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PDE and Applied Math SeminarS. Shkoller (F, S), S. Iyer (F, W)
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsE. Gorskiy, A. McDonough (F), S. Griffin (S)
Algebraic GeometryE. Gorskiy, E. Carlsson (S)
Geometry/TopologyL. Starkston (F), M. Kapovich (W), D. Martinez-Granado (S)
Mathematical BiologyR. Guy (F), C. Heggerud (W), M. Vazquez (S)
Mathematics of Data & DecisionsM. Koeppe (F), S. Schonsheck (W), T. Strohmer (S)
Optimization(Special topics only)
ProbabilityA. Wein (F, S), B. Morris (W)
QMAP SeminarA. Waldron (F), B. Nachtergaele (S)
ColloquiumJ. Hass, D. Romik
GGAM Colloquium
Distinguished Lecture SeriesJ. Hass, D. Romik
Faculty Research Seminar
Student-Run Research SeminarI. Sullivan, W. Niu, S. Kim
Student-Run Geometry/Topology Seminar
Student-Run Combinatorics & AlgebraM. Bechtloff Weising, J. Pappe
Student-Run Analysis & PDER. Moreno-Vasquez, R. Ramani
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MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyEli Moore, UC Davis
Tue, May 30 2023, 4:10PMBiological and Artificial Neural Network Pruning
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyRobyn Shuttleworth, Altos Labs
Mon, May 22 2023, 3:10PMFrom Academia to Industry: Perspectives from a Mathematical Biologist
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyStephen D. Levene, University of Texas at Dallas
Mon, May 15 2023, 3:10PMCirculomics: Using the Physical Biology of Circular DNA to Illuminate Genome Structure and Function
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyShilpa Khatri, UC Merced
Mon, May 8 2023, 3:10PMFluid-structure interactions within marine phenomena
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAaron Barrett, University of Utah
Mon, May 1 2023, 3:10PMViscoelastic Fluids in the Immersed Boundary Method: From Mucus to Blood Clotting
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyPengyu Liu, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 24 2023, 3:10PMA tree distinguishing polynomial and its applications in molecular biology
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyErica Rutter, UC Merced
Mon, Apr 10 2023, 3:10PMModeling the Spread of COVID-19 on College Campuses and COVID-19 Misinformation on Twitter
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKatarina Merk, UC Davis
Mon, Mar 13 2023, 4:10PMDeveloping methane-reducing feed additives for cattle through sensitivity analysis of mathematical models
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLeon Glass, McGill University
Mon, Mar 6 2023, 4:10PMTipping points, critical transitions and bifurcations in physiology: Can we predict the onset of pathological dynamics?
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyPeter Harrington, University of British Columbia
Mon, Feb 27 2023, 4:10PMSources, sinks, and sea lice: determining patch contribution and transient dynamics in marine metapopulations
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLeighton Izu, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 13 2023, 4:10PMOn Chocolate Chip Cookies and The Molecular Mechanisms of Heart Disease
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyCarl Boettiger
Mon, Feb 6 2023, 4:10PMConservation Decision-Making at the Limits of Prediction
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyStephan Munch, NOAA Fisheries and UC Santa Cruz
Mon, Jan 30 2023, 4:10PMEmpirical dynamics for ecosystem forecasting
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJorge Arroyo Esquivel, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 28 2022, 3:10PMModelling the Complex Ecological Dynamics of Kelp Forests
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLingyun (Ivy) Xiong, University of Southern California
Mon, Nov 21 2022, 4:10PMA common pathway to cancer: oncogenic mutations abolish p53 oscillations
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyOwen Lewis, University of New Mexico
Mon, Nov 7 2022, 4:10PMPhysiological insights into electro-diffusive maintenance of gastric mucus through sensitivity analysis and simulations
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyXiaoli Dong, UC Davis, Environmental Science & Policy
Mon, Oct 31 2022, 4:10PMSpatial self-organization and its geo-evo consequences
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJochen Ditterich, UC Davis, NPB
Mon, Oct 24 2022, 4:10PMUsing stochastic integration models to gain insight into perceptual decision-making in health and disease
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyChadi M. Saad-Roy, UC Berkeley
Mon, Oct 10 2022, 4:10PMModeling SARS-CoV-2 immuno-epidemiological dynamics
MSB CourtyardMathematical Biology
Mon, Oct 3 2022, 4:10PMMathematical Biology Meet & Greet
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLeonor Saiz, UC Davis
Mon, May 23 2022, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyStephanie Dodson, UC Davis
Mon, May 9 2022, 3:10PMWhen curvature promotes or obstructs the ability of a pacemaking region to drive activity in excitable tissue
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAnandita De / Avinash, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 25 2022, 3:10PMTwo math neuro talks (see abstract)
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMuhammad Zaki Jawaid, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 18 2022, 3:10PMComputational study of the furin cleavage domain of SARS-CoV-2: delta binds strongest of extant variants
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyEmmet Francis, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 4 2022, 3:10PMComputational modeling of mechanics and calcium signaling in neutrophil phagocytosis
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMikahl Banwarth-Kuhn, UC Merced
Mon, Mar 7 2022, 2:10PMMultiscale Modeling of Prion Aggregate Dynamics in Yeast
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyGlenn Young, Kennesaw State University
Mon, Feb 28 2022, 2:10PMThe interplay between costly reproduction and unpredictable environments shapes the dynamics and stability of cooperative breeding
Zoom Mathematical BiologyAbhishek Mallela, UC Davis
Tue, Feb 22 2022, 2:10PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: Survival of the Resilient: An Exploration of Tipping Cascades with Positive Change
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKyle Dahlin, University of Georgia
Mon, Jan 31 2022, 2:10PMExploring the role of vertebrate host traits on the transmission of mosquito-borne parasites
Zoom Mathematical BiologyChristopher Heggerud, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 24 2022, 2:10PMModelling Phytoplankton Across Many Scales: Transient Dynamics and Human Interactions
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySebastian Schreiber, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 10 2022, 2:10PMThe coevolution of habitat choice in a stochastic world
MSB 2112 & zoom livestreamMathematical BiologyKaela S. Vogel, University of California, Davis
Mon, Nov 29 2021, 1:10PMExit Seminar: Nonnormality and its influence on the stability and behavior of ecological food webs
MSB + Zoom (livestream) 2112Mathematical BiologyJody Reimer, University of Utah
Mon, Nov 22 2021, 1:10PMUncertainty quantification for ecological dynamics: modeling heterogeneous ice algal blooms
MSB 2112 & zoom livestreamMathematical BiologyMark Goldman, University of California, Davis
Mon, Nov 15 2021, 1:10PMAn Oscillatory Mechanism for Multi-level Storage in Short-term Memory
MSB 2112 & zoom livestreamMathematical BiologyDebasish Das, University of Strathclyde Glasgow
Mon, Nov 8 2021, 1:10PMSurprising hydrodynamics of bacteria near surfaces
MSB + Zoom (livestream) 2112Mathematical BiologySamuel C. Walcott, WPI
Mon, Nov 1 2021, 1:10PMUsing mathematical modeling to span the molecular to cellular scales in skeletal muscle contraction.
MSB 2112 & zoom livestreamMathematical BiologyTim Lewis, Mariel Vazquez, Rishidev Chaudhuri, University of California, Davis
Mon, Oct 25 2021, 1:10PMMathematical Biology Meet & Greet - Part II
MSB + zoom (livestream) 2112Mathematical BiologyAnna C. Nelson, Duke University
Mon, Oct 11 2021, 1:10PMKinetic polymerization models and the roles of fibrinogen in fibrin gel formation
MSB + zoom (livestream) 2112Mathematical BiologyLewis, Chaudhuri, Vazquez, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 4 2021, 4:10PMMathematical Biology "Meet & Greet" - Part II
MSB + zoom (livestream) 2112Mathematical BiologyHastings, Thomases, Arsuaga, UC Davis
Mon, Sep 27 2021, 3:10PMMathematical Biology "Meet & Greet"
ZoomMathematical Biology
Mon, May 24 2021, 2:10PMTBA
ZoomMathematical BiologyZahra Aminzare, University of Iowa
Mon, May 17 2021, 2:10PMStochastic synchronization in a noisy network of oscillators
Zoom Mathematical BiologyKatelyn Jarvis
Fri, May 14 2021, 1:00PMExit Seminar: From molecular interactions to whole muscle strength: connecting small-scale interactions to muscle fiber function through mathematics
ZoomMathematical BiologyStephanie Palmer, University of Chicago
Mon, May 10 2021, 2:10PMInformation bottlenecks and learnability in sensing in biology
ZoomMathematical BiologyEmily Meyer, UC Davis
Fri, May 7 2021, 2:10PMExit Seminar: Mathematical modeling for cardiac pacemaking at multiple scales
ZoomMathematical BiologyTim Lewis, Becca Thomases, Emmet Francis, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 26 2021, 2:10PMMathBio Mini-Talks
ZoomMathematical BiologyReginald McGee, College of the Holy Cross
Mon, Apr 19 2021, 2:10PMSingled Out: Analyzing single-cell data to identify significant interactions in leukemia
ZoomMathematical BiologyVeronical Ciocanel, Duke University
Mon, Apr 12 2021, 2:10PMModeling and topological data analysis for biological ring channels
ZoomMathematical BiologyKathryn Link, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 5 2021, 2:10PMMultiscale Modeling of Biological Systems in Complex Fluids
ZoomMathematical BiologyCora Brown, University of Minnesota and C.H. Robinson
Mon, Mar 8 2021, 2:10PMSwimming Bacteria in Confined Chromonic Liquid Crystal: Modeling and Analysis
ZoomMathematical BiologyMatt Herman, Fourier Genetics
Mon, Mar 1 2021, 2:10PMDiscovering genetic networks using compressive sensing
Zoom Mathematical BiologyMargherita Ferrari, University of South Florida
Mon, Feb 22 2021, 2:10PMInsertions on Double Occurrence Words Motivated by DNA Rearrangement
ZoomMathematical BiologyJulie Blackwood, Sebastian Schreiber, Alan Hastings
Mon, Feb 8 2021, 2:10PMEcology Day
Zoom Mathematical BiologyFernanda Valdovinos, Environmental Science & Policy, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 1 2021, 2:10PMUnderstanding the dynamics of complex food webs to inform fisheries sustainability
Zoom Mathematical BiologyFolashade B. Agusto, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas
Mon, Jan 25 2021, 2:10PMThe impact of changing behavior, sentiments, and risk perception on COVID-19 transmission
Zoom Mathematical BiologyEmily Meyer, Ryan Polischuk, Bob Guy, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 11 2021, 2:10PMMini-talks
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyAshok Litwin-Kumar, Columbia University
Mon, Dec 7 2020, 2:10PMGeneralizing theories of cerebellum-like learning
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyLaura Miller, University of Arizona
Mon, Nov 30 2020, 2:10PMUsing computational fluid dynamics to understand muscle driven movement by soft tissues and bodies: Case studies in tubular hearts and jellyfish
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyChristopher Miles, New York University
Mon, Nov 23 2020, 2:10PMModeling and analysis of spatial trajectories of chromosomes in mitosis
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyJasper Weinburd, Harvey Mudd College
Mon, Nov 16 2020, 2:10PMAgent-based and PDE Models for Foraging Locust Swarms
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyTracy Stepien, University of Florida
Mon, Nov 2 2020, 2:10PMSpreading Mechanics and Differentiation of Astrocytes During Retinal Development
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyAlexandria Volkening, Northwestern University
Mon, Oct 26 2020, 2:10PMForecasting the 2020 U.S. elections: a compartmental modeling approach
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyHarishankar Manikantan, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 19 2020, 2:10PMTunable collective dynamics of active inclusions in biological membranes
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyEli Moore, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 12 2020, 2:10PMUsing noise to probe recurrent neural network structure and prune synapses
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyMariel Vazquez; Stephanie Dodson; Katelyn Jarvis; Rishidev Chaudhuri
Mon, Oct 5 2020, 2:00PMMeet the community!
Online (zoom) Mathematical BiologySamuel Fleischer, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 8 2020, 3:10PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: Predator Evolution can Mediate Equilibrium or Oscillatory Coexistence Among Competing Prey
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyCarter Johnson, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 1 2020, 3:10PMGGAM PhD Exit Seminar: Neuromechanical Mechanisms of Gait Adaptation in C. elegans
Online (via Zoom) Mathematical BiologyMarcella Noorman, HHMI Janelia Research Campus
Mon, May 18 2020, 3:10PMAccurate angular integration with only a handful of neurons
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyThibaud Taillefumier, The University of Texas at Austin
Mon, May 11 2020, 3:10PMReplica-Mean-Field Limits for Intensity-Based Neural Networks
Online (Zoom) Mathematical BiologyHannah Choi, University of Washington / Georgia Tech
Mon, Apr 27 2020, 3:10PMHierarchical structure and computation of brain networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyGwynn Elfring, University of British Columbia
Mon, Mar 9 2020, 3:10PMThis seminar has been canceled.
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyEduardo Izquierdo, Indiana University
Mon, Mar 2 2020, 3:10PMThis seminar has been canceled.
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMarcella Gomez, UC Santa Cruz
Mon, Feb 24 2020, 3:10PMData-driven methods for modeling and control of complex biological systems
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyStephanie Dodson, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 10 2020, 3:10PMOne-dimensional spiral waves, source defects, and initiation of cardiac arrhythmia
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKathryn Link, University of Utah
Thu, Jan 30 2020, 4:10PMMathematical Modelling of Flow-Mediated Intravascular and Extravascular Blood Clotting
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyRishidev Chaudhuri, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 27 2020, 3:10PMUsing noise to probe network structure and prune connections in the brain
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySam Fleischer, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 13 2020, 3:10PMPlanetary Protection Modeling Framework for the Europa Clipper and Europa Lander Mission
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyCancelled, Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Dec 2 2019, 3:10PMCancelled
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyDavid Swigon, Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
Mon, Nov 18 2019, 3:10PMDNA elasticity and its biological implications
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyEric Rawdon, Department of Mathematics, University of St. Thomas
Mon, Oct 28 2019, 3:10PMKnotting in proteins and other open curves
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKatelyn Jarvis, Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 21 2019, 3:10PMA mathematical model of muscle contraction requires viscous drag and nonlinear cross-bridge elasticity to consistently model muscle measurements
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJavier Arsuaga, Departments of Mathematics and of Molecular & Cellular Biology, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 7 2019, 3:10PMChromosome organization: The quest for entanglement simplicity
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyRishi Chaudhuri, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 3 2019, 3:10PMAssociative content-addressable networks with exponentially many robust stable states for high-capacity pattern labeling and recognition
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyWill Cuello, UC Davis
Mon, May 13 2019, 3:10PM[Ph.D. Exit Seminar] Single and Multispecies Persistence in the Face of Environmental Fluctuations
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyWilliam Cuello, UC Davis
Mon, May 13 2019, 3:10PMSingle and Multispecies Persistence in the Face of Environmental Fluctuations
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyStephanie Dodson, Brown University
Fri, May 10 2019, 3:10PMWave Propagation in Spatially Extended Systems
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySarah Anne Harris, , School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leeds
Mon, Apr 29 2019, 3:10PMSupercomputing in the Cellular Jungle
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAndrew Morozov, University of Leicester
Mon, Apr 22 2019, 3:10PMTowards constructing a mathematically rigorous framework for modelling evolutionary fitness
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyShizhe Chen, Statistics, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 15 2019, 3:10PMDefining the resolution of optogenetic circuit mapping
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyBenjamin Lankow, CNS, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 8 2019, 3:10PMCombination and rivalry in a network model of binocular vision
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyDavid Hawkins, UC Davis
Mon, Mar 11 2019, 3:10PMMusculoskeletal Biomechanics, Physical Activity, Human Health and Applied Math
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyPaulo E. Arratia, University of Pennsylvania
Mon, Mar 4 2019, 3:10PMLife in complex fluids
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyRick McKenney, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 25 2019, 3:10PMMicrotubules Gate Tau Condensation to Spatially Regulate Microtubule Functions
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyDanny Barash, Ben-Gurion University
Mon, Feb 4 2019, 3:10PMEfficient Numerical Methods for the Solution and Parameter Estimation in Multiscale Models of Hepatitis C Viral Kinetics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyGreg Handy, University of Utah
Mon, Jan 14 2019, 3:10PMFrom Particle Diffusion to Neuronal Networks: A Multi-scale Study of the Role Astrocytes Have in the Brain
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySuzanne Sindi, Applied Mathematics, UC Merced
Mon, Dec 3 2018, 3:10PM​Generalizing Stochastic and Deterministic Models of Polymerization Dynamics to Study Prion Dynamics in a Growing Population of Yeast Cells
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyDaniela Ushizima, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Mon, Nov 26 2018, 3:10PMCANCELLED
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyScott Dawson, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 5 2018, 3:10PMHydrodynamic suction by Giardia’s ventral disc: dynamic movements of the disc establish and maintain a seal for surface attachment
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKoya Shimokawa, Department of Mathematics, Saitama University
Mon, Oct 29 2018, 3:10PMSite-specific recombination and band surgery
Briggs Hall 148Mathematical BiologyWilliam M. Gelbart, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA
Fri, Oct 26 2018, 2:10PMRNA versus DNA as Statistical Objects, and RNA Viruses versus DNA Viruses as Infective Agents
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyFacundo Mémoli, Ohio State University
Mon, Oct 22 2018, 3:10PMStable Signatures for Dynamic Networks via Zigzag Persistence.
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyBecca Thomases, Mathematics Department, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 15 2018, 3:10PMMicroorganism locomotion in viscoelastic fluids
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyHelen Moore, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca
Mon, Oct 1 2018, 3:10PMExamples of Mathematical Modeling in Drug Development
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTom Chartrand, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 11 2018, 3:10PMPh.D. Exit Seminar: The role of subthreshold phenomena in synchronization by electrical synapses
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySteffen Docken, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 4 2018, 3:10PMPh.D. Exit Seminar: Mechanisms underlying effects of ion channel blockers on cardiac arrhythmias
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMadhusudhan Venkadesan, Yale University
Mon, May 21 2018, 3:10PMGeometry and mechanics of feet and fins
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyOwen Lewis, University of Utah
Mon, Apr 23 2018, 3:10PMGel mechanics and electrodiffusion: Maintenance of the gastric mucus layer
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyShilpa Khatri, UC Merced
Mon, Apr 9 2018, 3:10PMFluid-structure interactions: Applications to marine biology
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyArvind Gopinath, UC Merced
Mon, Mar 19 2018, 3:10PMBuckling instabilities in thin filaments animated by active follower forces
Student Community Center Multipurpose RoomMathematical BiologyLeah Edelstein Keshet, University of British Columbia
Mon, Mar 12 2018, 4:10PMStorer Lectureship
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTom Chartrand, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 26 2018, 3:10PMSynchronization of electrically coupled resonate-and-fire neurons
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySean Sun, Johns Hopkins University
Fri, Feb 16 2018, 3:10PMCell Tension and Mechanical Regulation of Cell Growth and Volume
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAlan Hastings, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 12 2018, 3:10PMDynamics and control of spatial ecological populations
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJavier Arsuaga, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 29 2018, 3:10PMUsing random knot theory to analyze Chromosome Conformation Capture data
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTanya Kostova, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Mon, Dec 4 2017, 3:10PMMechanistic simulation modeling of RNA virus evolution during serial passage in cell culture
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAllison Moore, Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 27 2017, 3:10PMSite-specific recombination on circular DNA molecules and band surgery along the trefoil knot
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyNataša Jonoska, University of South Florida
Mon, Nov 20 2017, 3:10PMDetecting remarkable complexities and Russian-doll chromosomal nesting in a scrambled genome
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyChristine Heitsch, Georgia Tech
Mon, Nov 6 2017, 3:10PMThe combinatorics of RNA branching
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySean Collins, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 30 2017, 3:10PMUnderstanding how immune cells find their way: breaking down molecular measurement of spatial differences
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySam Walcott, UC Davis Mathematics Department
Mon, Oct 23 2017, 3:10PM3D model of myosin Va transporting fluid vesicles through actin intersections.
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTim Hanks, Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis
Tue, Oct 17 2017, 12:30PMModel-based approaches for distinguishing neural contributions to decision making
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMitch Sutter, Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis
Tue, Oct 17 2017, 12:00PMDynamic coding in auditory cortex
Mathematical Sciences Building 2112Mathematical BiologyWill Debello, Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis
Tue, Oct 10 2017, 12:30PMMultiscale reconstruction of a learning circuit
Mathematical Sciences Building 2112Mathematical BiologyKaren Zito, Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis
Tue, Oct 10 2017, 12:00PMSculpting the nervous system: Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neural circuit refinement
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMichael Savageau, Biomedical Engineering and Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 2 2017, 3:10PMA Phenotype-Centric Modeling Strategy for Complex Biochemical Systems
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyCalina Copos, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 5 2017, 3:10PMPh.D. Exit Seminar: Modeling the mechanics of cell locomotion: the effects of cell-surface interaction and cytoskeleton
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyFrank Hilker, Osnabrück University
Mon, May 22 2017, 3:10PMPredator-prey models with group cooperation and disease transmission
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyNathan Kutz, University of Washington
Mon, May 15 2017, 3:10PMData-driven discovery of governing equations in the engineering, physical and biological sciences
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyChuanbin Li, UC Davis
Mon, May 8 2017, 3:10PMPh.D. Exit Seminar: Flagellar swimming in viscoelastic fluids: Role of fluid elastic stress revealed by simulations based on experimental data
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMark Alber, UC Riverside
Mon, Apr 24 2017, 3:10PMCoupled multi-scale modeling and experimental studies of blood clot formation and epithelial cells proliferation
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyCalvin Zhang, University of Arizona
Mon, Apr 10 2017, 3:10PMRandom is Better: Stochastic Vesicle Release in Synaptic
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLeighton Izu
Mon, Mar 13 2017, 3:10PMOptimal Variability
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySebastian Schreiber, UC Davis Ecology
Mon, Feb 27 2017, 3:10PMSaving Species and Combating Invasions with Integral Operators
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAndrew Sornborger, UC Davis Math
Mon, Feb 6 2017, 3:10PMCusp Catastrophes and Information Processing with Neural Assemblies
2112 MSB Mathematical BiologyEric Jonas, Berkeley
Mon, Jan 30 2017, 3:10PMCould a Neuroscientist Understand a Microprocessor?
2112 MSB Mathematical BiologyArtur Luczak, University of Lethbridge
Mon, Jan 23 2017, 3:10PMNeuronal Activity Packets as Basic Units of Neuronal Code
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMariel Vazquez, Math Dept., UC Davis
Mon, Nov 28 2016, 3:10PMPathways of Unlinking by Local Reconnection
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAlan Hastings, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 21 2016, 3:10PMChallenges in developing mathematical tools for dealing with management of ecological systems
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySabrina Leslie, Physics Dept., McGill University
Mon, Nov 14 2016, 3:10PMSingle-molecule visualization of topology-mediated dynamics in supercoiled DNA
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyRuth Davidson, Math Dept., UIUC
Mon, Oct 31 2016, 3:10PMEuclidean Geometry of Phylogenetic Methods and Data
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyPatrice Koehl, CS Dept., UC Davis
Mon, Oct 24 2016, 3:10PMComplementarity of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics to study the Dynamics of Biological Systems
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMark Goldman, NPB Dept., UC Davis
Mon, Oct 10 2016, 3:10PMHow Neurons Do Integrals
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyBlerta Shtylla, Pomona College
Mon, Mar 14 2016, 3:10PMMathematical models of force generation and measurement in dividing cells
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyOn Shun Pak, Santa Clara University
Mon, Mar 7 2016, 3:10PMLiving a Complex Life at Low Reynolds Number
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyDaniel DeWoskin, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 29 2016, 3:10PMMultiscale modeling of the mammalian circadian clock
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySook Lim, University of Cincinnati
Fri, Feb 19 2016, 4:10PMModeling hydrodynamic interaction of filamentous structures
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyCalina Copos, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 1 2016, 3:10PMMechanical insights into the adhesion dynamics of amoeboid cells
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySam Walcott, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 11 2016, 4:10PMModeling the coupling between molecules that occurs during muscle contraction
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyDavid Dynerman, UC Berkeley
Tue, Dec 1 2015, 3:10PMStudying continuous conformational changes of proteins using cryo-EM
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySean Collins, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 23 2015, 2:10PMG-proteins and directional sensing in neutrophil chemotaxis
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyYuanan Diao, UNC Charlotte
Mon, Nov 9 2015, 2:10PMThe Topological Structure of the Mitochondrial DNA from Trypanosomes
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyHao Wang, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta
Mon, Nov 2 2015, 2:10PMEnvironmental toxin-mediated predator–prey dynamics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTim Lewis, Mathematics Department, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 26 2015, 2:10PMLimb Coordination in Crustacean Swimming: The Neural Mechanisms and Mechanical Implications
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyBob Guy, Mathematics Department, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 12 2015, 2:10PMCytoplasm rheology and its role cellular blebbing dynamics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAndrew R. Francis, School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
Mon, Oct 5 2015, 2:10PMAffine symmetric groups, coloured diagram algebras and bacterial genome evolution.
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKiho Cho, UC Davis
Mon, May 18 2015, 3:10PMInherent and Acquired Genome Information Systems: Specificity and Dynamicity of Individual Life Forms
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMonica Nicolau, Stanford
Mon, May 11 2015, 3:10PMThe topology and geometry of the complex networks underlying big data
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJun Allard, UC Irvine
Mon, May 4 2015, 3:10PMA non-local Maxwell condition for mechano-chemical traveling waves in cells, or: A mathematical model of cell membrane-cortex with cortical healing elucidates bleb circus movement
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySwati Patel, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 27 2015, 3:10PMCommunity dynamics with eco-evolutionary feedbacks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJavier Arsuaga, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 20 2015, 3:10PMIdentification of Copy Number Aberrations in Breast Cancer Subtypes using Persistence Topology
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyRoberto Zenit, Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Mon, Apr 6 2015, 3:10PMLocomotion of microorganisms in complex fluids
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyArvind Gopinath, Haverford College
Mon, Mar 30 2015, 3:10PMGetting Stuck: Kinetics, Elastohydrodynamics, and Soft Adhesion
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySylvain Costes, Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Exogen Biotechnology
Mon, Mar 16 2015, 3:10PMPredicting cancer risk from earth and space radiation using DNA damage clustering phenotype
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyBecca Thomases, Mathematics Department, UC Davis
Mon, Mar 9 2015, 3:10PMMicroorganism locomotion in viscoelastic fluids
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMark Segal, UCSF Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Mon, Mar 2 2015, 3:10PM3D Genome Reconstruction: How and Why
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMassa Shoura, Stanford University
Mon, Feb 23 2015, 3:10PMKeeping You in the Loop: The mechanics of DNA shape and flexibility in site-specific recombination.
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyBoris Faybishenko, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mon, Feb 9 2015, 3:10PMThe Emergence of Chaotic Dynamics in Complex Microbial Systems: 1D Modeling and Perspectives
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyPaul Pease, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 2 2015, 3:10PMCorrelating DNA sequence with the formation of Z-DNA: insights gained from single molecule experiments
MSB 2112Mathematical Biology
Mon, Jan 26 2015, 3:10PMCANCELLED
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAndy Ruina, Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
Mon, Jan 5 2015, 3:10PMGliders, bicycles, toys and walking robots
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyDaniel DeWoskin, University of Michigan
Mon, Jan 5 2015, 11:00AMFast and Slow Coupling in the Circadian Clock
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyAndrew Sornborger, UC Davis, Mathematics
Mon, Dec 8 2014, 3:10PMA Unified Framework for Information Coding in the Brain: Memory, Oscillations and Zombie Modes
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyAlan Hastings, UC Davis, Environmental Science and Policy
Mon, Nov 24 2014, 3:10PMEarly Warning Signs and Critical Transitions in Ecology: Corals, Theory, Pitfalls, and Advances
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyEva Kanso, University of Southern California
Mon, Nov 17 2014, 3:10PMStable Hovering is Not Efficient
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyTom Chou, UCLA
Mon, Nov 3 2014, 3:10PMEnumeration and first passage times in self-assembly
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyDe Witt Sumners, Florida State University
Mon, Oct 27 2014, 3:10PMReconnection in biology and physics
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyDominique Duncan, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 20 2014, 3:10PMNonlinear independent component analysis in neurological applications
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyAdam Lampert, UC Davis, Environmental Science and Policy
Mon, Oct 6 2014, 3:10PMThe role of space and stochasticity in ecosystem dynamics and management
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLucy Spardy, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University
Mon, May 19 2014, 3:10PMA dynamical systems analysis of afferent control in a neuromechanical model of locomotion
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMax Donelan, Simon Fraser University
Mon, May 12 2014, 3:10PMControl of Energy Minimization in Human Locomotion
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySharon Aviran, Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis
Mon, May 5 2014, 3:10PMDeciphering RNA structure from genomic big data and probabilistic models
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyGrant Fiddyment, Boston Universtiy
Mon, Apr 28 2014, 3:10PMPoint process analysis of human seizures
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyColleen Clancy, Dept. of Pharmacology, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 21 2014, 3:10PMModeling and Simulation for Therapeutics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySam Walcott, Dept. of Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 14 2014, 3:10PMUsing math to understand muscle physiology from molecule to cell
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyHelen Moore, Pharsight Corporation / Certera
Mon, Apr 7 2014, 3:10PMMathematics in Drug Development
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyDietmar Oelz, UC Davis
Mon, Mar 10 2014, 3:10PMModeling and Simulation of Cytokinesis Ring Constriction
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJohn Albeck, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 10 2014, 3:10PMUsing live-cell microscopy to understand information flow in kinase signaling networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyOwen Lewis, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 27 2014, 3:10PMHydrodynamic Contributions to Amoeboid Cell Motility
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKatherine St. John, City University of New York
Mon, Dec 2 2013, 3:10PMComputational Methods in Phylogenetics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKyle Wedgwood, University of Nottingham, UK
Mon, Nov 25 2013, 3:10PMNon-smooth dynamics in spiking neural models
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJun Song, UCSF
Mon, Nov 18 2013, 3:10PMQuantifying the Role of Steric Constraints in Nucleosome Positioning
MSB 3240Mathematical BiologySuzanne S. Sindi, University of California - Merced
Mon, Nov 4 2013, 3:10PMMathematical Modeling of Prion Protein Dynamics and Transmission in Yeast
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyDaisuke Sato, Pharmacology, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 14 2013, 3:10PMRole of fluctuations and diffusion in the formation of spatially discordant alternans in cardiac tissue
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMichal Linial, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyErin Craig, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 3 2013, 3:10PMModel for integration of actin, myosin and adhesion dynamics in cell motility
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyFarzan Nadim, NJIT/Rutgers
Wed, May 29 2013, 4:10PMPreferred frequencies and membrane potential resonance in an oscillatory network.
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyChuan Xue, Ohio State U
Mon, May 20 2013, 3:10PMMultiscale models of bacterial chemotaxis
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJiawei (Calvin) Zhang, UC Davis
Mon, May 13 2013, 3:10PMLimb Coordination in Crustacean Swimming: the Underlying Neural and Fluid Dynamics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyStephen Kowalczykowski, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 15 2013, 3:10PMSingle Molecule Visualization of Protein-DNA Complexes: Watching Machines at Work
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyOded Farago, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Mon, Apr 8 2013, 3:10PMElasticity-mediated crosstalk between Myosin II motors
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKarin Leiderman, UC Merced
Mon, Mar 18 2013, 3:10PMThe Influence of Hindered Protein Transport on the Development of Platelet Thrombi Under Flow
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyCraig Benham, UC Davis
Mon, Mar 11 2013, 3:10PMTopologically Driven Structural Transitions in DNA - Their Analysis and Biological Roles
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMohammad R. K. Mofrad, UC Berkeley
Mon, Mar 4 2013, 3:10PMComputational Models of Cell Mechanobiology, from Focal Adhesions to Nuclear Pores
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTamon Stephen, Simon Fraser University
Mon, Feb 11 2013, 3:10PMTwo pairs of boolean functions in biology
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKC Huang, Stanford University
Mon, Feb 4 2013, 3:10PMComputational modeling of bacterial growth
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyHenry Fu, University of Nevada, Reno
Mon, Jan 28 2013, 2:10PMBiological and Artificial Microswimmers
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLaura Miller, University of North Carolina
Mon, Jan 7 2013, 3:10PMHow do tubular hearts pump blood?
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyLeor Weinberger, UCSF
Mon, Dec 3 2012, 2:10PMAn Endogenous Accelerator for Viral Gene Expression Confers a Fitness Advantage
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyPadmini Rangamani, UC Berkeley
Mon, Nov 26 2012, 2:10PMCell shape, signaling and biomechanics: the plasma membrane as unifying concept
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyAlex Mogilner, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 29 2012, 2:10PMMathematical biology of motile cytoplasmic fragments
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyIsaac Klapper, Temple University
Mon, Oct 22 2012, 2:10PMModeling of Microbial Biofilm Communities
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyBoris Rubinstein, Stowers Institute
Mon, Oct 8 2012, 2:10PMMechanisms of actomyosin ring contraction for budding yeast cell division
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyJohn Butcher, Keele University
Thu, Jul 5 2012, 12:10PMReservoir Computing with high non-­linear separation and long-­ term memory for time-­series data analysis
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJosh Baker, University of Nevada
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySam Walcott, UC Davis
Mon, May 21 2012, 3:10PMA modeler's perspective on muscle contraction
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyChris Rycroft, Berkeley
Mon, May 7 2012, 3:10PMMechanical simulation of mammalian acini
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySteve Lehman, UC Berkeley
Mon, Apr 30 2012, 3:10PMSimple cross-bridge mechanics models and their incorporation into an actomyosin ATPase cycle
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTom Powers, Brown University
Mon, Apr 23 2012, 3:10PMMechanics of Swimming Microorganisms
MSB 2110Mathematical BiologyChristophe Eloy, Aix-Marseille University, France
Mon, Apr 9 2012, 3:10PMFluid-structure interactions in biology: The size of trees and the shape of fish
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyYuan Lou, Ohio State U
Mon, Mar 5 2012, 3:10PMDispersal strategies in patchy environments
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyZhilian Feng, Purdue University
Mon, Feb 27 2012, 3:10PMPlant toxins and trophic cascades alter fire regime and succession on a boreal forest landscape
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAlex Mogilner, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 13 2012, 3:10PMKinetics, geometry and mechanics of mitotic spindle assembly
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyOleg Igoshin, Rice University
Mon, Feb 6 2012, 3:10PMStochasticity and ultrasensitivity in bacterial networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyGerman Enciso, UC Irvine
Mon, Jan 30 2012, 3:10PMProtein scaffolds can enhance the bistability of multisite phosphorylation systems
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyWanda Strychalski, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 28 2011, 2:10PMComputational explorations of cellular blebbing
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKripa Gowrishankar, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 14 2011, 2:10PMHydrodynamics of active polar filaments as a model of the cell cortex
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAndres Christen, CIMAT (Centro de Investigacion Matematica)
Mon, Oct 31 2011, 2:10PMTowards Uncertainty Quantification and Inference in the stochastic SIR Epidemic Model
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyFrithjof Lutscher, University of Ottawa
Mon, Oct 24 2011, 2:10PMIntegrodifference equations for invasive species in heterogeneous environments
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMariel Vazquez, San Francisco State University
Mon, Oct 10 2011, 2:10PMDNA unknotting and unlinking
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySam Walcott, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 3 2011, 2:10PMA simple model predicts many properties of the adhesions between a cell and a 2D surface
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMichael Schwemmer, Princeton University
Tue, May 31 2011, 4:10PMRational Analysis of Task Switching
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyEric Shea-Brown, University of Washington
Mon, May 9 2011, 3:10PMDriven Elliptic Bursters -- Entrainment, Desynchrony, and Optimization
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyIlias Tagkopoulos, UC Davis (Computer Science)
Mon, May 2 2011, 3:10PMMicrobial Evolution in Stressful Environments: Theory and Experiments
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyFritz Sommer, UC Berkeley
Mon, Apr 18 2011, 3:10PMCombining compressive sensing with learning: a theory how information is represented and communicated in the brain
Giedt Hall 1003Mathematical BiologyStephen Ellner, Cornell University
Thu, Apr 7 2011, 4:10AMRapid Evolution: Coupling Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLev Truskinovsky, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and École Polytechnique
Mon, Apr 4 2011, 3:10PMMuscle contraction: a mechanical perspective
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJianjun Paul Tian, College of William and Mary
Mon, Mar 28 2011, 3:10PMMathematical Model for Germline Stem Cell Competition for Niche Occupancy
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAjay Gopinathan, University of California, Merced
Mon, Feb 28 2011, 3:10PMPolymer Brushes and the Nuclear Pore: Implications for a Novel Form of Gated Transport
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyPavel Lushnikov, U New Mexico
Mon, Feb 14 2011, 3:10PMRegularization of collapse in cellular dynamics: connecting microscopic and macroscopic scales
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAlex Mogilner, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 7 2011, 3:10PMHow to put together a CV, give a talk and get a job: lessons from recent math bio search
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologySam Walcott, Johns Hopkins University
Mon, Jan 31 2011, 1:10PMSolving problems in cell biology with simple molecular-mechanical models
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyRichard Yamada, University of Michigan
Thu, Jan 20 2011, 4:10PMMathematical Models of Transcription in Physiological Processes
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyCecilia Diniz Behn, University of Michigan
Tue, Jan 18 2011, 4:10PMMathematical modeling of REM sleep regulation
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJin Yu, UC Berkeley
Thu, Jan 13 2011, 4:10PMModeling molecular machines in genetic process
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyMarcus Roper, UC Berkeley
Mon, Jan 10 2011, 1:10PMModeling microbial cooperation in challenging physical environments
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJennifer Schwarz, Syracuse University
Wed, Dec 1 2010, 3:10PMOptimal orientation in branched cytoskeletal networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAndrew Oster, Ecole Normale Supérieure
Mon, Nov 29 2010, 3:10PM A model of VTA DA neuronal dynamics: A framework for studying nicotinic effects on burst firing
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyBoyce Griffith, NYU School of Medicine
Mon, Nov 15 2010, 3:10PMAdaptive numerical methods and multiscale mathematical models in cardiology
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJuan Carlos del Alamo, UCSD, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Mon, Nov 8 2010, 3:10PMProbing Cytoskeletal Mechanics in Cell Migration and Homeostasis
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAlan Hastings, UC Davis, Environmental Science and Policy
Mon, Oct 18 2010, 3:10PMDynamics and control of spreading populations
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLindsay Crowl Erickson, Sandia National Labs
Mon, Oct 11 2010, 3:10PMUnderstanding lateral platelet motion using a lattice Boltzmann-Immersed Boundary method
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTamara Schlichter, UC Davis
Mon, Sep 27 2010, 3:10PMModeling neural activity underlying phase constancy in the crayfish swimmeret system
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJun Allard, University of British Columbia
Mon, Jun 7 2010, 3:10PMSpontaneous self-organization of cortical microtubule arrays in plants: from molecular to cellular scales
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTyler Skorczewski, UC Davis
Mon, May 24 2010, 3:10PMStudying fish suction feeding using computational fluid dynamics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMichael Famulare, Physics Department, University of Washington
Mon, May 17 2010, 3:10PMWhat does a spike encode? Deriving the code of a single neuron from the underlying dynamics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyErin Craig, UC Davis
Mon, May 10 2010, 3:10PMAdhesion clutch and microtubule dynamics in nerve growth cone
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJulie Blackwood, UC Davis
Thu, May 6 2010, 2:10PMManagement-based models in ecology
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyAndrew Sornborger, University of Georgia
Thu, Apr 29 2010, 12:00PMDimensionally-reduced visual cortical networks: implications for model reduction and experiment
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTim Newman, Arizona State University
Mon, Apr 26 2010, 3:10PMGeometric order and movement patterns in embryonic epithelia: informing controversy using theory and computation
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyNatalia Komarova, UC Irvine
Mon, Apr 12 2010, 3:10PMStochastic modeling of drug treatment in cancer
Physics 432Mathematical BiologyMadan Rao, Raman Research Institute/National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, Ind
Tue, Mar 9 2010, 2:00PMActive Clustering, Fluctuations and Stresses in Living Cells
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyEmmanuel de Langre, Department of Mechanics, Ecole Polytechnique
Fri, Feb 26 2010, 2:10PMPlant mechanical interactions with air and water
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyEric Lauga, University of California, San Diego
Tue, Feb 23 2010, 4:10PMSwimming on small scales: Physical and mathematical constraints
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMike Schwemmer, UC Davis Math
Mon, Feb 8 2010, 3:10PMThe Effects of Dendritic Properties on the Dynamics of Oscillatory Neurons
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLeighton Izu, UCD Pharmacology
Mon, Feb 1 2010, 3:10PMLinking Cellular Topography to Cellular Dynamics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLaura Miller, University of North Carolina
Mon, Jan 25 2010, 3:10PMCombining mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, and experiment: A case study in tiny insect flight
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyR.E. Lee Deville, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Tue, Jan 12 2010, 4:10PMSynchrony-breaking and Rare Events in Stochastic Neuronal Networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyDimitry Fisher, UC Davis, Center for Neuroscience
Mon, Nov 23 2009, 3:10PMRealistic modeling of recurrent interactions in a short-term memory network
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAaron Fogelson, University of Utah
Mon, Nov 16 2009, 3:10PMMathematical Approaches to Three Problems in Vascular Biology Related to Intravascular Blood Clotting
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJie Zhu, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 9 2009, 3:10PMMesoscopic Model of Actin-based Propulsions
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyPepe Puglisi, UCD Pharmacology
Mon, Oct 19 2009, 3:10PMModeling Excitation-Contraction Coupling in a Rabbit Ventricular Myocyte
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyErnest Barreto, George Mason University, Department of Physics & Astronomy and The Krasnow Insti
Thu, Oct 8 2009, 12:00PMIon Concentration Dynamics and Neuronal Excitability; Synchronization in Interacting Populations of Oscillators
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologySaleet Jafri, George Mason University
Tue, Jun 2 2009, 12:10PMAdvances in the Computational Modeling of Contraction in the Heart
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyBard Ermentrout, University of Pittsburgh
Wed, May 27 2009, 3:10PMA coupla ducks: slow currents, canards, clustering, and weak coupling
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyWilliam Ristenpart, UC Davis (Depts of Chem Eng & Food Sciences)
Tue, May 19 2009, 12:10PMElectrohydrodynamics and Epitrochoids: Dynamic Pattern Formation of Vesicles near Electrodes
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyKilian Koepsell, UC Berkeley
Tue, May 12 2009, 12:10PMPhase coupling estimation in coupled oscillator systems
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyLisa Fauci, Tulane University
Sat, May 9 2009, 9:00AMUnderstanding swimming at low Reynolds numbers: successes and challenges
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyJim Keener, University of Utah
Fri, May 8 2009, 4:15PMHow cells make measurements
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyGraham Coop, UC Davis (Evolution and Ecology )
Tue, Apr 28 2009, 12:10PMA new method to identify loci underlying local adaptation
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyEva Strawbridge, UC Davis
Tue, Apr 14 2009, 12:10PMMechanics, Dynamics, and Structures of DNA
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyBard Ermentrout, University of Pittsburgh
Wed, Mar 11 2009, 3:10PMCANCELED DUE TO ILLNESS (A coupla ducks: slow currents, canards, clustering, and weak coupling)
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySukbin Lim, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
Thu, Feb 19 2009, 11:00AMNoise-induced transitions in slow wave neuronal dynamics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyJim Sanchirico, UC Davis (Environmental Science and Policy, GGAM)
Tue, Feb 3 2009, 11:00AM Economically Optimal Management of a Metapopulation
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyWanda Strychalski, University of North Carolina
Thu, Jan 29 2009, 11:00AMA Numerical Method to Investigate the Effects of Changing Cell Morphologies on Biochemical Signaling Networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyAnael Verdugo, Cornell University
Thu, Jan 15 2009, 11:00AMDynamics of a Gene Network Model with Time Delay
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyEd Munro, University of Washington
Fri, Jan 9 2009, 12:00PMUsing agent-based models to explore the dynamics of cellular morphogenesis
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyKevin Lin, University of Arizona
Tue, Jan 6 2009, 11:00AMReliability of Layered Neural Oscillator Networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyEric Cytrynbaum, University of British Columbia
Tue, Nov 25 2008, 12:00PMForce generation in bacterial cell division
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyUtz-Uwe Haus, Universität Magdeburg,
Mon, Nov 24 2008, 3:10PMComputing knock out strategies in metabolic networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyLeonor Saiz, Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis
Tue, Nov 4 2008, 12:00AMModeling of biological networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTom Michoel, VIB, Ghent University
Thu, Oct 23 2008, 12:00PMIdentification of modules in biological networks
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyCharles Wolgemuth, University of Connecticut Health Center
Tue, Oct 21 2008, 12:00PMThe Shape and Dynamics of the Spirochetes
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyRichard Gomulkiewicz, Washington State University
Tue, Oct 7 2008, 12:00PMNeutral Evolution of Multivariate Quantitative Traits
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySteve Mielke, Genome Center, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 2 2008, 4:10PMBrownian Dynamics of Superhelical DNA
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyPatrice Koehl, Computer Science Dept., UC Davis
Mon, May 19 2008, 4:10PMElectrostatics for Biomolecules: Beyond Poisson-Boltzmann
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyEric Cytrynbaum, Mathematics Dept, Univ of British Columbia
Mon, May 12 2008, 4:10PMModeling the Appearance of Oriented Arrays of Microtubules in Growing Plant Cells
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMont Hubbard, Sports Biomechanics Lab, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 21 2008, 4:10PMSafe Ski Jump Landing Slope Design
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyEmily Stone, Math Dept., University of Montana
Mon, Apr 7 2008, 4:10PMDetecting spill-over: A dynamical systems modeling approach to glutamatergic synaptic signaling
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologySubhadip Raychaudhuri, UC Davis
Mon, Mar 10 2008, 2:10PMSimplified models of receptor-ligand binding and intracellular signaling systems
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyMark Goldman, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 25 2008, 2:10PMMemory without feedback or attractors in a neural integrator network
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyBori Mazzag, Humboldt State University
Mon, Feb 11 2008, 2:10PMA computational investigation of the localized calcium dynamics near a heterogeneous release site
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyNick Cogan, Florida State University
Mon, Jan 28 2008, 2:10PMExtending Boundary Integral Methods to Biofilm Dynamics
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyRyusuke Kon, UC Davis
Mon, Jan 14 2008, 2:10PMPeriodic lottery competition models and competitive exclusion
MSB 2112Mathematical BiologyTim Lewis, Math, UCD
Mon, May 21 2007, 4:10PMPhase-locking in electrically coupled networks of cortical neurons
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologySoichiro Yamada, Department of Biomedical Engineering, UCD
Mon, May 14 2007, 4:10PMSelf-organization of a microtubule network at the cell cortex: experiments and models
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyAbdul Barakat, Engineering, UCD
Mon, May 7 2007, 4:10PMVascular Endothelial Cell Responsiveness to Fluid Mechanical Forces - Mechanisms and Implications
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyPeter Røgen, Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Denmark
Mon, Apr 30 2007, 4:10PMDescription and classification of protein structures
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyAlex Mogilner, NPB and Math, UCD
Mon, Apr 9 2007, 4:10PMModeling symmetry breaking in actin networks
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyDr. James Crutchfield, Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering
Mon, Mar 12 2007, 4:10PMObjects that Make Objects: The Population Dynamics of Structural Complexity
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyJochen Ditterich, Neurosciences Center, UCD
Mon, Dec 4 2006, 4:10PMNeural and Computational Mechanisms of Decision Making
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyArpy and Miranda, Math Department, UCD
Mon, Nov 27 2006, 4:10PMStudent Presentations
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyNiels Jensen, Dept of Applied Science, UCD
Mon, Nov 20 2006, 4:10PMTBA
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyAlan Hastings, Dept of Environmental Science, UCD
Mon, Nov 13 2006, 4:10PMMathematical Issues in Persistence in Population Biology
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologySteve Mielke, UC Davis Genome Center
Mon, Nov 6 2006, 4:10PMDNA Mechanics and Dynamics
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyRichard Plant, Dept of Plant Science, UCD
Mon, Oct 30 2006, 4:10PMSpatial and Geostatistical Analysis of Agricultural Data
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyYun Song, Dept of Computer Science, UCD
Mon, Oct 23 2006, 4:10PMAn Algebraic Approach to a Classical Problem in Population Genetics
MSB 3106Mathematical BiologyBruce Rannala, Dept of Evolution and Ecology
Mon, Oct 16 2006, 4:10PMInferring Speciation Times Under an Episodic Molecular Clock
MSB 1147Mathematical BiologyR.E. Lee Deville, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Fri, Apr 14 2006, 4:10PMCoherence in stochastic dynamical systems
Kerr 693Mathematical BiologyKilian Koepsell, Redwood Neuroscience Institute, UC Berkeley
Thu, Nov 3 2005, 4:10PMTemporal coding in the early visual system: Does spike timing matter?
Kerr 693Mathematical BiologyBrian Mulloney, NPB, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 27 2005, 4:10PMBursts of information: oscillations, coupled oscillators, and coordinated locomotion