A- < 350 < A < 383 < A+ < 400
Calculus Room: Math 21ABCD Calculus Room , where TAs are available to answer your questions.

You are expected to work hard and to try as many exercises as possible. This is the only way to learn mathematics. We are here to help. Please do not hesitate to ask any of us if you have a question or problem.

Course Outline: The course covers sequences and series first and then multivariable calculus as per the syllabus. This is a rough outline of when topics will be covered and will be edited as the term progresses. The exam scheduling will not change. It is strongly suggested that you do the assigned problems. They will not be collected.

Monday April 1 sequences intro HW#1 2-35, 92-98.
Wednesday April 3 sequences theorems HW#1
Friday April 5 series- geometric, nth term HW#2
Monday April 8 integral tests HW#3
Wednesday April 10 integral bounds and comparisons HW#3,4
Friday April 12 ratio test and alternating series HW#5,6
Monday April 15 power series HW#7
Wednesday April 17 convergence review PRACTICE EXAM 1
Friday April 19 Midterm I and solutionsHW#1 - HW#6
Monday April 22 power, Taylor and Maclaurin series HW#8
Wednesday April 24 Taylor series HW#9
Friday April 26 Taylor series remainders HW#9
Monday April 29 vectors HW#11, HW#12
Wednesday May 1 dot productsHW#13
Friday May 3 cross productslines, planes and multivariable functions HW#14
Monday May 6 lines, planes and multivariable functionsHW#15, HW#16.5
Wednesday May 8 review practice midterm 2 and an older one with answers scattered between here , old practice exam 2 answers and old practice exam 3 answers .
Friday May 10 Midterm II HW#7 - HW#16.5
Monday May 13 limits and continuity HW#17
Wednesday May 15 partial derivatives HW#18
Friday May 17 chain rules HW#19
Monday May 20 directional derivativesHW#20
Wednesday May 22 tangent planes HW#21
Friday May 24 extrema and saddle points HW#22
Monday May 27 Memorial Day: no class
Wednesday May 29 review practice midterm 3 with answersand an older one with answers.
Friday May 31 Midterm III HW#17 - HW#22
Monday June 3 Lagrange multipliers HW#23
Wednesday June 5 review old practice final with answers and old final with answers .
Friday June 7Final: 8:00AM-10:00 HW#1 - HW#24

The following homework assignments are subject to minor changes.

Review and supplementary materials:
Click here for additional optional PRACTICE PROBLEMS with SOLUTIONS found at THE CALCULUS PAGE .
Dr Kouba's Supplementary Class Handouts ,
Basic Derivative Formulas From Math 21A and Trig Identities ,
Basic Trig Integrals and Identities From Math 21B ,
Basic Integral Formulas and
Basic Integration Techniques.

The materials for this course were designed by Dr Kouba.