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PDE and Applied Math SeminarS. Iyer (F/W), S. Shkoller (W/S)
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsS. Griffin, A. McDonough, A. Schilling (F)
Algebraic GeometryE. Carlsson, R. Casals, J. Li
Geometry/TopologyA. Jacob, J. Hass (F)
Mathematical BiologyC. Heggerud (F), R. Guy (W), R. Chaudhuri (S)
Mathematics of Data & DecisionsM. Koeppe, Y. Shi
Optimization(Special topics only)
ProbabilityB. Morris, A. Soshnikov
Mathematical Physics SeminarA. Waldron, M. Fraas, D. Spiegel
ColloquiumJ. Biello, A. Thompson
GGAM Colloquium
William Thurston LecturesJ. Biello, A. Thompson
Faculty Research SeminarD. Romik (S)
Graduate Success SeminarA. Wein
Student-Run Research SeminarS. Kim, I. Sullivan
Student-Run Geometry/Topology Seminar
Student-Run Combinatorics & Algebra
Student-Run Analysis & PDE
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MSB 2112ColloquiumMichael T. Montgomery, Naval Postgraduate School
Thu, May 23 2024, 2:10PMCan one reconcile the classical theories and the WISHE theories of tropical cyclone intensification?
MSB 1147ColloquiumMichael T. Montgomery, Naval Postgraduate School
Wed, May 22 2024, 4:10PMSome mathematical and fluid dynamical problems in tropical cyclone dynamics
MSB 1147ColloquiumTakuro Mochizuki, Kyoto University
Mon, Oct 23 2023, 2:10PMHarmonic bundles and spectral curves
MSB 1147ColloquiumTatiana Toro, MSRI and the University of Washington
Wed, Oct 11 2023, 4:10PMGeometry of Measures
MSB 1147ColloquiumRobin Young, University of Massachussetts Amherst
Tue, Feb 28 2023, 4:30PMOn the nonlinear theory of sound
Giedt 1002ColloquiumHenry Segerman, Oklahoma State University
Fri, Nov 18 2022, 4:10PMArtistic mathematics: truth and beauty (CANCELED)
MSB 2112ColloquiumRobert Morris, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tue, May 31 2022, 4:10PMUniversality for Monotone Cellular Automata
ZoomColloquiumJoseph Teran, UCLA
Wed, Jul 22 2020, 2:10PMElastoplasticity Simulation with the Material Point Method
1147ColloquiumProf Rekha Thomas, University of Washington
Wed, Apr 15 2020, 4:10PM(Cancelled)
1147ColloquiumProf. Imre Barany, Hungarian Academy of Science & Univ. College London
Mon, Feb 24 2020, 4:10PMVector-sum theorems, their relatives and applications
Math Sci. Building 1147 MSBColloquiumProf. Lisa Fauci, Tulane University
Wed, Nov 6 2019, 4:10PMSpinning helices, heaving panels, and waving tails: the role of flexibility in propulsion
MSB 1147ColloquiumAnton Zorich, IMJ Paris and MSRI
Tue, Oct 8 2019, 4:10PMFlat and hyperbolic enumerative geometry
MSB 1147ColloquiumRavi Vakil, Stanford University
Tue, Feb 26 2019, 4:10PMThe space of vector bundles on spheres: algebra, geometry, topology
MSB 1147ColloquiumCiprian Manolescu, UCLA
Thu, Nov 29 2018, 3:10PMThe homology cobordism group
MSB 1147ColloquiumThomas Alazard, École Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay
Fri, Nov 16 2018, 4:10AMZakharov’s program in water-waves theory
MSB 1147ColloquiumSergei Tabachnikov, Pennsylvania State University
Tue, Oct 16 2018, 4:10PMFlavors of bicycle mathematics
MSB 1147ColloquiumProf. Lauren Williams, UC Berkeley
Mon, May 21 2018, 4:10PMParticle processes and Macdonald polynomials
MSB 1147ColloquiumRishidev Chaudhuri, University of Texas at Austin
Mon, Mar 19 2018, 4:10PMExpander graph architectures for high-capacity neural memory
MSB 1147ColloquiumAlexander Braverman, University of Toronto
Tue, Mar 6 2018, 4:10PMThe Story of Symplectic Duality: Where Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics Meet
MSB 1147ColloquiumRoger Casals, MIT
Fri, Feb 2 2018, 4:10PMLegendrian Topology and Its Applications
MSB 1147ColloquiumSara Billey, University of Washington
Tue, Jan 30 2018, 4:30PMAsymptotic Normality in Tableaux Combinatorics
MSB 1147ColloquiumSung-Jin Oh, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Fri, Jan 19 2018, 4:10PMOn the strong cosmic censorship conjecture in general relativity
MSB 1147ColloquiumBobby Wilson, MIT
Thu, Jan 18 2018, 4:10PMProjections in Banach Spaces and Harmonic Analysis
MSB 1147ColloquiumFlorian Frick, Cornell University
Tue, Jan 16 2018, 4:10PMIntersections of Finite Sets: Geometry and Topology
MSB 1147ColloquiumSteven Sam, University of Wisconsin
Tue, Jan 9 2018, 4:10PMNoetherianity in representation theory
MSB 1147ColloquiumBo'az Klartag, Tel Aviv University
Mon, Nov 27 2017, 4:10PMNeedle Decompositions in Riemannian Geometry
MSB 1147ColloquiumChristoph Thiele, Univ. of Bonn
Tue, Apr 25 2017, 4:10PMAn outer Lp theory and applications
MSB 1147ColloquiumJeff Lagarias, University of Michigan
Mon, May 23 2016, 4:10PMFrom ABC to XYZ, or Addition versus Multiplication
MSB 1147ColloquiumDe Witt Sumners, Florida State University
Tue, Nov 3 2015, 3:10PMSite-Specific DNA Recombination and Fluid Vortex Reconnection
MSB 1147ColloquiumJoseph Bernstein, Tel Aviv University and MSRI
Mon, Oct 27 2014, 4:10PMWhat is a continuous representation of an algebraic group?
MSB 1147ColloquiumStephen Smale, City University of Hong Kong
Fri, Feb 21 2014, 4:10PMOn the mathematics of protein folding
Giedt 1003ColloquiumProf. Gil Kalai, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem & Yale University
Mon, Oct 7 2013, 5:10PMSome old and new problems in combinatorics and geometry
MSB 2112ColloquiumElena Fuchs, UC Berkeley
Wed, Jan 30 2013, 3:00PMThin groups: arithmetic and beyond
MSB 1147ColloquiumDavid Anderson, Insitut de Math´ematiques de Jussieu
Mon, Jan 28 2013, 3:00PMEquivariant Schubert calculus: positivity, formulas, applications
MSB 1147ColloquiumJi-Oon Lee, Korea Advanced Inst. of Science & Technology
Fri, Jan 25 2013, 3:00PMEdge universality of heavy-tailed Wigner matrices
MSB 1147ColloquiumChris Rycroft, UC Berkeley
Tue, Jan 22 2013, 3:10PMModeling of metallic glasses and crystalline porous materials
MSB 1147ColloquiumKevin Luli, Yale University
Fri, Jan 18 2013, 3:00PMFitting Nice Functions To Data
MSB 1147ColloquiumSergey Fomin, University of Michigan
Mon, Dec 3 2012, 4:10PMQuivers, clusters, mutations, and webs
GIEDT 1002ColloquiumWilliam Cook, Georgia Tech / Princeton
Wed, May 30 2012, 4:10PMIn Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman: Mathematics at the Limits of Computation
MSB 1147ColloquiumPeter Winkler, Dartmouth College
Mon, Jan 23 2012, 4:10PMNew Directions in Random Walk
MSB 1147ColloquiumKenneth M. Golden, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Tue, Nov 1 2011, 4:10PMMathematics & the Melting Polar Ice Caps
MSB 1147ColloquiumPeter Kim, University of Guelph, Canada
Tue, May 10 2011, 3:10PMMultivariate Topological Data Analysis
MSB 1147ColloquiumPete Casazza, University of Missouri
Tue, Apr 26 2011, 4:10PMThe Kadison-Singer Problem in Mathematics and Engineering
MSB 1147ColloquiumSam Walcott, John Hopkins University
Mon, Jan 31 2011, 1:10PMSolving problems in cell biology with simple molecular-mechanical models
MSB 2112ColloquiumRichard Yamada, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Thu, Jan 20 2011, 4:10PMMathematical Models of Transcription in Physiological Processes
MSB 2112ColloquiumRichard Yamada, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Thu, Jan 20 2011, 4:10AMMathematical Models of Transcription in Physiological Processes
MSB 1147ColloquiumCecilia Diniz Behn, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Tue, Jan 18 2011, 4:10PMMathematical modeling of REM sleep regulation
MSB 2112ColloquiumJin Yu, University of California, Berkeley
Thu, Jan 13 2011, 4:10PMModeling molecular machines in genetic process
MSB 1147ColloquiumMarcus Roper, University of California, Berkeley
Mon, Jan 10 2011, 1:10PMModeling microbial cooperation in challenging physical environments
MSB 1147ColloquiumVictor Reiner, University of Minnesota
Thu, Jan 6 2011, 5:10PM The cyclotomic polynomial, topologically.
MSB 1147ColloquiumJeremy Quastel, University of Toronto
Fri, Dec 3 2010, 4:10PMRandom growth and directed polymers
MSB 1147ColloquiumIain M. Johnstone, Department of Statistics, Stanford University
Fri, May 28 2010, 4:10PMLargest Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors in Multivariate Statistical Analysis
MSB 1147ColloquiumRavi Vakil, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
Mon, Apr 26 2010, 4:10PMGeneralizing the Cross Ratio: The Moduli Space of n Points on the Projective Line up to Projective Equivalence
MSB 1147ColloquiumAnne Schilling, Department of Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 19 2010, 4:10PMCombinatorics and Geometry in Noncommutative Variables
MSB 1147ColloquiumHao Xu, Department of Mathematics, Harvard University
Mon, Apr 12 2010, 4:10PMTautological Ring of Moduli Spaces of Curves
MSB 1147ColloquiumRod Gover, Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland
Fri, Mar 12 2010, 4:10PMPoincare, Escher, Einstein, and Overdetermined Equations
MSB 1147ColloquiumDan Bump, Stanford
Mon, Jan 25 2010, 4:10PMSchur Polynomials and the Yang-Baxter equation
MSB 2112ColloquiumMichele Vergne, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 3:10PMBox splines, vector partition functions and Riemann-Roch theorem
MSB 1147ColloquiumRichard Stanley, MIT
Mon, Jan 11 2010, 5:30PMA survey of alternating permutations
MSB 1147ColloquiumProf. Hans G. Feichtinger, Univ. Vienna
Mon, Jan 11 2010, 4:10PMBanach Gelfand Triples motivated by Time-Frequency methods
MSB 1147ColloquiumDani Hernandez Serrano, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 16 2009, 4:10PMEquations of the moduli of Higgs pairs and Sato Grassmannian
MSB 1147ColloquiumDaniel Hernandez Serrano, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
Mon, Nov 16 2009, 4:10PMEquations of the moduli of Higgs pairs and Sato Grassmannian
MSB 1147ColloquiumIgor Pak, UCLA
Mon, Nov 9 2009, 4:10PMRandom standard Young tableaux
MSB 1147ColloquiumJerry Kaminker, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Davis
Mon, Nov 2 2009, 4:10PMK-theory and spectral multiplicity
MSB 1147ColloquiumMatt Hastings, Microsoft Research
Mon, Oct 26 2009, 4:10PMCommunicating over Quantum Channels
MSB 0Colloquium
Mon, Oct 12 2009, 4:10PMColloquium is cancelled due to illness of speaker!
MSB 1147ColloquiumV. Kharlamov, University of Strasbourg and MSRI.
Mon, Oct 5 2009, 4:10PMTropical glance at Welschinger invariants
MSB 1147ColloquiumGreg Kuperberg, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 1 2009, 4:10PMHow much entropy is there in quantum non-locality?
MSB 0ColloquiumNO TALK SCHEDULED, Memorial Day Holiday
Mon, May 25 2009, 4:10PM
MSB 1147ColloquiumEmmanuel Candes, California Institute of Technology
Wed, May 20 2009, 4:10PMExact Matrix Completion via Convex Optimization: Theory and Algorithms
MSB 1147ColloquiumJoel Smoller, University of Michigan
Mon, May 18 2009, 4:10PMError Estimates for Approximate Solutions of the Riccati Equation with Real or Complex Potentials
MSB 1147ColloquiumJames McKernan, MIT
Mon, May 11 2009, 4:10PMFinite generation of the canonical ring
MSB 1147ColloquiumLawrence C Evans, UC Berkeley
Mon, May 4 2009, 4:10PMNew methods for Hamilton-Jacobi equations
MSB 1147ColloquiumMathieu Desbrun, California Institute of Technology
Wed, Apr 29 2009, 4:10PMApplied Geometry for Structure-preserving Computations
MSB 1147ColloquiumJon Wilkening, UC Berkeley
Mon, Apr 13 2009, 4:10PMComputation of time-periodic solutions of nonlinear PDE
MSB 1147ColloquiumCraig A. Tracy, UC Davis
Mon, Mar 16 2009, 4:10PMIntegrable Models in Statistical Physics and Associated Universality Theorems and Conjectures
MSB 1147ColloquiumVincent Bouchard, Harvard University
Mon, Mar 2 2009, 4:10PMNew formulae for Gromov-Witten invariants and Hurwitz numbers
MSB 1147ColloquiumIsrael Michael Sigal, University of Toronto
Mon, Feb 9 2009, 4:10PMMathematical Questions Arising from Bose-Einstein Condensation
MSB 1147ColloquiumRadu Laza, University of Michigan
Fri, Jan 16 2009, 4:10PMTriangulations of the sphere and degenerations of K3 surfaces
MSB 1147ColloquiumDan Romik, Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Univesity of Jerusalem
Mon, Jan 12 2009, 4:10PMA doubly-refined enumeration for alternating sign matrices
MSB 1147ColloquiumLaurent Demanet, Stanford University
Fri, Jan 9 2009, 4:10PMCompressive wave computation
MSB 1147ColloquiumVera Mikyoung Hur, MIT
Wed, Jan 7 2009, 4:10PMDispersive properties of surface water waves
MSB 1147ColloquiumSabin Cautis, MSRI
Mon, Jan 5 2009, 4:10PMKnot invariants via algebraic geometry
MSB 1147ColloquiumShamgar Gurevich, UC Berkeley
Mon, Nov 24 2008, 4:10PMGroup representation patterns in digital signal processing
MSB 1147ColloquiumJared Wunsch
Mon, Nov 17 2008, 4:10PMGeometric optics and its limitations
MSB 1147ColloquiumJason Behrstock, Lehman College, CUNY
Mon, Nov 10 2008, 4:10PMQuasi-isometric classification of 3-manifold groups
MSB 1147ColloquiumDan Edidin
Mon, Nov 3 2008, 4:10PMThe cocktail party problem and Algebraic Geometry
MSB 1147ColloquiumBo’az Klartag, Princeton University
Tue, May 27 2008, 4:10PMA central limit theorem for convex bodies
MSB 1147ColloquiumZoran Šunić, Texas A&M University
Wed, May 14 2008, 3:10PMChinese Rings and coverings
MSB 1147ColloquiumSergey Fomin, University of Michigan
Tue, Apr 15 2008, 4:10PMCluster algebras
MSB 1147ColloquiumPaul Atzberger, UC Santa Barbara
Tue, Apr 1 2008, 4:10PMRecent developments of immersed boundary method and its applications in fluid mechanics and biology
MSB 1147ColloquiumDragos Oprea, Stanford University
Tue, Mar 18 2008, 4:10PMGeneralized theta functions and moduli spaces of bundles over curves
MSB 1147ColloquiumBen Reichardt, California Institute of Technology
Mon, Mar 17 2008, 4:10PMMaking quantum computers fault tolerant
MSB 2112ColloquiumNatasa Sesum, Columbia University
Thu, Feb 7 2008, 4:10PMOn the Ricci flow and the asymptotics of its solutions on $R2$.
MSB 1147ColloquiumMatthias Koeppe, University of Magdeburg
Tue, Feb 5 2008, 4:10PMInteger linear and non-linear optimization
MSB 1147ColloquiumSeth Sullivant, Harvard University
Mon, Feb 4 2008, 4:10PMSecant varieties in algebraic statistics
MSB 1147ColloquiumVladislav Kargin, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Wed, Jan 30 2008, 4:10PMLyapunov Exponents of Free Operators
MSB 1147ColloquiumRafal Goebel, University of Washington
Mon, Jan 28 2008, 4:10PMHybrid dynamical systems --- modeling, robustness of stability, and set-valued analysis.
MSB 2112ColloquiumDan Margalit, University of Utah
Thu, Jan 24 2008, 4:10PMFiniteness properties of Torelli groups
MSB 1147ColloquiumSoumik Pal, Cornell University
Tue, Jan 22 2008, 4:10PMBrownian motions interacting through ranks and a phase transition phenomenon.
MSB 2112ColloquiumBen Weinkove, Harvard University
Thu, Jan 17 2008, 4:10PMSymplectic forms, Kahler metrics and the Calabi-Yau equation
MSB 1147ColloquiumRadu Laza, University of Michigan
Wed, Jan 16 2008, 4:10PMTriangulations of the sphere and degenerations of K3 surfaces
MSB 1147ColloquiumAlessandro Pizzo, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Zurich
Mon, Jan 14 2008, 4:10PMMulti-scale methods in atomic physics
MSB 2112ColloquiumRobert Sims, University of Vienna
Thu, Jan 10 2008, 4:10PMLieb-Robinson Bounds and Their Applications
MSB 1147ColloquiumTom Sideris, UC Santa Barbara
Tue, Dec 4 2007, 4:10PMHyperbolic systems and global existence in 3d nonlinear elastodynamics
MSB 1147ColloquiumGuoliang Yu, Vanderbilt University
Fri, Nov 30 2007, 4:10PMLinearization of groups and its applications
MSB 1147ColloquiumPersi Diaconis, Stanford University
Tue, Nov 27 2007, 4:10PM"What do we know about the Metropolis algorithm?
MSB 2112ColloquiumLior Pachter, UC Berkeley
Tue, Nov 13 2007, 4:10PMFrom biology to mathematics: the neighbor-joining algorithm
MSB 1147ColloquiumJohn Lott, University of Michigan
Tue, Oct 30 2007, 4:10PMLong-time behavior of Ricci flow
MSB 1147ColloquiumIan Agol, UC Berkeley
Tue, Oct 16 2007, 4:10PMFiniteness of arithmetic hyperbolic reflection groups
UC Berkeley 0ColloquiumMichael Freedman, Microsoft Research
Tue, Oct 9 2007, 4:00PMQuantum information, quantum physics and quantum topology
MSB 1147ColloquiumJoel Kamnitzer, UC Berkeley
Tue, Oct 2 2007, 4:10PMKhovanov homology via geometric representation theory
MSB 2112ColloquiumBernd Sturmfels, University of California, Berkeley
Tue, Jun 5 2007, 3:10PMThe Algebraic Degree of Semidefinite Programming
MSB 1147ColloquiumGunnar Carlsson, Stanford University
Tue, May 22 2007, 4:10PMTopological Methods in Data Analysis
MSB 1147ColloquiumBjorn Poonen, University of California, Berkeley
Tue, May 15 2007, 4:10PMUndecidability in number theory
MSB 1147ColloquiumOded Schramm, Microsoft Research
Tue, May 8 2007, 4:10PMConformally invariant scaling limits
MSB 1147ColloquiumXiaodong Cao, Cornell University and MSRI
Tue, May 1 2007, 4:10PMRicci flow and geometry
MSB 1147ColloquiumDragos Oprea, Stanford University
Tue, Apr 17 2007, 4:10PMCounts of maps to Grassmannians and intersections on the moduli space of bundles
MSB 1147ColloquiumFu Liu, University of California, Davis
Tue, Apr 3 2007, 4:10PMVolumes and Ehrhart polynomials of polytopes
MSB 1147ColloquiumGilbert Strang, MIT
Mon, Feb 26 2007, 4:10PMMaximum area and minimum cuts with new measures of perimeter
MSB 1147ColloquiumFrederique Oggier, CalTech
Wed, Jan 31 2007, 4:10PMAlgebraic techniques for wireless coding
MSB 1147ColloquiumPaolo Ghiggini, University of Quebec, Montreal
Mon, Jan 29 2007, 4:10PMContact structures, Heegaard Floer homology, and fibred knots
MSB 1147ColloquiumJulien Dubedat, Courant Institute, NYU
Wed, Jan 24 2007, 4:10PMSchramm-Loewner evolutions on Riemann surfaces
MSB 1147ColloquiumBrian Osserman, UC Berkeley
Tue, Jan 23 2007, 4:10PMBranched covers of the Riemann sphere and algebraic curves
MSB 2112ColloquiumNathanael Berestycki, UBC
Thu, Jan 18 2007, 4:10PMHydrodynamic limits of spatially structured coalescents
MSB 2112ColloquiumBen Weinkove, Harvard University
Wed, Jan 17 2007, 4:10PMSymplectic forms, Kahler metrics and the Calabi-Yau equation
MSB 2112ColloquiumBen Weinkove, Harvard University
Wed, Jan 17 2007, 4:10PMSymplectic forms, Kahler metrics and the Calabi-Yau equation
MSB 1147ColloquiumBecca Thomases, Courant Institute, NYU
Tue, Jan 16 2007, 4:10PMAnalysis and computations for viscoelastic fluids
MSB 1147ColloquiumCiprian Demeter, UCLA
Tue, Jan 9 2007, 4:10PMBreaking the duality in the Return Times Theorem
MSB 1147ColloquiumAaron Bergman, Texas A&M University
Fri, Jan 5 2007, 4:10PMModuli Spaces and the AdS/CFT correspondence
MSB 1147ColloquiumScott Aaronson, University of Waterloo
Tue, Dec 5 2006, 4:10PMThe learnability of quantum states
MSB 1147ColloquiumAndrejs Treibergs, Univerisity of Utah
Tue, Nov 21 2006, 4:10PMAn eigenvalue estimate and a capture problem
MSB 1147ColloquiumKannan Soundararajan, Stanford University
Tue, Nov 14 2006, 4:10PMMultiplicative functions
MSB 1147ColloquiumMike Garland, NVIDIA and UIUC
Tue, Nov 7 2006, 4:10PMSpectral surface quadrangulation
MSB 1147ColloquiumMina Aganagic, UC Berkeley
Tue, Oct 31 2006, 4:10PMThe topological string beyond supersymmetry
MSB 1147ColloquiumHuzihiro Araki, RIMS, Kyoto University
Tue, Oct 24 2006, 4:10PMDynamics and potential
MSB 1147ColloquiumMark Rudelson, University of Missouri-Columbia
Tue, Oct 17 2006, 5:15PMThe norm of the inverse of a random matrix
MSB 2112ColloquiumGünter Ziegler, Technische Universität Berlin
Tue, Oct 10 2006, 4:10PMKneser and Tverberg: On the power of topological methods in combinatorics
MSB 1147ColloquiumShmuel Weinberger, University of Chicago
Tue, Oct 3 2006, 4:10PMGeometric and analytic implications of the fundamental group; or, playing the Novikov game
MSB 1147ColloquiumDavid Eisenbud, MSRI
Fri, May 12 2006, 1:10PMInterpolating Polynomial Equations and the complexity of an algebraic variety
MSB 1147ColloquiumAndrew J. Majda, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Fri, Apr 21 2006, 4:10PMInformation Theory, Statistical Mechanics, and Predicting Jupiter’s Red Spot
Kerr 693ColloquiumMichael Ferris, University of Wisconsin
Mon, Nov 14 2005, 4:10PMComplementarity Problems and Applications
Kerr 693ColloquiumJerry Kaminker, University of California, Davis and IUPUI
Mon, Oct 31 2005, 4:10PMNoncommutative geometry and its applications
Kerr 693ColloquiumBarbara F. Csima, Cornell University
Thu, Jun 9 2005, 4:10PMTuring Degrees of Prime Models
Kerr 693ColloquiumLudmil Katzarkov, Miami
Thu, Jun 2 2005, 4:10PMHomological Mirror Symmetry for manifolds of general type.
Kerr 693ColloquiumOri Ganor, UC Berkeley
Thu, May 26 2005, 4:10PMMass Terms in Twistor String Theory
Kerr 693ColloquiumBruno Nachtergaele, UCD
Thu, May 19 2005, 4:10PMThe Marvelous Mathematics of Quantum Spin Systems
Kerr 693ColloquiumSergei Gukov, Harvard
Thu, May 12 2005, 4:10PM'Motivic' Knot Homology
Kerr 693ColloquiumPhillip Rogaway, UC Davis
Thu, May 5 2005, 4:10PMOn the Role of Definitions in and Beyond Cryptography
Kerr 693ColloquiumMichael Movshev, Institut Mittag-Leffler
Thu, Apr 28 2005, 4:10PMSupersymmetric deformations of Yang-Mills theory in dimension 10 -new results
Kerr 693ColloquiumAiko Liu, UC Berkeley
Thu, Apr 21 2005, 4:10PMOn the Curve countings, modular forms and Seiberg-Witten theory
Kerr 693ColloquiumYong-Geun Oh, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Thu, Apr 14 2005, 12:00AMDegeneration of (pseudo)-holomorphic curves in symplectic geometry and mirror symmetry
Kerr 693ColloquiumAnastasia Volovich, KITP Santa Barbara
Mon, Mar 14 2005, 4:10PMQCD amplitudes from topological strings
Kerr 693ColloquiumIan Agol, University of Illinois at Chicago
Mon, Dec 6 2004, 4:10PMTwo-generator Kleinian group
Kerr 693ColloquiumAlexander Polishchuk, University of Oregon
Mon, Nov 29 2004, 4:10PMTriple Massey products on curves
Kerr 693ColloquiumAnneke Bart, Saint Louis University
Mon, Nov 15 2004, 4:10PMDeformations of Hyperbolic Manifolds
Kerr 693ColloquiumAlexander Turbiner, UNAM and ITEP
Mon, Nov 8 2004, 4:10PMSolvable Schroedinger equations and representation theory
Kerr 693ColloquiumTihomir Petrov, UC Irvine
Mon, Nov 1 2004, 4:10PMBrauer groups and rationality of quotient varieties
Kerr 693ColloquiumMarty Scharlemann, UC Santa Barbara
Mon, Oct 25 2004, 4:10PMIndecision and its uses
Kerr 693ColloquiumMike Davis, Ohio State University
Mon, Oct 18 2004, 4:10PMWeighted L^2 cohomology of Coxeter groups
Kerr 693ColloquiumToshitake Kohno, University of Tokyo
Mon, Oct 11 2004, 4:10PMSchl\"afli function and iterated integrals
Kerr 593ColloquiumNigel Kalton, University of Missouri
Tue, May 11 2004, 4:10PMThe nonlinear theory of Banach spaces
Kerr 693ColloquiumCedric Villani, Ecole Normale Sup
Mon, May 3 2004, 4:10PMEntropy production and convergence to equilibrium
Kerr 693ColloquiumLouise kellog, UC Davis Geology
Mon, Apr 26 2004, 4:10PMConvection in the mantles of Earth and Earth-like planets
Kerr 693ColloquiumOleg Viro, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden
Mon, Apr 12 2004, 4:10PMReal tropical geometry
Kerr 693ColloquiumGrisha Mikhalkin, Berkeley
Mon, Apr 5 2004, 4:10PMGeometry of tropical curves
Kerr 693ColloquiumVladimir Rokhlin, Yale University
Wed, Mar 17 2004, 4:10PMA New Class of Fast Adaptive Multipole Methods
Kerr 693ColloquiumEric Gimon, Berkeley
Mon, Nov 24 2003, 4:10PMK-theory in Superstring Physics.
Kerr 693ColloquiumEugenia MALINNIKOVA, University of Tronheim (Norway) and UCDavis
Mon, Nov 17 2003, 4:10PMPropagation of smallness for real analytic functions and solutions to Generalized Cauchy--Riemann systems.
Kerr 693ColloquiumWilliam P. Thurston, UC Davis
Mon, Jun 2 2003, 4:10PMVirtual Haken Conjecture of Three Manifolds
Kerr 693ColloquiumSteve Zelditch, Johns Hopkins University and MSRI
Tue, May 20 2003, 3:10PMAsymptotic geometry of random algebraic varieties (Joint Colloquium/Mathematical Physics Seminar Talk)
Kerr 693ColloquiumHendrik Lenstra, UC Berkeley and Universiteit Leiden
Mon, May 19 2003, 4:10PMPrimality testing with pseudofields
Haring 2205ColloquiumProfessor Hendrik Lenstra, Jr., University of California, Berkeley and Universiteit Leiden
Mon, May 19 2003, 2:10PMEscher and the Droste effect
Kerr 693ColloquiumPaul Zinn-Justin, Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay
Mon, May 12 2003, 4:10PMMatrix Models and Knot Theory
Kerr 693ColloquiumKrystyna Kuperberg, Auburn University
Mon, May 5 2003, 4:10PMLocal modifications of continuous flows.
Kerr 693ColloquiumDaniel Rockmore, Dartmouth College
Mon, Apr 28 2003, 4:10PMSL(2,p): Computations, Quantum Chaos, and Conjectures
Kerr 693ColloquiumNo Colloquium Talk Today
Mon, Apr 21 2003, 4:10PMReception with a candidate for the MPS Dean.
Kerr 693ColloquiumStephan De Bievre, Universite de Lille
Fri, Apr 18 2003, 2:10PMQuantum maps, a case study in quantum chaos
Kerr 693ColloquiumRavi Ramakrishna, Cornell University
Mon, Apr 14 2003, 4:10PMGalois Representations
Kerr 693ColloquiumWolfgang L Spitzer, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 7 2003, 4:10PMFrom atomic physics to Schroedinger eigenvalue problems
Kerr 693ColloquiumM. Agranovich, Moscow
Mon, Mar 31 2003, 4:10PMSpectral boundary value problems for Dirac systems with Coulomb potentials.
Kerr 693ColloquiumAnne Schilling, UC Davis
Mon, Mar 10 2003, 4:10PMFrom virtual crystals to the virtual Kleber algorithm
Kerr 693ColloquiumMotohico Mulase, UC Davis
Mon, Feb 24 2003, 4:10PMMikio Sato and Soliton Theory
Kerr 693ColloquiumMichael Sullivan, University of Michigan
Thu, Jan 30 2003, 4:10PMCounting holomorphic curves: "hard" results in symplectic geometry
Kerr 693ColloquiumEric Rains, Center for Communications Research
Wed, Jan 29 2003, 4:10PMBounds on self-dual codes and lattices
Kerr 693ColloquiumBenjamin Morris, UC Berkeley
Mon, Jan 27 2003, 4:10PMEvolving sets and mixing
Kerr 693ColloquiumVictor Ostrik, MIT
Wed, Jan 22 2003, 4:10PMFusion Categories
Kerr 693ColloquiumM.K. Stephen Yeung, Boston University
Fri, Jan 17 2003, 4:10PMReverse engineering gene networks
Kerr 693ColloquiumNathan Dunfield, Harvard University
Wed, Jan 15 2003, 4:10PMSurfaces in finite covers of 3-manifolds: The virtual Haken conjecture
Kerr 693ColloquiumDavid Ben-Zvi, University of Chicago
Tue, Jan 14 2003, 4:10PMSolitons and Many-Body Systems in Algebraic Geometry
Kerr 693ColloquiumXiaodong Yan, Courant Institute
Mon, Jan 13 2003, 4:10PMUpper bound on coarsening rate
Kerr 693ColloquiumMichael Kapovich, University of Utah
Thu, Jan 9 2003, 4:10PMGeneralized triangle inequalities with applications to algebraic groups
Kerr 693ColloquiumJennifer Schultens, Emory University
Wed, Jan 8 2003, 4:10PMThe topology and algebra of graph manifolds
Kerr 693ColloquiumJames Conant, Cornell University
Tue, Jan 7 2003, 4:10PMTopological interpretations of Vassiliev invariants
Kerr 693ColloquiumLeonid Ryzhik, University of Chicago
Mon, Jan 6 2003, 4:10PMReaction-diffusion fronts in flows: speed-up and quenching
Kerr 693ColloquiumRoman Vershynin, University of Alberta & Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Fri, Dec 20 2002, 4:10PMConvex Bodies, Lattices and Dimension
Kerr 693ColloquiumEdward Frenkel, UC Berkeley
Mon, Dec 9 2002, 4:10PMRecent advances in the Langlands Program
Kerr 693ColloquiumPetr Horava, UC Berkeley
Mon, Dec 2 2002, 4:10PM Strings and M-Theory: From Quantum Gravity to Quantum Geometry and Back
Kerr 693ColloquiumWilliam Arveson, UC Berkeley
Mon, Nov 25 2002, 4:10PMCausality in noncommutative dynamics
Kerr 693ColloquiumJuha Heinonen, University of Michigan
Mon, Nov 18 2002, 4:10PMQuasisymmetric and bi-Lipschitz parametrization of metric spaces
Kerr 693ColloquiumEverett Howe, Center for Communications Research, La Jolla
Mon, Nov 4 2002, 4:10PMHigher-order Carmichael numbers
Kerr 693ColloquiumWilliam M. Goldman, University of Maryland
Mon, Oct 28 2002, 4:10PMFlat Lorentz 3-manifolds and hyperbolic surfaces
Kerr 693ColloquiumMladen Bestvina, University of Utah
Mon, Oct 21 2002, 4:10PMVan Kampen's embedding obstruction for discrete groups
Kerr 693ColloquiumElwyn Berlekamp, UC Berkeley
Mon, Oct 14 2002, 4:10PMQuantitative Go, and some other combinatorial games
Kerr 693ColloquiumYuval Peres, UC Berkeley
Mon, Oct 7 2002, 4:10PMCritical percolation and random spanning forests, with connections to geometric group theory and conformal mapping
Kerr 693ColloquiumGreg Kuperberg, UC Davis
Mon, Sep 30 2002, 4:10PMThe capacity of hybrid quantum memory
Kerr 693ColloquiumDenise Wolf, UC Berkeley and LBL
Mon, Jun 3 2002, 4:10PMSwitching and Non-genetic Diversity in B. subtilis
Kerr 693ColloquiumA. Vershik, POMI RAN, Petersburg and MSRI
Mon, May 20 2002, 4:10PMUniversal Urysohn space and randomness of the metric spaces
Kerr 693ColloquiumJu Wang, Professor and Director of the Logic Division, Institute of Software, Academia Si
Mon, May 13 2002, 4:10PMSome new logical properties of algebraic structures
Kerr 693ColloquiumShmuel Onn, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (currently visiting UCD)
Mon, May 6 2002, 4:10PMHilbert Polytopes, Vector Partitions, and Polynomial Time Computation of Universal Bases of Systems of Polynomials
Kerr 693ColloquiumAlex Mogilner, Math, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 29 2002, 4:10PMMathematical model of pattern formation in bacterial colony: rippling of myxobacteria
Kerr 693ColloquiumRicardo Cortez, Tulane University
Tue, Apr 23 2002, 4:10PMComputation of Swimming Motions Using Regularized Stokeslets
Kerr 693ColloquiumJohn Lowengrub, University of Minnesota
Wed, Apr 17 2002, 4:10PMMathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Microstructured Materials
Kerr 693ColloquiumNeil O'Connell, Ecole Normale Superiour
Mon, Apr 15 2002, 4:10PMRandom walks, queues, Young tableaux and random matrices
Kerr 693ColloquiumMatthew West, California Institute of Technology
Wed, Apr 10 2002, 4:10PMAsynchronous Variational Integrators for Solid Mechanics
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Paul Fuhrmann, Ben Gurion University
Tue, Mar 19 2002, 4:10PMObservers, classical and behavioral
Kerr 693ColloquiumJohn Lowengrub, School of Math, U. Minnesota
Mon, Mar 4 2002, 4:10PMMathematical Modeling and Adaptive Numerical Simulation of Microstructured Materials
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Marta Lewicka, Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Tue, Feb 19 2002, 4:10PMStability of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Chun Liu, Penn State University
Fri, Feb 15 2002, 4:10PMThe transport and elastic coupling in polymeric fluids
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Jinho Baik, Princeton University and Institute for Advanced Study
Tue, Feb 12 2002, 4:10PMThe longest increasing subsequences of random symmetrized permutations
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Daniel Gottesman, University of California, Berkeley
Mon, Feb 11 2002, 4:00PMCryptography for Quantum States
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Christoph Schweigert, Universit
Wed, Feb 6 2002, 4:10PMFrobenius algebras, triangulations and tensor categories
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Andr, Institute for Mathematical Sciences - SUNYSB
Mon, Feb 4 2002, 4:10PMFamilies of 2-dimensional dynamical systems
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Dmitry Tamarkin, Harvard University
Wed, Jan 30 2002, 4:10PMFormality of the operad of little disks and quantization of Lie bialgebras
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Beatrice Riviere, Center for Subsurface Modeling, University of Texas, Austin
Mon, Jan 28 2002, 4:10PMDiscontinuous Galerkin Methods for Solving Flow and Transport Problems
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Andrei Caldararu, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Thu, Jan 24 2002, 4:10PMHomological Mirror Symmetry and Twisted Vector Bundles
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Vittorio Cristini, University of Minnesota
Tue, Jan 22 2002, 4:10PMA mathematical and computer model of cancer growth
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Jonathan Mattingly, Stanford University
Fri, Jan 18 2002, 4:10PMErgodicity of Stochastically Forced PDEs
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Igor Belegradek, California Institute of Technology
Tue, Jan 15 2002, 4:10PMNonnegative curvature and topology
Kerr 693ColloquiumAlexandre Chorin, UC Berkeley
Mon, Dec 3 2001, 4:10PMConditional expectations and renormalization
Kerr 693ColloquiumSimon Gindikin, Rutgers and MSRI
Mon, Nov 26 2001, 4:10PMComplex Crowns of Real Symmetric Spaces
Kerr 693ColloquiumJoseph Bernstein, Tel Aviv University and MSRI
Mon, Nov 19 2001, 4:10PMEstimates of automorphic forms and representation theory
Kerr 693ColloquiumAlexander Goncharov, Brown U. and MSRI
Thu, Nov 8 2001, 4:10PMMultiple zeta values
Kerr 693ColloquiumMotohico Mulase, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 29 2001, 4:10PMFrom graph coloring to moduli of Riemann surfaces via random matrix theory
Kerr 693ColloquiumRichard Braun, Unversity of Delaware
Mon, Oct 22 2001, 4:00PMModels for a Vertical Draining Film with an Insoluble Surfactant
Kerr 693ColloquiumBruno Nachtergaele, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 15 2001, 4:10PMSpins, kinks, droplets, Bosons, Fermions, fluids, ...a tour of quantum statistical mechanics.
Kerr 693ColloquiumJerry Marsden, Cal Tech
Kerr 693ColloquiumProfessor Alain Connes, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques and the College of France, Paris
Mon, May 21 2001, 4:10PMNoncommutative Geometry
Kerr 693ColloquiumProfessor Anatoly Vershik, Steklov Mathematical Institute, S.Petersburg, Russia and MSRI)
Mon, May 7 2001, 4:10PMAsymptitic characteristics of the countable groups and boundaries
Kerr 693ColloquiumGuenter Ziegler, UC Berkeley
Mon, Apr 30 2001, 4:10PMFat 3-Spheres, 4-Polytopes and 5-Lattices
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Boris Diskin, ICASE, NASA Langley Research Center
Wed, Apr 25 2001, 4:10PMTextbook Multigrid Efficiency for Computational Fluid Dynamics
Kerr 693ColloquiumMaciej Zworski, UC Berkeley
Mon, Apr 23 2001, 4:10PMNumerical Linear Algebra and Solvability of PDEs
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Belinda King, Dept. Math., Virginia Tech
Fri, Apr 20 2001, 4:10PMReduced Order Controllers for Systems Modeled by Partial Differential Equations
Kerr 693ColloquiumLeland McKnight Jameson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Tue, Apr 17 2001, 4:10PMWavelets applied to Adaptive Numerical Methods and Other Applications
Kerr 693ColloquiumAndrei Kelarev, University of Tasmania at Hobart
Mon, Apr 16 2001, 4:10PMError-correcting codes in ring constructions
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Martin Mohlenkamp, Dept. Applied Math., University of Colorado, Boulder,
Tue, Apr 10 2001, 4:10PMAn Attack on the Curse of Dimensionality
Kerr 693ColloquiumMaciej Zworski, University of California, Berkeley
Mon, Apr 9 2001, 4:10PM
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Petri Fast, Center for Applied Scientific Computing / Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Wed, Apr 4 2001, 2:10PMMoving Overset Grid Methods for Interface Driven Flows
Kerr 693ColloquiumAndrei Okounkov, UC Berkeley
Mon, Mar 12 2001, 4:10PMRandom trees and moduli of curves
Kerr 693ColloquiumProfessor Peter Lax, Courant Institute, New York University
Mon, Mar 5 2001, 4:10PMMultiple Eigenvalues
Kerr 693ColloquiumAdi Ditkowski, Brown University
Wed, Feb 7 2001, 4:10PMOptimization of Chemical Vapor Infiltration with Simultaneous Powder Formation
Kerr 693ColloquiumOlof C. Runborg, Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University
Mon, Feb 5 2001, 4:10PMWavelet-based numerical homogenization
Kerr 693ColloquiumJames Colliander, UC Berkeley
Mon, Jan 29 2001, 4:10PMAlmost conservation laws and global wellposedness
Kerr 693ColloquiumEunok Jung, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Tue, Jan 23 2001, 4:10PM"Is it possible to pump blood without valves?"
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Igor Belegradek
Mon, Jan 15 2001, 4:10PMNonnegative curvature and topology
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Noam Elkies, Harvard University
Mon, Dec 4 2000, 4:10PMLattices, lattice reduction, and some applications
Kerr 593ColloquiumProf. Marc Rieffel, UC Berkeley
Mon, Nov 27 2000, 4:10PMGromov-Hausdorff distance for quantum metric spaces
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Tom Roby, California State Univ. Hayward.
Mon, Nov 20 2000, 4:10PMDifferential Posets, Down-up Algebras, and the Robinson-Schensted-Fomin Machine
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Ron Blei, Univ. of Connecticut
Mon, Nov 6 2000, 4:10PMFractional Cartesian products, combinatorial dimension, andmeasurements of interdependence
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Don. Chakerian, Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 30 2000, 4:10PMCentral force laws, hodographs, and polar reciprocals.
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Reinhard Laubenbacher, New Mexico State Univ
Mon, Oct 23 2000, 4:10PMThe Combinatorial Topology of Network Dynamics
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Dave Bayer, Columbia University
Mon, Oct 16 2000, 4:10PMSyzygies, Toric Ideals, and Combinatorial Algorithms
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Mary Silber, Northwestern Univ.
Mon, Oct 9 2000, 4:10PMSpontaneous symmetry-breaking and pattern formation
Kerr 693ColloquiumSteve Shkoller, Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 2 2000, 4:10PMLagrangian averaged Navier-Stokes, Harmonic Maps, and Liquid Crystals
Kerr 693ColloquiumVladimir Kazakov, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
Thu, Jun 29 2000, 4:10PMMatrix models, integrable systems and combinatorics
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Viktor Jirsa, Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, Florida Atlantic University
Mon, Jun 12 2000, 4:10PMMacroscopic Organization of Brain Activity in the EEG and MEG: Theory and Concepts
Kerr 693ColloquiumJean-Marie Aubry, UC Davis, Mathematics
Mon, Jun 5 2000, 4:10PMA New Multifractal Formalism, with Application to Random Wavelet Series
Kerr 693ColloquiumMaury Bramson, University of Minnesota
Fri, May 26 2000, 4:10PMApplication of fluid models to recurrence and central limits for queueing networks
Kerr 693ColloquiumMaury Bramson, University of Minnesota
Thu, May 25 2000, 4:10PMSpatial structure in diffusion limited annihilation
Kerr 693ColloquiumCraig Benham, Department of Biomathematical Sciences, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York
Tue, May 23 2000, 4:10PMTopologically Driven Structural Transitions in DNA Their Analysis and Roles in Gene Regulation
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Richard Montgomery, UC Santa Cruz
Mon, May 22 2000, 4:10PMFigure eights with three bodies
Kerr 693ColloquiumGregory Beylkin, Dept. of Applied Math., University of Colorado at Boulder
Fri, May 19 2000, 4:10PMOn Direct Solvers, Multigrid and Numerical Homogenization
Kerr 693ColloquiumGregory Beylkin, Dept. of Applied Math., University of Colorado at Boulder
Fri, May 19 2000, 10:00AMUnequally spaced fast Fourier transforms and their applications
Kerr 693ColloquiumClaudia Neuhauser, School of Mathematics University of Minnesota
Thu, May 18 2000, 4:10PMDisease Dynamics in Space
Kerr 693ColloquiumMark Haiman
Mon, May 15 2000, 4:10PMMacdonald polynomials and the n! conjecture.
Kerr 693ColloquiumProfessor Philip B. Stark, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Mon, Apr 24 2000, 4:10PMSounding the Sun: Helioseismology
Kerr 693ColloquiumBernd Sturmfels, Mathematics, UC Berkeley
Fri, Apr 21 2000, 12:10PMGrobner Bases
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Alexander Barvinok, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Mon, Apr 17 2000, 4:10PMEfficient approximate counting and measuring
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Jim Burke, Mathematics, University of Washington
Mon, Apr 10 2000, 4:10PMThe Newton Polygon and Eigenvalue Perturbation Theory.
Kerr 693ColloquiumJean-Louis Deneubourg, Department of Physics, Free University of Belgium
Fri, Apr 7 2000, 3:30PMDecision-making in foraging by social insects
Kerr 693ColloquiumProfessor Emeritus Washek Pfeffer, Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Apr 3 2000, 4:10PMDerivation and Integration.
Kerr 693ColloquiumQi Wang, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Department of Mathematical Sc
Thu, Mar 16 2000, 4:10PMFlow-orientation coupling in shear flows of liquid crystalline polymers
Kerr 693ColloquiumGeza Toth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Thu, Feb 24 2000, 4:10PMThe $k$-set problem
Kerr 693ColloquiumAnne Schilling, M.I.T.
Tue, Feb 22 2000, 4:10PMThe many facets of the Kostka polynomials.
Kerr 693ColloquiumOscar Gonzales, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Wed, Feb 2 2000, 4:10PMGlobal Curvature, Ideal Knots and Models of DNA Self-Contact
Kerr 693ColloquiumJason Fulman, Mathematics, Stanford
Tue, Feb 1 2000, 4:10PMRandom matrices and the Rogers-Ramanujan identities
Kerr 693ColloquiumDaniel Gottesman, Microsoft Research Corp.
Tue, Jan 25 2000, 4:10PMQuantum Error Correction
Kerr 693ColloquiumDoron Levy, Mathematics UC Berkeley and LBNL
Mon, Jan 24 2000, 4:10PMOptimal Prediction Methods for Nonlinear PDEs
Kerr 693ColloquiumProfessor Stephane Mallat, Chair of Applied Math., Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
Fri, Jan 21 2000, 4:10PMSparse Image Representations with Deformations
Kerr 693ColloquiumHenry Cohn, Harvard Univ.
Thu, Jan 20 2000, 4:10PMNew bounds on sphere packings
Kerr 693ColloquiumVadim Zharnitsky, Brown University
Wed, Jan 19 2000, 4:10PMStabilizing effects of dispersion management.
Kerr 693ColloquiumIgor Pak, Yale University
Tue, Jan 18 2000, 4:10PMCombinatorics, probability and computation on finite groups.
Kerr 693ColloquiumGuillermo Goldsztein, Caltech
Thu, Jan 13 2000, 4:10PMShape Deforming Phase Transitions in Solids
Kerr 693ColloquiumMargaret Readdy, University of Stockholm
Wed, Jan 12 2000, 4:10PMSystems of parameters for cubical complexes
Kerr 693ColloquiumRichard Ehrenborg, Royal Institute of Technology
Mon, Jan 10 2000, 4:10PMInequalities for the cd-index
Kerr 693ColloquiumAndrew Casson, UC Berkeley
Mon, Dec 6 1999, 4:10PMComplexity bounds for factorizing 3-manifolds
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Leila Schneps, CERN, France and MSRI, Berkeley
Mon, Nov 29 1999, 4:10PMTopological Galois Actions
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Jeff Groah, Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 22 1999, 4:10PMShock-Waves, Black Holes and the Einstein equations
Kerr 693ColloquiumProfessor Steve Shkoller, Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 25 1999, 4:10PMRecent developments in the geometry of hydrodynamics
Kerr 693ColloquiumEdgar Knobloch, Physics Department, UC Berkely
Mon, Oct 18 1999, 4:10PMBURSTS
Kerr 693ColloquiumProfessor Thomas Strohmer, Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Oct 4 1999, 4:10PMNumerical analysis in digital signal processing
Kerr 693ColloquiumGeorge Lakoff, UC Berkeley, Linguistics
Mon, Jun 7 1999, 4:10PMWhere Mathematics Comes From: An Overview of a Book in Progress
Kerr 693ColloquiumPavel Bleher, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis & MSRI
Mon, May 24 1999, 4:10PMUniversality and Scaling for Zeros of Random Polynomials
Kerr 693ColloquiumG. Papanicolaou, Stanford
Mon, May 17 1999, 4:10PMSelf-focusing of nonlinear waves in a random medium.
Kerr 693ColloquiumDavid Letscher, UCSD
Mon, May 10 1999, 4:10PMUsing knot theory to understand DNA structure and function.
Kerr 693ColloquiumEleanor Rieffel, XEROX PARC Palo Alto.
Mon, Apr 26 1999, 4:10PMHOW TO COMPUTE WITH SCHROEDINGER'S CAT, an Introduction to Quantum Computing.
Kerr 693ColloquiumOleg Viro, Upsalla University
Mon, Apr 19 1999, 4:10PMSelf-linking of a real algebraic variety
Kerr 693ColloquiumProfessor Simon Gindikin, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Mon, Mar 15 1999, 4:10PMComplex integral geometry and harmonic analysis on real Lie groups.
Kerr 693ColloquiumYury Grabovsky, Mathematics, Univ of Utah
Mon, Mar 8 1999, 4:10PMExact relations for effective tensors of composites:Towards a complete solution.
Kerr 693ColloquiumAlexander Soshnikov, Mathematics, Caltech
Wed, Mar 3 1999, 4:10PMFluctuations of Eigenvalues of Large Random Matrices from Classical Compact Groups.
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Vitya Vassiliev, Independent University of Moscow and UC Berkeley
Mon, Feb 22 1999, 4:10PMTopological Order Complexes, Conical Resolutions, and Homology of (Non-)Discriminant Sets.
Kerr 693ColloquiumThomas Chou, MIT
Thu, Feb 11 1999, 4:10PMTransport across microscopic channels: diffusion pumping
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. Mikhail Khovanov, Institute for Advanced Study
Fri, Feb 5 1999, 4:10PMThe Jones polynominal as the Euler characteristic of a cohomology theory of links.
Kerr 693ColloquiumZhaojun Bai, University of Kentucky
Thu, Feb 4 1999, 4:10PMReduced-Order Modeling of Linear Dynamical Systems
Engr II 1065ColloquiumZhaojun Bai, University of Kentucky
Wed, Feb 3 1999, 10:00AMLinear Algebra Algorithms and Tools for Emerging Computing Environments and User Communities
Kerr 693ColloquiumProf. Hung-Hsi Wu, UC Berkeley
Mon, Feb 1 1999, 4:10PMMathematics education in California: 1992-98 and beyond.
Kerr 693ColloquiumJonathan McCammond, Texas A&M University
Wed, Jan 27 1999, 4:10PMConstructing compact cores for 3-manifolds
Kerr 693ColloquiumAlexei Kitaev, California Institute of Technology
Tue, Jan 26 1999, 4:10PMTopological quantum codes and anyons
Kerr 693ColloquiumJonathan Weitsman, University of California, Santa Cruz
Mon, Jan 25 1999, 4:10PMQuantum field theory and the topology of the moduli space of flat connections
Kerr 693ColloquiumDr. A. Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh, Princeton
Tue, Jan 19 1999, 4:10PMRegularity and break-down in geometric field theories.
Kerr 693ColloquiumDavid Earn, University of Cambridge, UK
Tue, Jan 19 1999, 12:10PMHomogeneity and Synchrony in Population Dynamics
Kerr 693ColloquiumSteve Shkoller, Caltech & CNLS at Los Alamos
Fri, Jan 15 1999, 4:10PMGeometric Computational Algorithms for Nonlinear PDEs (Fluids).
Kerr 693ColloquiumHiroshi Goda, Kobe University and UC Davis
Wed, Jan 13 1999, 4:10PMGenera of knots and Lens spaces yielded by Dehn surgery on knots
Kerr 693ColloquiumMikhail Feldman, Northwestern University
Mon, Jan 11 1999, 4:10PMMass Transfer in nonhomogeneous media
Kerr 693ColloquiumCraig Tracy, Mathematics, UCDavis
Mon, Nov 30 1998, 4:10PMUniversality of the Distribution Functions of Random Matrix Theory.
Kerr 693ColloquiumDavid Stuart, Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 23 1998, 4:10PMAnalysis of solitons in nonlinear wave equations.
Kerr 596ColloquiumIan Agol, Mathematics, UC Davis
Mon, Nov 16 1998, 4:10PMVolume and Topology of hyperbolic 3-manifolds.
Kerr 693ColloquiumMark Sussman, UCD Mathematics
Mon, Nov 9 1998, 4:10PMA Computational Study of the Spreading of Oil Underneath a Sheet of Ice
Kerr 693ColloquiumJoseph Landsberg, University of North Carolina
Tue, Nov 3 1998, 2:10PMOn the projective geometry of homogeneous varieties
Kerr 693ColloquiumDennis Gaitsgory, Institute for Advanced Study
Mon, Nov 2 1998, 4:10PMIntegrable systems and differential Galois groups
Physics/Geol 430ColloquiumJohn Preskill, California Institute of Technology
Mon, Oct 26 1998, 4:10PMBattling decoherence: the fault-tolerant quantum computer
Kerr 693ColloquiumPierluigi Contucci, UCD Mathematics
Mon, Oct 12 1998, 4:10PMNumber Theory and Statistical Mechanics
Kerr 693ColloquiumFrank Morgan, Williams College
Wed, Oct 7 1998, 4:10PMIsoperimetric Problems 1998
Kerr 693ColloquiumAlbert Fannjiang, UCD
Mon, Oct 5 1998, 4:10PMTransport in Fluids.
Kerr 693ColloquiumAlex Mogilner, UCD
Fri, Oct 2 1998, 4:10PMMathematical models of polymerization ratchet in cell and molecular biology.