Mathematics Colloquia and Seminars

PDE and Applied Math SeminarJ. Hunter (F), S. Shkoller (W), K. Luli (S)PastFuture
Algebra & Discrete MathematicsE. Babson (S), C. O'Neill (W), M. Vazirani (F)PastFuture
Algebraic GeometryG. Kuperberg (S), E. Carlsson (W), E. Gorskiy (F)PastFuture
Geometry/TopologyA. Jacob (F), J. Schultens (W), C. Even Zohar (S), M. Trnkova (S)PastFuture
Mathematical BiologyM. Vazquez (F), R. Guy (W), S. Walcott (S)PastFuture
Mathematical Physics & ProbabilityC. Tracy (F), P. Koroteev (W), B. Nachtergaele (S)PastFuture
Optimization(Special topics only)PastFuture
QMAP SeminarA. Waldron (F), T. Dimofte (W), A. Schwarz (S)PastFuture
ColloquiumJ. De Loera, J. Hunter, M. LuuPastFuture
GGAM ColloquiumPastFuture
Distinguished Lecture SeriesJ. De Loera, J. Hunter, M. LuuPastFuture
Student-Run Applied & Math SeminarJ. Shu, D. WeberPastFuture
Student-Run Geometry/Topology SeminarPastFuture
Student-Run Optimization and Variational AnalysisPastFuture
Featured Campus SeminarsPastFuture
Special EventsPastFuture

Past Talks

MSB 2112QMAP SeminarA. Turbiner, UNAM
Tue, Jul 11 2017, 4:10PM3-body problem: ground state.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarChristos Mantoulidis, Stanford
Fri, May 26 2017, 1:15PMFill-ins, extensions, scalar curvature, and quasi-local mass
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMykola Dedushenko, Caltech
Fri, May 19 2017, 1:15PM4-manifold invariants and 2d CFT
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMichele Schiavina, UC Berkeley
Fri, Apr 28 2017, 12:15PMBV-BFV formalism and General Relativity
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarClay Córdova, IAS
Fri, Apr 21 2017, 1:00PMBPS States and Chiral Algebras
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarSean Curry, UCSD
Fri, Apr 14 2017, 1:15PMThe geometry of CR submanifolds in CR manifolds
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAnton Zeitlin, Columbia
Fri, Mar 17 2017, 12:15PMQuantum equivariant K-theory and quantum spin chains
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarIan Anderson, Utah State
Fri, Mar 10 2017, 12:15PMThe Many Faces Of the Exceptional Lie Algebra G_2
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarStephan Stolz, Notre Dame
Fri, Feb 24 2017, 12:15PMFrom factorization algebras to functorial field theories
Physics 432QMAP SeminarNicolai Reshetikhin
Tue, Feb 21 2017, 12:00PMLimit shapes and correlation functions in dimer models
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarEric Zaslow, Northwestern
Fri, Feb 17 2017, 12:15PMOpen Gromov-Witten invariants via cluster theory
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarErik Carlsson, UC Davis
Fri, Feb 10 2017, 12:15PMAGT and the Segal-Sugawara construction
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarPiotr Sulkowski, University of Warsaw
Tue, Jan 31 2017, 12:30PMKnots and quivers
1147 MSBQMAP SeminarPieter Naaijkens, UCD
Fri, Jan 27 2017, 12:15PMThe mathematics of topologically ordered phases
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJohn Francis, Northwestern
Fri, Jan 13 2017, 12:15PMFactorization Homology
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarHarold Williams, UT Austin
Fri, Dec 9 2016, 12:15PMThe Affine Grassmannian and 4d N=2 Gauge Theory
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDavid Jordan, Edinburgh
Fri, Dec 2 2016, 12:15PMThe quantum character topological field theory
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarPhilsang Yoo, Northwestern
Thu, Nov 17 2016, 11:00AMPhysics of Langlands Dualities
MSB 1147QMAP SeminarMaxim Grigoriev, Lebedev
Wed, Nov 9 2016, 4:10PMSupergeometry of gauge PDE and (presymplectic) AKSZ models
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarCallum Quigley, Toronto
Fri, Nov 4 2016, 12:15PM​Second quantized MSW strings on K3 fibrations
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJacob Bourjailly, Neils Bohr
Fri, Oct 28 2016, 12:15PMStratifying On-Shell Cluster Varieties
MSB 2112 2112QMAP SeminarIan Anderson, Utah State
Mon, Oct 24 2016, 12:00AMTBA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarLev Rozansky, UNC, Chapel Hill
Fri, Oct 21 2016, 12:15PMFlag varieties, Gukov-Witten defect and HOMFLY-PT link homology II
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarLotte Hollands, Heriot-Watt (Edinburgh)
Fri, Oct 14 2016, 12:15PMSpectral networks, Strebel differentials, and non-Lagrangian QFT's
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarOri Ganor, Berkeley
Fri, Oct 7 2016, 12:15PMRay Operators in 5d Super Conformal Field Theories
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarArnab Rudra, Davis
Fri, Sep 30 2016, 12:15PMMass renormalization in string theory and decomposition of the moduli space of Riemann surfaces
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarNatalie Paquette, Stanford
Fri, Sep 23 2016, 12:15PMMoonshine, Automorphy, and String Theory
Physics 432QMAP SeminarSebastian Franco, City College of New York, CUNY
Thu, Jun 9 2016, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDaniele Galloni, University of Durham, UK
Thu, Jun 2 2016, 3:10PMTBA
Physics 432QMAP SeminarLaura Fredirickson, University of Texas, Austin
Thu, May 26 2016, 3:10PMFrom the Hitchin component to opers
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarPeter Koroteev, UC Davis
Thu, May 19 2016, 3:10PMOn Elliptic Algebras and Large-n Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
Physics 432QMAP SeminarFelix Haehl, University of Durham, UK
Thu, May 12 2016, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarChi-Ming Chang, Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics, UC Berkeley
Thu, May 5 2016, 3:10PMTBA
Physics 432QMAP SeminarNima Lashkari, Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT
Thu, Apr 28 2016, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMichael Gutperle, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA
Thu, Apr 21 2016, 3:10PMHolographic entanglement entropy for surface operators and defects
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarKohei Iwaki, Nagoya University and the University of Toronto
Thu, Apr 14 2016, 3:10PMExact WKB analysis and spectral networks
Physics 432QMAP SeminarErik Tonni, SISSA
Fri, Apr 8 2016, 1:10PMSome geometrical aspects of entanglement in CFT & Holography
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAleksey Cherman, University of Washington
Thu, Apr 7 2016, 3:10PMLarge N emergent symmetries in confining gauge theories
Physics 432QMAP SeminarArnab Rudra, University of Cambridge
Thu, Mar 31 2016, 3:10PMType I/Heterotic Duality and M-theory amplitudes
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarSasha Zhiboedov, Harvard Univ
Thu, Mar 24 2016, 3:10PMThe S-matrix bootstrap and leading Regge trajectory
Phys Dept 432QMAP SeminarAhmed Almheiri, Stanford Univ
Thu, Mar 17 2016, 3:10PMLinearity of Holographic Entanglement Entropy​​
MSB 2112 QMAP SeminarNing Bao, Caltech
Wed, Mar 9 2016, 2:30PMTBA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarNing Bao, Caltech
Wed, Mar 9 2016, 2:30PMHolographic Entanglement Inequalities
Phys Dept 432QMAP SeminarVyacheslav Lysov, Caltech
Thu, Mar 3 2016, 3:10PMAsymptotic Fermionic Symmetry From Soft Gravitino Theorem
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarEric Perlmutter, IAS
Thu, Feb 25 2016, 3:10PMBounding the Space of Holographic CFTs with Chaos
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarSteve Carlip, UC Davis, Phys. Dept
Thu, Feb 11 2016, 3:10PMFour-dimensional entropy from three-dimensional gravity
Phys Dept 432QMAP SeminarXi Dong, IAS
Thu, Feb 4 2016, 3:10PMEntanglement, Spacetime, and Quantum Error Correction
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarEugene Gorsky, UC Davis, Math Dept
Thu, Jan 28 2016, 3:10PMRefined Chern-Simons theory and invariants of torus knots
Phys Dept 432QMAP SeminarDavid Poland, Yale Univ
Thu, Jan 21 2016, 3:10PMMysteries in the Bootstrap
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMotohico Mulase, UC Davis, Math. Dept
Thu, Jan 14 2016, 3:10PMQuantization of Hitchin's spectral curves and "opers"
Phys Dept 432QMAP SeminarAdam Jacob, UC Davis, Math. Dept
Thu, Jan 7 2016, 3:10PMSpecial Lagrangians, deformed Hermitian-Yang-Mills, and stability.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarShamil Shakirov, Harvard
Thu, Dec 10 2015, 3:10PMRefined Chern-Simons theory in genus two
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarShamit Kachru, Stanford
Thu, Dec 3 2015, 3:10PMWhich quantum field theories have emergent gravity?
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarSwapnamay Mondal, HRI
Thu, Nov 19 2015, 3:10PMBlack Hole microstate counting using pure D brane systems
Physics 432QMAP SeminarRobin Graham, University of Washington, Seattle
Thu, Nov 12 2015, 3:10PMHigher-dimensional Willmore energies via minimal submanifold asymptotics
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJohn Fuini, University of Washington, Seattle
Thu, Nov 5 2015, 3:10PMFar-from-equilibrium dynamics of a strongly coupled non-Abelian plasma with non-zero charge density or external magnetic field
Physics 432QMAP SeminarVarious, U.C. Davis
Fri, Oct 30 2015, 10:30AMQuantum Mathematics and Physics
Physics 432QMAP SeminarVarious, U.C. Davis
Thu, Oct 29 2015, 3:00PMQuantum Mathematics and Physics
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarRamalingam Loganayagam, Princeton
Thu, Oct 22 2015, 3:10PMThe Fluid Manifesto: Schwinger Keldysh and the emergence of fluid dynamics
Physics 432 QMAP SeminarRafe Mazzeo, Stanford
Thu, Oct 15 2015, 3:10PMThe Kapustin-Witten equations with Nahm pole boundary conditions
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 8 2015, 3:10PMAxiomatic conformal field theory and AdS/ CFT correspondence.
Physics 432QMAP SeminarAndrew Waldron, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 1 2015, 3:10PMThe Singular Yamabe Problem and Conformal Hypersurface Invariants
MSB 1147 QMAP SeminarEric Sharpe, Virginia Tech
Mon, May 11 2015, 4:10PMSome recent developments in 2d (0,2) theories
MSB 2112 QMAP SeminarPeter Koroteev
Thu, Apr 9 2015, 3:10PMDefects and Quantum Seiberg-Witten Geometry
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarTudor Dimofte, The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Fri, Dec 12 2014, 4:10PMBoundary conditions and symplectic duality in 3d N=4 theories
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarDerek Wise, University of Erlangen
Thu, Nov 20 2014, 4:10PMThe Erlangen Program and General Relativity: Spacetime, Geometrodynamics, and Observers.
MSB 1147QMAP SeminarAlexander Turbiner, UNAM
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarAndrew Waldron, Math Dept UC Davis
Thu, Oct 9 2014, 4:10PMIs Quantum Gravity a Chern-Simons Theory?
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAnton Zeitlin, Colombia
Tue, May 27 2014, 1:10PMSigma models and Beltrami-Courant differentials
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarHovhannes KHUDAVERDIAN, Manchester
Thu, May 22 2014, 4:10PMDifferential operators on the extended manifolds and operator pencils on the algebra of densities.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarPavel Putrov, Caltech
Thu, May 15 2014, 4:10PMExact Solutions of 2d SQCDs
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarSebastian Franco, Durham
Thu, Apr 17 2014, 4:10PM A New Class of QFTs: from D-branes to the Geometry of Scattering Amplitudes
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarVasilisa Shramchenko, Sherbrooke, Canada
Thu, Apr 3 2014, 4:10PMPoncelet theorem and Painlevé VI
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMarkus Luty, UC Davis, Phys Dept
Thu, Mar 6 2014, 4:10PMScale without Conformal Invariance: Destructive Quantum Field Theory?
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarVincent Bouchard, University of Alberta
Thu, Feb 20 2014, 4:10PMQuantum curves and Hitchin systems
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarEkaterina Amerik, HSE, Moscow
Thu, Feb 13 2014, 4:10PMRational curves on hyperkahler manifolds.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAnatoly Preygel, UC Berkeley
Thu, Feb 6 2014, 4:10PMThe "microlocalization" of coherent sheaves
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlexei Oblomkov, University of Massachusetts
Thu, Jan 30 2014, 4:10PMTopological vertex, colored knot invariants and plane curve singularities.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarLaura Schaposnik, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Thu, Jan 16 2014, 4:10PMReal slices of the moduli space of Higgs bundles
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMotohico Mulase, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 9 2014, 4:10PMThe quantum curve for CP^1
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarGreg Kuperberg, UC Davis
Thu, Dec 5 2013, 4:10PMA von Neumann approach to quantum metrics
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UC Davis
Thu, Nov 21 2013, 4:10PMInfinite-dimensional determinants, tau and theta
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarRakibur Rahman, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Thu, Nov 14 2013, 4:10PMGravitational Interactions of Higher-Spin Fermions
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarRod Gover, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Tue, Nov 12 2013, 4:10PMCompactification and Einstein metrics (joint meeting with Geometry/Topology seminar)
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarNigel Higson, Penn State
Mon, Oct 28 2013, 4:10PMOn the Dirac operator approach to the quantization commutes with reduction problem
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarRoberto Bonezzi, University of Bologna, Italy
Thu, Oct 17 2013, 4:10PMWorldline approach to noncommutative field theory
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 10 2013, 4:10PMDiscrete quantum curves
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMotohico Mulase, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 3 2013, 4:10PMQuantum curves, Hitchin fibrations, and the Eynard-Orantin theory
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarAndrew Waldron, UC Davis Mathematics
Thu, May 30 2013, 3:10PMMassive gravity?
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJohannes Walcher, McHill University (Toronto, Canada)
Thu, May 16 2013, 3:10PMMirror symmetry for open strings, geometry and arithmetic
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UCDavis
Thu, May 9 2013, 3:10PMQuantization and holomorphic anomaly
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UCDavis
Tue, Apr 16 2013, 4:10PMQuantum curves.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMotohico Mulase, UCDavis
Tue, Apr 9 2013, 4:10PMTopological recursion
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UCDavis
Thu, Mar 7 2013, 4:10PMAlgebraic K-theory and integrality in the theory of topological strings.
MSB 2112QMAP Seminar Darren Shih, UCBerkeley
Thu, Feb 28 2013, 4:10PMFreudenthal gauge theories
MSB 1147QMAP SeminarProf. Alexander Turbiner, UNAM, Mexico City
Wed, Feb 13 2013, 4:10PM A new family of planar solvable and integrable Schroedinger operators
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDaniel Krefl, UC Berkeley
Thu, Feb 7 2013, 4:10PMOrbifolded vs. refined partition functions
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJerry Kaminker, UC Davis
Thu, Jan 31 2013, 4:10PMAlgebraic K-theory, regulators and the volume conjecture in knot theory
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMotohico Mulase, UCDavis
Thu, Jan 17 2013, 3:10PMThe Borot-Eynard-Orantin theory and the Bloch regulators in K-theory
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarOmid Saremi, UC Berkeley
Thu, Dec 6 2012, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarLiam Fitzpatrick, Stanford
Thu, Nov 29 2012, 3:10PMAdS Locality and Conformal Field Theory
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarLiam Fitzpatrick, Stanford
Thu, Nov 29 2012, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarRenjung Xu, UC Davis
Thu, Nov 15 2012, 3:10PM Integral invariants in flat superspace
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarEric Bergshoeff, Groningen
Thu, Nov 1 2012, 3:10PMA Different Look at Massive Gravity
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlessandro Vichi, UC Berkeley
Thu, Oct 25 2012, 3:10PMSolving the 3D Ising model with conformal bootstrap
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDaniel Krefl, UC Berkeley
Thu, Oct 18 2012, 3:10PMThe deformation space of topological string theories
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAndrew Waldron, UC Davis
Thu, Oct 4 2012, 3:10PMHigher Form Problems and Almost Riemannian Geometry
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarEric Bergshoeff, Groningen
Mon, Oct 1 2012, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarEric ergshoeff, Groningen
Mon, Oct 1 2012, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarPasha Mnev, MSB
Tue, Jun 12 2012, 4:10PMTopological quantum field theory on triangulated manifolds coming from BV integrals
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarRoberto Bonezzi, Bologna University
Tue, Jun 5 2012, 4:10PMQuantum theories of (p,q)-forms
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAntonino Marciano, Haverford Coll. & Princeton U.
Tue, May 29 2012, 4:10PMTowards a spin-foam unification of gravity and Yang-Mills interactions.
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarMassimo Porrati, New York U., CCPP
Wed, May 23 2012, 5:10PMOn the Unitarity of Critical Gravity, Other Higher-Derivative Theories, and High Spin Randall-Sundrum Theories.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarStephen Kwok, UCLA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarHai Siong Tan, UC Berkeley
Tue, May 8 2012, 4:10PMAspects of Three-dimensional Higher-Spin Gravity
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDouglas Stanford, Stanford
Tue, May 1 2012, 4:10PMBubbles and Fractal Flows
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarBianca Letizia Cerchiai, Milano University
Tue, Apr 24 2012, 4:10PMMagic coset decompositions for groups of type E7
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJoshua Cooperman, UC Davis
Tue, Apr 17 2012, 4:10PMExploring quantum Horava-Lifshitz gravity with causal dynamical triangulations
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJeremie Bouttier, Saclay
Tue, Apr 10 2012, 4:10PMThe nested loop approach to the O(n) model on random lattices
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAnton Khoroshkin, stony brook
Tue, Apr 3 2012, 4:10PMInclusion-exclusion principle in homological algebra
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMotohico Mulase, UCDavis, Math. Dept
Tue, Mar 13 2012, 4:10PM From topological string theory to algebraic geometry
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UCDavis, Math Dept
Tue, Mar 6 2012, 4:10PMClosed string field theory and its generalizations
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UCDavis, Math.Dept
Tue, Feb 28 2012, 4:10PMEquivariant cohomology of Sato Grassmannian and shifted symmetric functions.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarHenrique Gomes, Phys Dept, UCDavis
Tue, Feb 21 2012, 4:10PMAn introduction to Shape Dynamics
MSB 2112QMAP Seminar Rita Fioresi, University of Bologna, Italy
Tue, Feb 14 2012, 4:10PMThe Minkowski and conformal superspaces
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarSteven Duplij, Karazin Kharkov National University, Ukraine
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarBruno Nachtergaele, UCDavis, Math. Dept
Tue, Jan 31 2012, 12:00AMAutomorphic equivalence of gapped ground states and the classification of gapped phases
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAndreas Albrecht, Physics Dept, UCDavis
Tue, Jan 24 2012, 4:10PMCosmological puzzles for mathematicians
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMisha Kapovich, UCDavis, Math.Dept
Tue, Jan 17 2012, 4:10PMAffine Buildings
Physics 416QMAP SeminarJorge Santos, Santa Barbara
Wed, Nov 16 2011, 3:10PMGravitational turbulent instability of Anti-de Sitter space
MSB 1147QMAP SeminarMisha Kapovich, Davis
Wed, Nov 9 2011, 3:10PM What are buildings?
MSB 1147QMAP SeminarDaniel Berwick-Evans, UCBerkeley
Wed, Nov 2 2011, 3:10PMSupersymmetric field theories and topology
MSB 1147QMAP SeminarDavid Cherney, U.C. Davis
Wed, Oct 26 2011, 3:10PMCosmological Bubble Correlations and p-adic Conformal Symmetree.
MSB 1147QMAP SeminarDaniel Harlow, Stanford
Wed, Oct 19 2011, 3:10PMEternal Symmetree
MSB 1147QMAP SeminarCharles Melby-Thompson, UC Berkeley
Wed, Oct 12 2011, 3:10PMGauge Symmetry and Dynamics in Anisotropic Gravity
MSB 1147QMAP Seminar Andrade, Santa Barbara
Wed, Oct 5 2011, 3:10PMBeyond the unitarity bound in AdS/CFT
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJeffrey Case, UCSB
Wed, May 18 2011, 3:10PMQuasi-Einstein Metrics and Conformal Geometry
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAndrew Waldron, UCDavis, Math.Dept
Wed, May 11 2011, 3:10PMTractors, Gravity, Two Times and Higher Spins
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJohannes Broedel, Physics Dept, Stanford University
Wed, Apr 27 2011, 3:10PMMaximally supersymmetric path integrals
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarKevin Schaeffer, UCBerkeley
Wed, Apr 13 2011, 3:10PMWall Crossing, Quivers, and Dimers
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarFrank Liou, UCDavis, Math.Dept
Wed, Apr 6 2011, 3:10PMInfinite-dimensional Grassmannian and moduli spaces.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarOri Ganor, UCBerkeley
Wed, Mar 2 2011, 3:10PMS-duality-a new twist
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAndrew Waldron, UCDavis
Wed, Feb 23 2011, 3:10PMIntroduction to super Yang-Mills theory and S-duality
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarPatrick Dragon, Math Dept, UCDavis
Wed, Feb 16 2011, 3:10PMIntegrality in Kac-Moody algebras.
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJian Zhou, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Wed, Feb 9 2011, 3:10PMIntegrality properties of local mirror maps
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarSteve Carlip, Phys Dept, UCDavis
Wed, Jan 26 2011, 3:10PM Extremal and Nonextremal Kerr/CFT Correspondences
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarSteve Carlip, Phys Dept, UCDavis
Wed, Jan 26 2011, 3:10PM Extremal and Nonextremal Kerr/CFT Correspondences
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UCDavis
Wed, Jan 19 2011, 3:10PMInfinite-dimensional Grassmannian and string theory
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarRenjun XU, Dept of Physics, UCDavis
Wed, Dec 1 2010, 4:10PMHomology of Lie algebra of supersymmetries
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarEmanuele Latini, UCDavis
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarRoberto Bonezzi, Bologna Univ (Italy)
Wed, Oct 20 2010, 4:10PMU(N) spinning particles and higher spin fields on Kaehler backgrounds
MSB 2240QMAP SeminarGiuseppe Torri, Imperial College, London
Thu, May 27 2010, 3:10PMBrane tilings, M2-branes and Chern-Simons Theories
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDerek Wise, UCD
Wed, Apr 21 2010, 3:10PMExtended Topological Gauge Theory
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDavid Cherney, UC Davis
Wed, Apr 7 2010, 3:10PMDetour Quantization of a SUGRA Minisuperspace Model
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarKarl Hallowell
Wed, Mar 3 2010, 4:10PMDiscussion of an information-theoretic model of gravity, derived by Erik Verlinde
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarKarl Hallowell
Wed, Mar 3 2010, 4:10PMDiscussion of an information-theoretic model of gravity, derived by Erik Verlinde
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarSergey Cherkis, Dublin
Thu, Jan 7 2010, 12:10PMYang-Mills Instantons in Curved Backgrounds from String Theory
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarPat Dragon, UC Davis
Wed, Nov 25 2009, 4:10PMTwisted de Rham Cohomology and Physics Over a Ring
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarGuido Festuccia, uc santa cruz
Wed, Nov 18 2009, 4:10PMa bound on the Superpotential
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarGuido Festuccia, Santa Cruz California University
Wed, Nov 11 2009, 4:10PMA Bound on the Superpotential
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UC Davis
Wed, Nov 4 2009, 4:10PMBatalin-Vilkovisky formalism, L-infinity and A-infinity algebras, and deformations
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UC Davis
Wed, Oct 28 2009, 4:10PMBatalin-Vilkovisky formalism, L-infinity and A-infinity algebras, and deformations
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarFrank Liou, UC Davis
Wed, Oct 21 2009, 4:10PMThe topology of Sato-Grassmannian
MSB 2106QMAP SeminarEmanuele Orazi, Turin polytechnic institute and INFN, italy
Wed, Oct 7 2009, 4:10PMintroduction to FDA
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarCatherine Meusburger, Hamburg
Tue, Jun 9 2009, 2:10PMObservables in Three Dimensional Quantum Gravity
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarCatherine Meusburger, Hamburg
Mon, Jun 8 2009, 2:10PMIntroduction to Observables in Three Dimensional Quantum Gravity
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarChris Rogers, UC Riverside
Thu, May 28 2009, 3:10PMLie 2-algebras from 2-plectic geometry
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarRajesh Kommu, UCD Physics
Thu, May 21 2009, 3:10PMCausal Dynamical Triangulations
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarOri Ganor, Berkeley
Thu, Apr 30 2009, 3:10PMFrom S-Duality to Chern-Simons via Minimal Strings
MSB 2240QMAP SeminarMarcus Afshar, UCD Physics
Tue, Apr 21 2009, 3:10PMQuasilocal Energy in FRW Cosmology
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMarc Rieffel, UC Berkeley
Thu, Apr 2 2009, 3:10PMDirac operators for compact coadjoint orbits (and for matrix algebras that converge to them?)
MSB 3106QMAP Seminar Hans Jockers, SITP, Stanford
Thu, Mar 12 2009, 3:10PMTowards open-string mirror symmetry for compact Calabi-Yau geometries
MSB 1147QMAP SeminarVincent Bouchard, Harvard University
Tue, Mar 3 2009, 3:10PMAn algebraic geometry perspective on heterotic string phenomenology
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UCD
Thu, Feb 19 2009, 3:30PMQuantum mechanics and homological algebra
MSB 2122QMAP SeminarBianca Cerchiai, UC Berkeley
Thu, Feb 12 2009, 3:10PMMapping the geometry of exceptional Lie groups
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UC Davis
Thu, Feb 5 2009, 3:10PMSpace and Time From Translation Symmetry
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarCatherine Williams, Stanford
Thu, Jan 29 2009, 3:10PMAsymptotic behavior of marginally trapped tubes
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDerek Wise, UCD
Thu, Jan 22 2009, 12:00AM2-groups and their representations (II)
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDerek Wise, UCD
Thu, Jan 15 2009, 3:00PM2-groups and their representations
MSB 2112QMAP Seminar
Thu, Jan 8 2009, 3:10PMQuantum Geometry Organizational Meeting
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarDmitri Fuchs, UCD
Thu, Dec 4 2008, 3:10PMA Lie Algebra Cohomology Primer
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMithat Unsal, Stanford
Tue, Nov 18 2008, 2:30PMDeformed Type IIB matrix models, lattice supersymmetry and twisting
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarA. Waldron, Davis
Thu, Nov 13 2008, 3:10PM280 -- Geometry and Gauge Theory
MSB 2117QMAP SeminarD Wise, UC Davis
Thu, Nov 6 2008, 3:10PMPonzano Regge Discussion Group
MSB 2115QMAP SeminarShannon McCurdy and Anthony Tagliaferro, UC Berkeley
Thu, Oct 30 2008, 3:10PMStar Products for Differential Forms on Symplectic Manifolds
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAndrew Waldron, UCD
Thu, Oct 23 2008, 3:10AMTractors, Weyl Invariance and Mass
MSB 2112QMAP Seminar
Thu, Oct 2 2008, 3:10PMReading/Discussion on the Ponzano-Regge model of 3d quantum gravity
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMotohico Mulase, UCD
Thu, May 8 2008, 11:00AMRecent Developments in Topological String Theory and Virasoro Constraints
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarDon Marolf, UCSB
Thu, May 1 2008, 11:00AMSetting the boundary free in AdS/CFT
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarJeffrey Morton, University of Western Ontario
Fri, Mar 14 2008, 3:10PMExtended TQFT's and Quantum Gravity
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarGarrett Lisi
Fri, Mar 7 2008, 3:10PM
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarJason Hole, UC Davis
Fri, Feb 29 2008, 3:10PMAn introduction to some models of gravity
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarSteve Carlip, UC Davis, Physics
Fri, Feb 22 2008, 3:10PMBlack hole entropy and the problem of universality
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarDavid Cherney, UC Davis
Fri, Feb 15 2008, 3:10PMIntroduction to BRST quantization
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarBen Freivogel, UC Berkeley
Fri, Feb 8 2008, 3:10PMAsymptotics of eternal inflation
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarJerry Kaminker
Fri, Feb 1 2008, 3:10PMK-theory, K-homology, and duality
MSB 3240QMAP Seminar(Group)
Fri, Jan 25 2008, 3:10PM(Discussion/reading of Lee Smolin's paper)
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarAbrar Shaukat, UC Davis
Fri, Jan 18 2008, 3:10PMConformal Geometry, Tractors, and Physics
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarDerek Wise, UC Davis
Fri, Jan 11 2008, 3:10PMParticles and Strings in BF Theory and Gravity
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarKarl Hallowell, UC Davis
Wed, Dec 12 2007, 3:10PMNon-commutative Geometry and String Field Theory
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarEmanule Latini, University of Bologna
Fri, Dec 7 2007, 3:10PMCounting states with BRST Path Integrals
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarMatthew Headrick, Stanford
Fri, Nov 30 2007, 3:10PMHedgehog black holes and the deconfinement transition
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarEmanuele Latini, U. Bologna
Fri, Nov 23 2007, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarDerek Wise, UC Davis
Fri, Nov 16 2007, 3:10PMGravity and Cartan Geometry
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarBayram Tekin, University of Ankara
Fri, Nov 9 2007, 3:10PMConserved charges in generic gravity theories
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarKirill Saraikin, Caltech
Fri, Nov 2 2007, 3:10PMExtremal black holes and refined topological strings
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarDavid Cherney, UC Davis
Fri, Oct 26 2007, 3:10PMT Duality
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarAlberto Iglesias, UC Davis
Fri, Oct 19 2007, 3:10PMThe clock ambiguity and the emergence of physical laws
MSB 3240 0QMAP SeminarKarl Hallowell, UC Davis
Fri, Oct 12 2007, 3:10PMTBA
MSB 3240QMAP SeminarGroup Discussion, UC Davis
Fri, Oct 5 2007, 3:10PMDiscuss the clcok ambiguity paper
MSB 0QMAP SeminarMotohico Mulase, UCD
Fri, Apr 20 2007, 3:10PMThe Hitchin Integrable Systems, Geometric Langlands,and Homological Mirror Symmetry
MSB 0QMAP SeminarAndrew Neitzke, Princeton
Fri, Apr 13 2007, 3:10PMQuaternionic geometry, supersymmetric black holes and topological string theory
MSB 0QMAP SeminarMotohico Mulase, UCD
Fri, Apr 6 2007, 12:00AMFrom Galois representations to homologicalmirror symmetry via integrable systems
MSB 2240QMAP SeminarJonathon Block, U Penn
Tue, Nov 28 2006, 12:10PMDeformations of Fourier-Mukai transforms and noncommutative geometry.
MSB 2240QMAP SeminarAlessandro Tomasiello, Stanford
Fri, Nov 17 2006, 3:10PMSupersymmetric black holes from internal dimensions in string theory
MSB 2112 0QMAP SeminarSergey Prokushkin, Toronto
Tue, May 30 2006, 4:10PMGeometric Model for Complex Non-Kaehler Manifolds with SU(3) Structure
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarMisha Movshev, Princeton
Mon, Apr 10 2006, 2:00PMOdd Chern-Simons theory on pure spinors
MSB 3106QMAP SeminarAlbert Schwarz, UCD
Wed, Feb 8 2006, 11:10AMIntegrality of Instanton Numbers and the p-adic B-model
MSB 2112QMAP SeminarAlbion Lawrence, Brandeis
Wed, Dec 14 2005, 1:10PMClosed string tachyon dynamics and worldsheet RG
Kerr 693QMAP SeminarAnke Knauf, DESY
Wed, Dec 7 2005, 1:10PMGeometric Transitions on non-Kaehler manifolds
Kerr 693QMAP SeminarEric Sharpe, Utah
Wed, Oct 12 2005, 1:10AMHeterotic generalizations of 2d topological field theories
Kerr 0QMAP Seminar
Tue, May 31 2005, 12:00AM
Kerr 0QMAP SeminarSergei Gukov, Harvard
Thu, May 12 2005, 12:00AMTBA
Phys Geo 416QMAP SeminarAndreas Karch, University of Washington
Tue, May 10 2005, 4:10PMHologravity
Phys Geo 416QMAP SeminarTom Banks, UC Santa Cruz
Fri, May 6 2005, 4:10PMThoughts on the Quantum Theory of Stable de Sitter Space
Kerr 693QMAP SeminarMichael Movshev, Institut Mittag Leffler
Thu, Apr 28 2005, 4:10PM Supersymmetric deformations of Yang-Mills theory in dimension 10 -new results
PhysGeo 416QMAP SeminarMaulik Parikh, Columbia
Thu, Dec 16 2004, 2:00PMDe Sitter's Dual: Finite Fuzzy Fermionic Fock Space
PhysGeo 512QMAP SeminarEric Gimon, Berkeley
Tue, Dec 7 2004, 1:10PMDomain Walls, Godel and Hypertubes.
Kerr 593QMAP SeminarIndrajit Mitra, Berkeley
Tue, Nov 30 2004, 1:10PMA Strong Quantum Effect on the Dynamics of Moduli
Kerr 593 0QMAP SeminarRadu Tatar, Berkeley
Tue, Nov 23 2004, 1:10PMGeometric Transitions, Non-Kahler manifolds and Effective Field Theories
Kerr 593QMAP SeminarElie Garbatov, UC San Diego
Tue, Nov 9 2004, 1:10PMSupersymmetry and the Landscape
PhysGeo 512QMAP SeminarVeronika Hubeny, Stanford
Tue, Oct 26 2004, 1:10PMProbing bulk via correlators
Kerr 593QMAP SeminarHenriette Elvang, UC Santa Barbara
Tue, Oct 19 2004, 1:00PMBlack rings and supertubes
Phys-Geo 416QMAP SeminarKlaus Behrndt, Potsdam
Tue, Oct 12 2004, 4:15PMFixing of moduli by fluxes in type IIA string theory
Kerr 693QMAP SeminarJan Plefka, MPI Potsdam
Fri, Sep 17 2004, 2:10PMOn the integrability of plane wave matrix theory